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In Topic: Newton Positive? Reed's latest article not too convincing to me for some...

Yesterday, 09:11 AM

Gotta love the Huddle. Newton's rookie deal was very team friendly. During that time the Panthers did little to upgrade the talent around him--that talent being the worst offense in the NFL the season prior to his arrival.


Now the Huddle wants Newton to take another below market deal to surround Newton with talent.


If I am Newton or his agent I am literally laughing out of the Panther's Front Office. You had 4/5 years to put talent around me and the best you could do is the 8th pass catching rookie at the end of the first round.


You proceeded to dump resource after resource into the defense--and failed to upgrade an offense that was already mediocre last year. 


And now you want me to take a(nother) pay cut so you can give Hardy 13 million to sit on the bench while my Oline gets me killed weekly?


Kaepernick and Dalton could take team friendly deals. Their teams have surrounded them with elite talent. 


If I am Newton I want my money NOW. You already HAD me on a great deal and you chose to do nothing with it. Give me my money.

In Topic: Serious fugging question

19 October 2014 - 10:59 PM

I think in our case we have spent 4 years funneling draft picks into the defense. The next draft needs to be offense heavy or someone needs to be fired. Rivera has had way to much time to mold the defense the way he wants it, its time to focus on your franchise QB or go somewhere else.


What makes it so bad is that the Huddle constantly complains about not having enough offensive power, looks as the FO go after defensive players and applause them, and then goes right back to complaining about the offense.


All week long we heard how it is up to the offense---who has been neglected for 4 years---to go into GB and control the game...meanwhile the elite defense just needs to "slow down" GB.


I never knew that crack was legal in NC.

In Topic: Serious fugging question

19 October 2014 - 10:51 PM

lol. Ron and Cam inherited the worst offense in the league 4 years ago...and we have done as little as possible to improve it. What makes you think the FO--with the defense giving up 35 points--is NOW going to change anything.

In Topic: Soon, Very Soon

19 October 2014 - 10:48 PM

the Panthers will spend all their cap on defense and 2 of the first 3 picks will be defense, the Huddle will cheer in April, and then complain about not hanging with Rodgers and Brees in September, while the offensive talent erodes away for a 5th straight year.

In Topic: Extremely tired of hearing about Luck.

19 October 2014 - 10:43 PM

Didn't Luck's defense shut out the same offense that Cam's defense gave up 37 to and should have lost in OT?


And the Colts were able to do this while not dumping their entire draft/FA into the defense.

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