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#1924870 Falcons safety Meows repeatedly in ESPN interview...

Posted by Falcanuck on 30 September 2012 - 09:19 AM

No, I'm not mad. But if they beat us, will you still think it's so hilarious? He didn't troll me, I was aware of the movie, but it's no coincidence he busts this out the week they play us.

As far as the movie itself, it was okay. But, I say it's overrated because there is a lot of SUPER dry and drawn out moments between the few genuinely funny moments and scripted "pranks" shown. The guys in it have done a lot of other things that are much funnier.

Chappelle is an unrivaled comedic genius. Sandler's early movies are classics. Some of Will Ferrell's stuff is really funny. The Farrelly Brothers KNOW comedy, as do the Wayan Bros., all of their movies are hilarious. Supertroopers compared to those guys... No.

But, opinions are like... well, you know, and we all have them. I didn't think it was that great seeing it the first time around so seeing a guy re-hash it on Sportscenter to be "funny" while simultaneously dissing us? No, it's not amusing.

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