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In Topic: Matt Ryan vs Cam Newton, who's better?

Today, 11:22 PM

Lol you and your half-ass truths...

2013 was not Ryan's worst statistical season by any means. In fact, it was easily his 2nd best statistical season as a pro after his 2012 year. If you're going by pure statistics, Cam's best season was his rookie year before the running game completely fell apart, we didn't have a revolving door at offensive line, and Steve Smith hadn't completely lost his speed/explosiveness/jumping ability and was still a #1 WR.

In fact, Cam's rookie year is very comparable to Ryan's 2012 year.

That was in response to the guy saying wins is the most important stat. Also, you're basically saying aryan has gotten better, but Cam is getting worse. I kinda agree with you there.

In Topic: Hey Zod, check this guy out

Today, 08:42 PM

Its called HDR photography, and I've seen Zod post a couple HDR photos in the past. Most of them I saw were Panther related.

I was talking about infrared which is not one of the two I posted, look at the guys New York pics.

In Topic: Matt Ryan vs Cam Newton, who's better?

Today, 07:45 PM

Great stats mean nothing if you can't win

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Well it seems so far Ryan has won a lot while Newton hasn't, unless you want to take away credit from defense for most of the wins last year.

In Topic: Brees back in cover of SI

Today, 07:43 PM

Link? Back up your statement fatboy

Well the original statement was about the fan base, here is a few weeks old thread about it


In Topic: My depiction of Alejandro after the last Saints vs. Panthers game

Today, 07:37 PM

Yeah, it was a whole 6 hours before I got home and made that congratulatory thread!


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