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#3124529 KB should continue to get better at routes, but...those hands

Posted by CPantherKing on 08 December 2014 - 06:09 AM

In addition to this, it would be interesting to know how many rookies have had so many drops.


Jerry Rice. Enough said.


And please show me another rookie receiver who has been their #1 receiving threat all season getting double and triple coverage and having to be handled by the #1 CB week in and week out?


When you get that one let me know.


#1 receiver receiving %; First 12 games; #1 receiver listed first.

Panthers: 51.8% Kelvin Benjamin and ?. Benjamin top target 9 weeks.

Bills: 52.0% Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods. Watkins top target 6 weeks.

Bucs: 46.7% Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans. Evans top target 5 weeks.

Jaguars: 52.8% Cecil Shorts, Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, and Marquise Lee. Robinson top target 5 weeks.

Dolphins: 55.1% Mike Wallace and Jarvis Landry. Landry top target 3 weeks.

Saints: 60.3% Marques Colston, Kenny Stills, and Brandin Cooks. Cooks top target 3 weeks.

Giants: 56.1% Victor Cruz, Reuben Randle, and Odell Beckham. Beckham top target 3 weeks.

Eagles: 59.7% Jeremy Maclin, Jordan Matthews, and Riley Cooper. Matthews top target 2 weeks.

Packers: 62.5% Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, and Davante Adams. Adams top target 2 weeks.


Which of these rookie receivers listed do you think would get the most attention from the secondary in their game planning? Kelvin Benjamin because he is the only threat at WR the team has for a given week. Every CB on the opposing team devotes a majority of their time preparing for Kelvin Benjamin.


If you want Benjamin's reception % to go up find him a couple more wide receiver options the secondary has to worry about in their game planning.

#3123645 This is not Shula

Posted by CPantherKing on 07 December 2014 - 06:44 PM

Anyone who think that wasnt a Shula gameplan wasn't watching. That had Shula all over.

All offenses work when the run works....and opponent has to over play it. Opens up everything.


Shula does not open up with passing and rely on deep passes on 2nd and 3rd and short. Shula does not use plays designed to get receivers open. Shula does not let the QB audible to run plays out of passing sets in a tie or with a win. Shula is old school and wins/losses with the OL. Shula does not roll the OL and QB. Shula uses the run to open up the pass. Shula does not use a spread offense.


The Panthers used the pass to open up the run and relied on Cam audibling to run plays when the defense gave them openings. The Panthers relied on a spread offense for a majority of the game.


The other thing that stuck out was Dorsey was not in Cams ear. Proehl took that spot and they were by each others side talking most of the game. Proehl could be seen running up to Cam and passionately coaching him up as he would come to the sideline.


Now go look at the Rams offense from the late 90s. They installed the Rams offense from the late 90s mixed with some run options.

#3106738 With more data I'm posting this cool site again

Posted by CPantherKing on 27 November 2014 - 01:35 PM

Cool breakdowns. We also seem to hardly ever run 'no huddle', despite Cam's comfort level with it.


You sir, have hit the nail on the head!


The Panthers are still forcing Cam to work within the offense regardless of comfort level. While this is great during offseason and preseason you play to your quarterbacks strengths in the season. They make him go through all his reads still behind an OL that can not block for more than 2 seconds.


When they let Cam be Cam late in games when the coaches give up you see instant offensive production. If Cam manages to get the game back, they reel him back in and it goes back to Rivera/Shula ball.


Let Cam play the game and make decisions on the field during the game. Stop turning him into a game manager. John Fox let Delhomme have more freedom in the offense than Shula allows Cam. If you want a game manager, go sign Kyle Orton or Ryan Fitzpatrick. Come game time you let the players react in the game. Micro managing star players always leads to losses.

#3098892 Still in for Rivera~

Posted by CPantherKing on 20 November 2014 - 05:40 PM

I'm with the OP...I know it's not as fun as writing O line in every thread or wishing for losses but this is going to take more than one season to fix the cap issue, and last year was same coach and it wasn't too bad, hell it was riverboat baby...

We need the team that played in the second half of the ATL game...not the one in the first half. I'm looking forward to kicking the Vikings butts and getting on roll.

and not showing up for games is BS, yeah our team sucks right now but I'm still with them ...and always will.

You mean the second half offense that cam did not even relay the coaches play call and simply called his own play. Players including Olsen were wanting the original play call from the coaches and Cam never gave it. The result was offensive production and a TD.

The coaching is the weakest part of this team. Even weaker than the OL. When the coaches get out of the way of their star players, this offense will produce.

#3098628 What sort of rage is unleashed if Olsen isn't retained?

Posted by CPantherKing on 20 November 2014 - 01:27 PM

No worries we will load up on CFL and arena league players to go along with the hit and miss draft picks and flops who want to revitalize their careers.

Panthers may not attract any key players or be enticing to the key players currently here, but stick with project Gettleman and we will be fine.

Remember the answers are already on the roster.

#3096266 Thomas Davis on WFNZ Bustin' Loose

Posted by CPantherKing on 18 November 2014 - 07:13 PM

As soon as the coaches let their players play and get out of their star players way, then I will agree with TD. Until then it is definitely the coaching.


Think about it.


Your game changers on defense are TD and Luke. You need pressure on a QB for the defense to produce turnovers and make mistakes. So, what do the coaches do? Drop TD and Luke into deep coverage. While they do this better than most LBs, this is still the weakest part of their game.


On offense you have Cam, Olsen, and KB. What do the coaches do? They feed the ball to their OL, Injured and undrafted RBs, Avant, Cotchery, and Philly Brown in the first half. They lean on Cam, Olsen, and KB with all the pressure on them coming from behind. If they do catch up, then they go away from Cam, Olsen, and KB all over again. They leave Olsen in to block. They refuse to keep feeding KB deep to the sideline when he is beating his defender. They refuse to scheme roll outs with Cam to move the defense and shade away from the pressure. They run routes that require a near perfect pass by Cam. You rarely see routes designed to get the receiver open.


The worst of it on offense is the Coaches lean on the worst OL in the NFL as if it will miraculously get better in key moments of the game. Meanwhile Cam, Olsen, and KB just watch.


Get out of your players way and let them play to their strengths. This team is hell bent on playing to their weaknesses and bluffing with their strengths.


Blitz TD and Luke more to add the pass rush you need. Let Cam audible more to plays he is confident in. Stop forcing Cam to go through his progressions with an OL that cannot block for more than 2 seconds. Never keep Olsen in to block on a passing play. And feed KB more down the sideline. Cam and KB will make mistakes, but your rewards will be so much more while taking risks when key moments arrive like needing a first down to drastically increase your probability of winning at the end of a game.


This coaching staff has no clue what the problem is, because they refuse to look at themselves as the weakest part of this team.

#3092401 Quick question.

Posted by CPantherKing on 16 November 2014 - 10:09 PM

Disregarding the season outcomes, and coaching lineup, who would you rather have as QB right now, a 2003 Jake Delhomme, or a 2014 Cam Newton? I know Delhomme had a better receiver core back then, but if you could implant one right now, who would it be?


How about rephrasing that questions as what OL would you rather have. The 2003 Todd Steusie, Jeno James, Jeff Mitchell, Kevin Donalley, Jordan Gross - or - 2014 Byron Bell, Amini Silatolu, Ryan Kalil, Trai Turner, Nate Chandler.


Go figure. Seems Delhomme was always supplied with an OL fresh RBs and A receiving duo 5 of his 7 seasons.

#3092346 Hail Mary or a 63 yard field goal?

Posted by CPantherKing on 16 November 2014 - 09:49 PM


It's baffling that Ron and Shultard actually thought those 3 runs we're trying to win the game...







Assign a value 1 through 10 to each of the 4 listed above based on their value to make a play with the game on the line. Once you are done compare to the answer sheet below.



#3092234 Hail Mary or a 63 yard field goal?

Posted by CPantherKing on 16 November 2014 - 08:44 PM

Which is the higher percentage play? Very few kickers have the ability to drill the ball 60+ yards with accuracy, plus Gano had just missed from 25 yards closer. 


On the other hand, you throw a hail mary to KB, and maybe you get PI, or maybe KB comes down with it. 


I know hindsight is 20 20 but what is the right call?


In the past decade, there were 982 drives ending on  a play from  the opponents 45 or farther.


204 went for a touchdown on passes, laterals, or runs.

3 were successful field goals.


Odds favor doing anything but kicking a FG in that situation.


For fun, 224 of those drives were from exactly the opponents 45 yard line.


40 Touchdowns

2 Field goals

To be fair coaches only attempted 5 FGs


Either way the Panthers need a coaching staff that wants to build around Cam and let Cam be Cam. Not a game manager. What a waste.


I understand managing the game at times, but when you need to counter with a game changing drive you must be able to call your players number. Not wait until you are down 3 scores or the game is out of reach.

#3091500 Cam Newton on those last few play calls....

Posted by CPantherKing on 16 November 2014 - 05:14 PM

Need to make a decision this off season. Do you want Cam/Olsen or Rivera/Shula.


Players are gone after 2015 if the coaches are not replaced. I do not see them sticking with this coaching staff/offensive philosophy.

#3080769 Remember when in the second round, there was NO talent as good as what is on...

Posted by CPantherKing on 11 November 2014 - 07:12 AM

Ealy will be moved to offensive tackle soon enough since he is a waste on the DL.


Screw best available player in the draft when you are horrible at finding talent to begin with.


Should have just loaded up on the deepest talent positions in the draft that fit the Panthers needs like many fans wanted.


Kelvin Benjamin WR, Allen Robinson WR, Martavis Bryant WR, Corey Linsley OG, Zach Fulton OG, Seantrel Henderson OT, and James Hurst OT.


Ealy and Turner were not top 3 round talent. Bene, Boston, and Gaffney were not more important than OL depth and potential starters. This entire draft needed to be dedicated to loading up around Cam, Olsen, Stewart, Williams, and Tolbert. And move Chandler back to OG. That is where he will succeed. Gettleman set this team up for failure. And Rivera has given this team his personality. The head coach was sulking on the sidelines almost all game.

#3066699 Panthers believe Hardy innocent, will try to workout extension

Posted by CPantherKing on 03 November 2014 - 07:53 PM

BTW, we have an attorney on the podcast tomorrow talking legal issues and such


Touch on "Trial De Novo" please so people can understand how the NC judicial system works.


One is not guilty in the state of NC until the defendant agrees to guilt or a superior court (not district court) finds the defendant guilty.


The Panthers should have understood the legal system and stood their ground with Hardy like the 49ers did with McDonald until due process is served and the legal system determines guilt or innocence.

#3066152 Greg Cosell talks Cam and the Saints game

Posted by CPantherKing on 03 November 2014 - 01:25 PM

Basic common sense will tell you that this offense is simply not built to score a touchdown every drive.

Common sense tells me the coaches are spending more time on the run game in practice than the passing game. I would not doubt it is a considerable difference.

You spend the off season and preseason game planning your strengths and developing your weaknesses. When the season is in play you devote a majority of practice to your strengths and game plan around your weaknesses.

Look into it. Going to be a coaching issue during the week flowing into game day. You can tell when the coaches regurgitate the same first half game plan that focuses on the OL and running game carrying the offense - the weaknesses.

And Shula sets himself up for failure with a rigid 50/50 split with plays in the first half. Teams that win go pass heavy in the first half and balance it back to 50% in the second half with the run. The Panthers wins this season have been pass heavy with the Panthers strengths this season. The more they go to the OL and run game in the first half, the more the Panthers lose control of the game.

Seems the coaches are coaching with their gut more than their head. Would be better off flipping a coin to decide what play to run if all you are worried about is a 50/50 play call split.

#3063614 So... anybody here still think Ron will eventually lead us to a Super Bowl?

Posted by CPantherKing on 02 November 2014 - 01:37 AM

NFL.  Talent > Coaching.


So if they give him talent.....sure.    If they give him HUGE HOLES at key positions....probably not.



Coaches who micro manage their talent and are not able to adjust on game day while using the same cookie cutter game plan trump their talent and deserve much more of the blame.


You could give Rivera talent and he will still allow his coordinators to play to their weakest players. What does it matter giving talent to a coach who spends the whole first half ignoring that talent and playing to a horrible OL in the running game while passing to all but the top 2 receivers? What does it matter when you rely on a 4 man rush from a DL who has no pass rush while dropping your best players into mid range pass coverage to watch the opposing QB pick and choose where they want to go?


When Rivera's game plan of relying on the weak links craps out and the team falls behind, then he tosses it on the talent to bail him out. And when they lose he blames the missed opportunities on the talent he put all the pressure on.


A majority of the errors on key plays throughout the season have come from coaches not putting their players in the best positions to win on a given play. Imagine an NBA coach who sends their 60% free throw shooter to the line while leaving the 90% free throw shooter on the bench with the game on the line. Or having a player who has no range shoot the 3 point shot while you never even try to get it in your best 3 point shooters hands. You play to your strengths and design plays to get it in their hands. Rivera fails to do that. It is up to the opposing defense to make that strength a weakness before you go to another option.

#3063604 Doubt inside BofA Cam is the future?

Posted by CPantherKing on 02 November 2014 - 01:15 AM

I received a tweet from another NFC South front office outside the Panthers. It reads:


Front office lacks talent evaluation skills; relies on undrafted players. GM cannot handle internal issues; continues to grow resentment among players and fan base; turning Panthers into farm team for the league. Coaches lose team; play to weaknesses instead of strengths; can not adjust in game; lack ability to track pulse of team. Panthers organization is predictable; laughable opponent on game day. Doubt front office and coaches are the future. Easy win for next decade. Hope JR keeps them in place. Victory is ours.

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