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#2989239 Before you decide that Luke is playing poorly...

Posted by CPantherKing on Yesterday, 06:42 PM

This was the correct defensive call.



It was executed terribly.


12 drives in the last 6 quarters for the defense. 8 TDs, 2 FG attempts, and 2 Punts. 38.8% of the runs went for 4 or more yards. It comes down to the DL.


Against the Ravens in the first quarter the Ravens had 1 big run of 7 yards. Wes Horton and Colin Cole never touched the offensive linemen over them and let them get immediate releases on Kuechly and Klein. Then Cole engages an offensive lineman and takes an angle into the backfield. The running back had already reached the LOS, so this choice by Cole was wrong. Then Wes Horton fails to keep his shoulders parallel with the LOS and pursue down the line to contain the RB. He rounds out off the LOS, over pursues leaving a gap for the RB and then tries to arm tackle the RB. After this play alone both of them need to be replaced. They made 5 mental errors between the 2 of them on one play. It would have been better to engage the OL trying to get to the line backers and push them down the line with their momentum in the gaps for the RB. This frees up the line backers to make the play.


The biggest issue is offensive linemen are able to turn Stars shoulders way too quickly and ride him out of the play. This is what the Steelers exposed and the Panthers will see it time and time again until it is corrected. Turning Stars shoulders so quickly means he can now be single blocked and the other OL helping to turn Star now has a clean release to Kuechly. This DL went from a force to a joke in 6 quarters of football.

#2987533 Where has star dissapeared to?

Posted by CPantherKing on Yesterday, 09:07 AM

What I've notice is our DTs are getting doubled while our DEs are being handled one on one.

I am tired of Star and Cole starting together though. It should be Star and KK, or Star and Dwan. Cole and KK, or Cole and Dwan. Star and Cole are the same type of player, just like KK and Dwan are the same. I never got that.


You notice it. So, I wonder why The Panthers coaches have yet to adjust to this issue in 6 quarters. They should have had it corrected after the first quarter. And teams will continue to do it until the coaching staff makes the adjustment instead of thinking their DEs are all pro players like Greg Hardy when most of them should be in the arena league.


Here is what is happening. The DEs are being widened out into the "D" gap and then they double down on the DTs from their outside shoulder where the DE is being widened and turn them (with their shoulders not facing North-South)into their "A" gaps the coaches want them in. Once the DTs shoulders are turned the double team is dropped and one OL releases onto a LB at the next level (typically Kuechly). The RBs will go to the DTs "A" gap to bait the LBs inside and then slide to the outside "B" gap. So, now you have one OLB to fill the B and C gaps against the RB. The key is the DT is getting turned in less than 2 seconds and Kuechly has an OL on the second level before he has time to make his first step.


The OLs are using the Panthers DLs downhill momentum against them and there are no stunts being run like they did with Hardy. They need to stunt the DE into this area with the DT going down into the B and C gap with an OLB containing the D gap, or add a 5th man on the line of scrimmage to run blitz the C gap (DL, LB, or S). Mix this in and problem solved with the running game slow playing the LBs and gashing the defense.


In the last 6 quarters the defense has been in for 12 drives. They have given up a TD on 8 of those 12 drives and a FG attempts on another 2. They have only forced 2 punts.


The Steelers exposed Star's weakness, which is allowing the Panthers to get on Kuechly quick at the second level. You will notice they will now do a quick double on Star to turn him and then the OL that stays on him does not face him up but rather squares up on Star's shoulder. And this is because they no longer have to double Hardy, and there is no reason to double Charles Johnson anymore. Star will get all the doubles until someone on the DL steps up to be a threat.

#2985099 Real talk: Who do we get to run the ball next week?

Posted by CPantherKing on 28 September 2014 - 04:23 PM


who cares




After hearing what Smitty said in the interview after the game and what the Ravens spoke about in their locker room, I get a better sense of what was discussed behind closed doors.


Gettleman in his bumbling stumbling mouth breathing water bottle sucking way told Steve Smith that because he is 35 he is on the decline and there has never been a 35+ year old receiver who has gotten more than 700 yards in a season. So, Gettleman has decided to move in a younger direction for production from the receiver position and believes Smitty would only be a distraction for the team.


Then he signs two old WRs who are 32 and 31. But they are not 35 yet, so he guesses they could get over 700 yards in a season.


Gettleman cut the heart out from the team and it is starting to show. Horrible eye for talent. No better than flipping a coin. His success rate on players is 50% over his career.


I have never hated a GM as much as I hate Gettleman right now.

#2984466 "Benji! Good to meet you, dog"

Posted by CPantherKing on 28 September 2014 - 03:09 PM

Smitty gave Benjamin his number and told him to call him. He will let him know what is in store for him with the Carolina Panthers for the next 13 seasons.


I am sure Smitty wishes he could have had a receiver like Benjamin opposite him for the past 13 seasons.

#2979588 Luke alludes to the run gaps

Posted by CPantherKing on 26 September 2014 - 09:41 PM

What gaps? All I remember was 2 DTs getting shoved 5 yards back into Kuechly and Davis while the Steelers backs slow played the defense and went opposite side Kuechly chose.


A RB should never be able to slow play the LBs like that if you have penetration from the DTs and containment coming down the line from the DE. There was neither in the second half of that game. Our DEs outside of Charles Johnson (who is struggling at the moment) suck at containing down the line (This is what Hardy was so good at on run defense) and the DTs could not penetrate their assigned gap in that second half. Now the Steelers got away with pulling DTs to the ground, but the DTs need to power through the gap and at least blow up the blocking if they are getting taken down by the OL UFC style.

#2976192 Are we a passing offense?

Posted by CPantherKing on 24 September 2014 - 11:36 AM

So the Panthers struggle to run the ball. Yet they keep trying to run the first half of games and fail. The Panthers have a TE and WR that are match up nightmares for teams that cannot stop them. The QBs are playing very well. Yet they do not target Olsen and Benjamin early in games.

How about the Panthers play to their strengths instead of their weaknesses on offense? That is an idea. I am of the belief you keep hitting them with what works until they stop it.

So, time to toss the ball around the yard to Olsen and Benjamin from the first drive. Do that and the running lanes will open.

#2974091 Kelvins TD

Posted by CPantherKing on 22 September 2014 - 08:53 PM

DA was money on that pass.

I keep pondering if DA started the whole 2nd half would the outcome be different?


You could have had Peyton Manning at QB, and we would have been battling from behind all night.


The Panthers touted #1 defense looked like the Jaguars defense until they had their backs against the goal line. Then that stopped after the defense was wore out in the second half. Horrible defensive game plan. No defensive adjustments. The steelers were dancing in the backfield to work that DL throughout the game and make the Panthers LBs commit early to a lane. Teams tried to do that to the Panthers last season, but we had this one player the would come barreling down the DL and blowing that strategy up down the line of scrimmage. That would be Hardy and now we have no DL that makes a RB pay for dancing in the backfield.


I hope the defense gets corrected, because the Steelers just showed the league how to exploit the Panthers front 7. All I can hope is that it was poor preparation and game planning by the coaches that led to all the misreads on defense.

#2973863 I can't imagine moving forward without some type of offensive changes; wh...

Posted by CPantherKing on 22 September 2014 - 06:59 PM

Is it too early for some perspective? Seems like many people are focusing on the wrong side of the ball in the Steelers game for what went horribly wrong. Even though there are 2 more teams to play this week I am going to throw this out there.


The offense:


- Scored on 44% of their drives. Rank 11th of all offenses on Sunday. League average this season is 37.1%.


- Had an average of 37.7 yards per drive. Rank 12th. League averages 32.4 yards per drive.


- Held the ball for 2m47s per drive. Rank 16th. League average is 2m45s per drive.


- Offensive turnover % was 11.1%. Rank 17th. League average is 12.1%.


So, the offense did not suck. They were not the worst in the league. People hold the offense to an expectation of being perfect. Being the all time best offense in NFL history. You have bright spots and weak spots like any other team. The Panther were not even average on offense last night. They were an above average offense with their on field production. Some people minds just probably blew up and they are running to look at the numbers now.


Here was the problem.


Starting field position was horrible. Ranked 22nd. Was well below the league average. That is mainly defense and some special teams. If you are a numbers fan, then you know an offense must start at the 30-40 to consistently put up points.


I want to make this very clear. The Panthers did not lose this game because of their offense.


They lost this game because the Panthers defense allowed the Steelers to control the ball for an average of 3m25s (rank 23) while moving the ball an average of 46.7 yards (rank 27)  and scoring on 67% of their drives (rank 29th) [This does not count the TD from the fumble fiasco. Add that and the Panthers are dead last]. So, you now go to the offense put them in that position, right? Wrong. The Steelers started on average at the 24 yard line and still averaged less than 7 plays per drive (6.9). Nortman finished the day by pinning the Steelers back near their end zone time and time again. Steelers were near the bottom half of the league in starting field position. And to top it all off the Panthers defense did not get a single turnover in the game and only mustered 1 sack.


When your defense is playing this bad and you do not have one of the top 5 offenses in the NFL, mental mistakes are huge when your opponent is not making any mistakes. Philly Brown (fumbled), Josh Norman(did not fall on the ball and tried to pick it up near the 2 yard line), and Wes Horton(encroachment on a FG attempt) led to an 11 point swing to top it off. Eliminate the mental errors for an 11 point swing and you still have the defense giving up 27 points. The offense is equipped for a 4th quarter comeback and could have come close to pulling out a victory without the mental errors on the special teams units. 


This Panthers offense has its deficiencies, but when you look at the big picture around the league the Panthers offense is above average.


I hope that the Steelers got one up on the defense last night and this is not a trend. I was enjoying having the NFLs best defense until last night.


Perspective people. Perspective. Clear your minds. Focus on the defense.

#2971740 Kelvin Benjamin is the real deal

Posted by CPantherKing on 21 September 2014 - 11:29 PM

Well anyone who broke the matchups down before the game knew The Olsen and KB combo would be the bread and butter against the Steelers. So, what do the coaches do? Stay away from them in the first half. Go to them in the second half sparingly. Rely on Tolbert, Bersin, and Brown to move the offense. Just idiotic. Played right into the few strengths the steelers have. Seemed like they did not do much game planning at all. Seemes like the same Ron Rivera cookie cutter game plan that was leading him to a pink slip.

#2968020 tonite's inactives

Posted by CPantherKing on 21 September 2014 - 06:49 PM

What the fug happened to Cotchery?! He was practicing, thats what we get for having old ass WRs and this is D Wills last year as a Panther, bank on it


Cotchery's job is to read the Steelers and coach up the young receivers with Proehl. He will be beside Proehl when we are on offense and he will be next to McDermott when we are on defense. Do your thing Cotchery,


Something tells me we will know what they are doing before the snap a lot tonight.

#2963995 NBC Sunday Night Football arrives in Charlotte...

Posted by CPantherKing on 19 September 2014 - 01:17 AM

Give Costas a Panthers jersey with his names on it. Just make sure the number is 76. Bet he wears it without getting the joke.

#2963262 Leave your Hardy jerseys at home

Posted by CPantherKing on 18 September 2014 - 07:01 PM

Please go back and read the MANY threads on Hardy .. It has been repeated MANY MANY times, that in the state of NC a bench trial on misdemeanor charges is null and void if the person requests a trial by jury.


Since you say he was found guilty. please show me the record of Greg Hardy were it has a conviction of DV on it.


You do not live in NC and have to go through the crazy laws we have.


It amazes me how many people think this is a felony which goes through a different process.


Let me spell this out again for the uninformed who rely on ESPN and Peter King for their facts.


A misdemeanor is defined as a "lesser crime".


These LESSER CRIMES go to a bench trial because there are so many LESSER CRIMES that you cannot jury trial all of them.


The bench trial is done to weed out the people who are guilty and agree to it.


The guilty verdict is NEVER set in stone in a bench trial unless the defendant agrees to a guilty verdict.


GUILTY verdicts are NEVER passed by the COURT SYSTEM at a bench trial unless it is agreed to by the defendant or if the higher courts do not approve a jury trial.


One judge is not greater than the court system or the higher courts.


When a jury trial is approved it means MORE IMPORTANT judges have overruled the LESSER JUDGES ruling so it can go to a jury trial.


So, when you put these simple facts together and use general logic you come to this...


The guilty verdict held no weight because the higher court poo'd on the reasoning behind the lesser judges reasoning. That is the only way you get a jury trial after a bench trial for a MISDEMEANOR charge. They do not just give them to anybody.


So, that guilty verdict you put so much weight on was tossed out by a higher court and no longer exists. Your argument essentially is based on a big pile of nothing.


Checks and balances. Checks and balances. But I do not expect people who value their self righteous views and arguments over the Bill of Rights while still being a proud American to understand how you actually get to a guilty verdict.

#2956637 Watching the Colts Eagles game

Posted by CPantherKing on 15 September 2014 - 10:34 PM

Those Eagles are going to hate it when they face a good defense with speed to shut down McCoy and Sproles.

#2956006 Peter King busted

Posted by CPantherKing on 15 September 2014 - 07:05 PM

Ok, I caved and clicked the link for the mmqb article. I was struck by:

"The only reason Greg Hardy hadn’t been suspended before coach Ron Rivera had the common sense (or the direction from embarrassed Panthers owner Jerry Richardson) is because—as Jon Wertheim and Emily Kaplan of SI and The MMQB wrote this weekend—there wasn’t a video, the way there was with Ray Rice. But read the trial testimony, and pore over the guilty verdict, and you’ll understand why so many people are outraged that Hardy played in Week 1, or will play at all for Carolina this season."

Read the trial testimony?

What trial testimony?



So, let me sum this up. Peter King and SI believe the only reason Hardy has not been suspended is because there is no proof of physical assault. But read the testimony that led to all the physical accusations being tossed and you see he yelled at and threatened a coked up drunk woman who would not leave his apartment and started to assault him physically while being held back by others at the apartment.


I tend to agree with Peter King and his genius here. There is no proof of aggravated assault = no suspension. What an idiot.


BTW, this Hardy nonsense is over a misdemeanor charge. However, a more serious crime like DUI/DWI sees players like Nick Fairley go untouched as he appeals and appeals and appeals some more. Makes perfect sense to an idiot. Let the system work and stop these insane witch hunts. You get your pizza in 30 minutes or less; not your justice. Patience is a virtue that many discard for instant gratification.

#2955000 Carolina is... (Primetime's Take)

Posted by CPantherKing on 15 September 2014 - 11:55 AM

Now maybe Cam Newton will get some respect.


He only has accounted for the most yards of any player in NFL history over his first 3 seasons. He is second to only Dan Marino in touchdowns. With 10 more wins this season he will be among the top 5 winning QBs in their first 4 seasons. Not Brady, Manning, Montana or Aikman.


He is on a trajectory to be the most productive QB in NFL history, but he gets pushed to the side because he is not a true pocket passer.

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