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#3304988 Panthers Win Super Bowl IF?

Posted by CPantherKing on Yesterday, 11:39 PM

If Shula changes his game planning, trusts in Cam to change up plays on the field, and puts the load of work on Benjamin, Olsen, Stewart, and Tolbert instead of using them as decoys in the first half of the game.


If Rivera stops blaming opportunities missed by the players while placing it on the coaches and stops relying on rookies and undrafted players to make game changing plays.


If the Panthers find a key #2 receiver that can open up the field.


If the Panthers start the season with 2 strong pass rushing DEs that will rack up 10+ sacks each on the season and a SS who is not slow and old.


If Rivera can finally prove he can out coach the best in the league. (This is the most important IF.)


... then the Panthers will win the Super Bowl.

#3301876 SB Nation does not have a clue

Posted by CPantherKing on 27 March 2015 - 12:18 PM

Other than Barner and Kugbila...his drafts have been pretty damn solid


There is more to a draft, than just drafting players. The quantity as well as the quality of the players count. Gettleman has missed on some quality, and has missed on a lot when it comes to quantity.


Based on production and starts by a drafted player the Panthers rank 20th with a 48 point value on their picks over the 2013 and 2014 drafts.


The top team is Green Bay with a 91 point value for their picks. Nearly doubling the Panthers draft pick production.


Puts it into perspective using measurable values instead of opinion.


For example, no matter how you subjectively view AJ Klein or Kony Ealy they have not started games or produced near as much as other teams draft picks over the same time. You can talk someone up all you want, but until they produce at the same level as other players they will not carry the same value as those players who are producing.


Think of it as return on investment to date.


So if by solid you are stating he has done an average/mediocre job in the draft. I agree. Other GMs have had strong and good drafts - better than solid.

#3295563 Greg Jennings AKA the guy that got Antoine Cason released

Posted by CPantherKing on 23 March 2015 - 11:21 AM

That is the million-dollar question.  


DeCoud too.  Heck, most of the OL--Silatolu, Chandler, Bell---our entire OL was sucking and we kept suiting people up and sending them in to fail.  I realize one might say that we had few choices, but Remmers proves that theory wrong.


Well let's list the problems to open the season:


1. No return man.

2. OT gone wrong with Bell and Chandler.

3. OG issue with Kugbila and Silatolu

4. Antoine Cason starting. Best possible option to start the season.

5. Thomas Decoud starting. Best possible option to start the season.

6. Signing a bunch of #3 WRs in free agency. Most were cut.

7. No DE depth. Charles Johnson played the first half of the season recovering from injury. We knew what would possibly happen with Hardy before the season started. Frank Alexander cannot be trusted to be available. The top 3 DEs could not be counted on and there was no back up plan.

8. Throwing a rookie WR into the #1 role to start the season. The only NFL team to do this.

9. Not having a #2 WR. The only NFL team to do this.

10. Cam Newton recovering while getting pummeled from a non existent OL to start the season.

11. Had key rookies in Trai Turner, Tre Boston, Bene Benwikere, and Kelvin Benjamin who had to study up on the systems and heal up before they could be relied upon.

12. Only netted 5 draft picks in the draft while the championship caliber teams grab 9 to 12 draft picks for the year. This has negative effects on short term depth and long term draft picks.

13. Keeping Shula as OC.

14. Conservative coaching. Coaching not to lose.


While I blame Rivera for the last two issues on the list, the bulk of the blame goes to the GM. Let's hope we do not have an offseason debacle like we did last year that will lead to hoping your division plays like garbage to get into the playoffs. The handling of personnel to set up the start of the season may have been among the worst of all the NFL teams to start the 2014 season. Luckily the coaches got the rookies coached up soon enough to squeak out the division with a 7-8-1 record.

#3290417 NFL files lawsuit against Mecklenburg County for Hardy evidence

Posted by CPantherKing on 19 March 2015 - 12:26 AM

NFL you lose!


What type of lawyer does the NFL hire?


Trial preparation materials are not considered public records. Now, if it was a public record prior to the trial preparation, and was being held as trial preparation materials, then you would be correct o'mighty NFL.


Also, any public record used as trial preparation material according to NC GS 132-1.9.e will not be released until the expiration of the statute of limitations. For a misdemeanor offense that is 2 years in criminal court and 3 years in civil court.


So, even if the NFL manages to twist the law regarding public records in their favor they will still need to wait 3 years to inspect the records.


And this is your monthly lesson of the NC Judicial System brought to you by Goodell v Hardy.

#3288774 Stephen Hill

Posted by CPantherKing on 17 March 2015 - 09:36 PM

Stephen Hill was in a Jets offensive system that is no place for a rookie WR to grow under a WR coach whom really had no business coaching WRs.


He was targeted 106 times in 23 games. He had 9 drops. So, on a per game basis he was targeted an average of 4.6 times per game and had a drop percentage of 8.5%. He caught 42.5% of the balls thrown to him. The QBs missed him 49% of the time. Of those 106 targets, 40 were deep passes. He caught 9 of those. So, on short passes he had 36 receptions of 66 targets (54.5%).


To compare:


Kelvin Benjamin has been targeted 145 times in 16 games - average of 9.1 targets per game. Drop percentage was 6.9%. He caught 50.3% of the balls thrown to him. QB missed him 42.8% of the time. 17/46 deep (37.0%) - 56/99 short (56.5%)


Jarrett Boykin, who I hear people excited about, was a part of the Packers passing game to start the season last year and got buried on the depth chart due to drops.


Brandon Marshall, Wes Welker, Roddy White, Jimmy Graham, Desean Jackson, Steve Smith, and Vernon Davis all had seasons where they dropped 7 to 10 percent of their targets.


I say be patient with the Stephen Hill project. Proehl sees something or he would not be here. I would not be shocked if you see Hill rise up to take the #2 spot under Proehl's guidance. Honestly, stop sending him deep and work him under coverage to use his size and speed after the catch.


People make too much of dropped passes by young WRs who are not in the slot. The receivers working in the slot with a #1 WR on the outside will always have a lower drop percentage. It is like a QB with 70%+ completion percentage when all they do is throw smoke routes, screens, and 5 yard crossers and slants. They will naturally pad their stats because of their role in an offense.

#3284627 Compensatory picks and the long game

Posted by CPantherKing on 14 March 2015 - 05:49 PM

Alright, I know how everyone hopes we get compensatory picks every offseason like waiting for Santa to bring you presents. Problem is come Christmas morning you end up with a pair of socks or nothing. Your hopes are bashed.


Now if you knew there was no Santa and it was your parents who were struggling to figure out how to play the money game, then you would know what to expect.


So, there is a limited number of compensatory picks up for grabs. Typically the top 8 GMs who know how to play the free agent game own these picks. Why? Because they understand you rent a player for a year or two at a high ticket price and let them walk to get an aditional draft choice.


What??? You sign someone for a crazy amount in free agency who will have value when you are done with them, and you let them walk. You just paid for one of the best players in free agency to help you to a Championship and a future draft pick. That is how a GM wins using free agency and the draft together. Then when you accumulate said picks, you now trade to get better value. And when you use these picks on players, you trade the players you have stockpiled for even better value. There is a whole inside game with the better GMs playing the weaker GMs.


If you knew a shortcut to win the race would you tell the other runners? Or would you use the weakness of a rookie learning the angles and making mistakes to your advantage?


I probably did not explain it well enough. But simply put the Panthers have one of the greenest GMs in the league, and the Panthers are set for ZERO compensatory picks in 2015 and 2016. The Panthers have a total of 5 qualifying UFAs for comp picks over 2015 and 2016. They would be in line for all 5 if they did not sign Antoine Cason (who the Panthers cut), Joe Webb (who never sees the field), Ed Dickson, Jerricho Cotchery, and if they paid James Dockery an extra $300k for his season. Yes, you could have essentially bought an extra draft pick. If they did not cut Jason Avant and just deactivated him for the remainder of the season, that would have been a 6th round pick. So, play Brandon WIlliams instead of signing Ed Dickson; Never sign Antoine Cason or Joe Webb; Play all the other receivers you had for the year instead of signing Cotchery; Pay Dockery $300k more; hold Avant on the team (deactivated if you don't use him). You then walk away with 6 comp picks of the pool and you can get into the trading game with your own picks for the draft. Clear about 10 to 12 picks every draft easy. We are looking at about two 5th rounders and four 6th rounders flushed. Then add in the RB we could have used in Tyler Gaffney being tossed last offseason. Seven draft picks thrown away. And when Greg Hardy is signed by another team the Panthers get a 3rd round compensatory pick. Oh wait, Gettleman signed Oher. That cancels the 3rd round compensatory pick out. Awesome job Getts. Oher better be worth a 3rd round pick. If he ends up backing up a rookie for the season and walks away in a season or two, then the Oher signing is terrible. He better be the starting LT for 3 to 4 seasons or Gettleman screwed the pooch. And I do not think Gettleman even knows he cost the Panthers a 3rd rounder. Bup Bup Bup.


The likes of Ozzie Newsome, Bill Belichick, Ted Thompson, John Elway, John Schneider, Kevin Colbert, Trent Baalke, and Jerry Jones are the masterminds of this game within a game. In the 2015 draft coming up, this group will account for 26 of the 32 compensatory picks.  So, 25% of the GMs control 81% of the compensatory picks garnered through free agency. This shows the huge gap in quality GMs who know how to do their job. And these 8 just feast off the other GMs who mindlessly wander around in free agency and the draft.


These same GMs are on target to hold down 22 of the 32 compensatory picks in the 2016 draft. Think about that.



#3281569 Do Gettleman's comments on Oher...

Posted by CPantherKing on 13 March 2015 - 12:01 AM

First round pick will be Shaq Thompson or Owamagbe Odighizuwa. The one that falls to 25 is the one the Panthers pick.

#3278813 Gettleman is cruising the other side of the highway, just chilling.

Posted by CPantherKing on 12 March 2015 - 02:45 AM

A Bugatti Veyron. That is what he drives. Check him out in this footage.



#3272283 Rams release Jake Long

Posted by CPantherKing on 09 March 2015 - 07:06 PM

Gettleman has signed a bunch of garbage the past two offseasons. We still have Roman Harper on the roster penciled in as the starter.


Sign him to a 2 year minimum deal with incentives if he stays healthy. Give him the option to work with TD and his people. Gettleman is fine with tossing out his free agent signings mid season.


You have Oher, Remmers, Chandler, and Byron Bell can come off the couch and play just as well as he did last season. Upgrade over last season easy, and you can always draft an OT regardless of round to work into a starting spot.


Given the Panthers OL situation, this is a move worth making if you can get him for the minimum.

#3259049 Panthers Mock Draft Rounds 1 - 3

Posted by CPantherKing on 01 March 2015 - 08:21 PM

Both Landon Collins and Jake Fisher would need to fall a ways for the Panthers to get them at those picks.


All the good DL, OT, and QBs are gone in the first 20 picks. The top 2 safeties and LBs are typically gone as well. When you are sitting at the bottom of the first round the BPAs the fall are typically RB and WR.


2014 BPAs that fell to the late 1st were WR and TE. Kelvin Benjamin, Marqise Lee, Jordan Matthews, Allen Robinson, Jace Amaro, and ASJ.

2013 It was WR and RB. DeAndre Hopkins, Cordarelle Patterson, Robert Woods, Giovanni Bernard, Le'Veon Bell, and Eddie Lacy.

2012 It was WR, LB, RB and TE. Doug Martin, Stephen Hill, Alshon Jeffrey, LaMichael James, Reuben Randle, Bobby Wagner, Coby Fleener and Lavonte David.

2011 It was WR, RB and TE. Mark Ingram, Randall Cobb, Torrey Smith, and Kyle Rudolph.

2010 It was WR, TE, and LB. Demaryius Thomas, Dez Bryant, Rob Gronkowski, Golden Tate, Sean Lee, Navorro Bowman and Brandon Spikes.


Past 5 seasons of players who dropped to the end of the first round and into the second round. They were projected higher by "experts".


This season I am expecting that the BPAs dropping to the late 1st round and 2nd round to be Melvin Gordon, Todd Gurley, Davante Parker, Devin Funchess, Jaelen Strong, Dorial Green-Beckham, and Devin Smith. 

#3257952 Nice Saturday AM haymaker thrown by TimTom Hasselbeck

Posted by CPantherKing on 28 February 2015 - 02:54 PM

The Seahawks offense is centered around Marshawn Lynch. The offensive coordinator runs the offense through Marshawn Lynch. Russell Wilson is a game manager. The Seahawks OC is creative.


The Seahawks also have the top defense in the NFL with a very strong secondary that keeps them in games and wins games for them.


The Panthers offense is centered around Cam Newton. The offensive coordinator runs the offense through the #4 and #5 offensive options and then Cam Newton. Cam Newton is a game changer. The Panthers OC is predictable and unimaginative.


The Panthers also have had nothing to write home about with their secondary over Cam Newton's career, and Cam Newton has had to play to win in spite of his OC, defense, and lack of offensive weapons.


You could insert any fairly intelligent mobile QB into the Seahawks offense and they would be doing as well or better than Wilson.


Take away Marshawn Lynch, insert DeAngelo Williams, and then replace the entire Seahawks secondary with whoever is in free agency come August. Toss in an old used up offensive mind for the Seahawks OC, and then show me Wilson can carry a team.

#3255795 NFL: Greg Hardy won't be reinstated because he hasn't been discipline...

Posted by CPantherKing on 26 February 2015 - 07:33 PM

Greg Hardy is not suspended. Therefore he cannot be reinstated because he is an active player. He is an ACTIVE PLAYER.


He was designated as exempt for the Panthers. This is a roster designation just like IR or PUP. This was done so the Panthers did not have to cut him. This only carries over for the Panthers. Now the commissioner can keep him exempted as a Panther, but once his contract expires with the Panthers the exempt status carries no weight. He becomes a free agent and unless the team he signs with asks for the exempt list the Commissioner cannot unilaterally exempt him from the team he signs his new contract with for 2015.


The league could discipline him under their player conduct policy, but this will be thrown out in court and the NFL loses.


If the Panthers had no desire to sign Hardy for 2015, they should have just cut him and given him his guaranteed money for the year.


All in all the NFL has no leg to stand on and will lose at every turn in this situation.

#3254908 Eagles to Trade Up to #1 Overall?

Posted by CPantherKing on 26 February 2015 - 02:10 AM

I don't think the Bucs will do it.  When you have a chance to take a franchise QB, you take it.  Winston looks like he could be the real deal.  Even if he flops, they have to take that chance.  Who knows when they'll get the chance again.


You are talking about Lovie Smith now.


When is the last time you have known Lovie Smith to draft a QB in the first 3 rounds of the draft? Never.


Lovie Smith does not like breaking in rookie QBs. He detests it. Just like John Fox.


Lovie Smith passed on Aaron Rodgers and Joe Flacco with the Bears. He passed on drafting a QB last year in favor of a journeyman for the Bucs. Instead he has a history of trading for QBs he has seen against NFL defenses like Cutler and McCown.


Would not be the least bit surprised if he collects picks for defense, OL, and running backs as has been his history.


If Lovie sticks with the 1st pick in the draft and does not trade it, then he goes Leonard Williams DE.

#3253236 Thanks Deangelo and WBTV! Panthers now public enemy number one.

Posted by CPantherKing on 24 February 2015 - 05:34 PM

get used to people hating us...............it's going to come more with winning regularly.


Winning 7 games a season with 1 playoff win in the past 10 years would not qualify as "winning regularly".


When coaches and front office attend a funeral out of state for a player's grandmother when they are trying to win favor with said player to renegotiate a contract while they ignore another players mother's funeral outright looks very bad to players on the team and around the league.


Overall this can be chalked up to poor management of the team.

#3253220 Thanks Deangelo and WBTV! Panthers now public enemy number one.

Posted by CPantherKing on 24 February 2015 - 05:16 PM

Hey, why not?  I mean, it's been a pure PR disaster for the Panthers ever since Hardy got "convicted".  We're an easy pile on right now.


It has been a PR and team chemistry disaster since Gettleman was hired.