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In Topic: Panthers offense is LOL

Today, 06:07 PM

You'll have to pardon me because I'm on my phone at my sons practice so it's hard to see, but is that a Godzilla figurine on your table?

Matt Ryan wears braided belts.

Fu dog. Went with some Asian influence in dining area.

In Topic: Panthers offense is LOL

Today, 05:44 PM

enough to look like any number of funny fat pop culture references

C'mon, let's hear it, an actual number.

In Topic: Week 1 Panthers@Bucs. Pewterreport is having an early discussion on our upco...

Today, 05:43 PM

& the fact remains you're desprately trying to defend your tu quoque & are failing miserably.


Yeah, his tu quoqe is totall defenseless! Nailed it!

In Topic: Panthers offense is LOL

Today, 05:41 PM

at least you have the courage to admit it

Just curious, how much you actually think I weigh?

In Topic: Panthers offense is LOL

Today, 05:37 PM

arms raised to reduce *** sag: check

chin raised to disguised other chins: check

chest jutted forward to deemphasize stomach with loose shirt overage: check

selfie version triple digit selfies to achieve best possible result: check

yep, our collective opinion matters to you scarcely less than life itself

Dang, and I thought I had pulled it off! Totally busted!

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