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In Topic: same as last year, Rivera says Cam has got to become a more sound QB

26 March 2015 - 07:44 PM

The jury is still out on whether Tannehill and Cam can reach elite status, but both are largely considered solid enough QBs. Of course Cam has a huge edge in rushing which probably tip the scales in his favor, but I don't get people trying to use him as a comparison for Cam in the sense that he is heads and shoulders above him from a statistical point. He is not.

The main difference from what I can see is that the Dolphins fan base as a whole is more accepting and appreciative of Tannehill than Panthers fans are with Cam.


I will say it again, there was virtually zero threads or even posts on the Dolphins message board even mentioning Tannehill the week he laid a massive egg against the Bills preventing the Dolphins from getting to the playoffs. The exact same week the Huddle's front page was littered with threads (forget posts) criticizing Newton for not throwing the perfect pass to defeat the Saints and clinch the playoffs.  

In Topic: same as last year, Rivera says Cam has got to become a more sound QB

26 March 2015 - 06:17 PM

You literally said "if you want Cam to be better, put better players around him" as if we can't get better without a better supporting cast. Tannehill, Luck, and Wilson all had garbage OLs and receivers last year and they still produced.


:lol: Hakeem Nicks, who would have been the jewel of Panther's off season, cannot even get on the field in Indy because of how loaded the Colts are...And Tannehill was so productive that he was about to be bench mid-season.

In Topic: same as last year, Rivera says Cam has got to become a more sound QB

26 March 2015 - 02:34 PM

This is spot-on but to be fair to this crowd I don't think they ignore the team weaknesses. They seem to believe that a "franchise QB" should be able to overcome them and if Cam can't we should find someone who should.


I get it but I think that's just flawed logic. The Panthers' weaknesses as a team are so anti-QB that there's no one in the league that I can confidently say could have done more than Cam has, and that's a testament to his talent. There's always room for improvement and no one has ever suggested otherwise. 


Well, the problem with these posters, and they are doing it on this very page in this very thread, is they will admit to that there is lack of talent surrounding Newton. But they quickly move from that platform and harp on their preconceived notions about Newton, or what he may lack.


They usually begin their arguments with "Well, our offense could use some upgrade BUT Newton..." At times, they even appear to be reasonable, seemingly auguring that there is a 50-50 split between lack of skills at the WR/ OL, and things that Newton could improve on. They will at first talk about lack of talent in conjunction with things Newton needs to do to improve.


But notice one thing about these posters, they NEVER show up in threads discussing HOW to get Newton more help. They NEVER actually express a DESIRE to get better on the outside or in the trenches. And often are critical of anyone who complains about what our GM is doing to improve the overall offense. However, they are in EVERY thread where criticism of Newton can be drawn.


The pattern is very simple: complain, complain, complain about Newton and lack of offensive production in September through January. Become hostile to anyone that suggests making moves to improving said offense that they spent the better part of the Fall and Winter destroying their keyboard, in February through April. In May through August, they spend their time talking about their over-inflated expectation for Newton and the offense they just spent months either hostile or silent about making more explosive. 


Oh, they know the offense needs help, they will be the first one picking BOA whenever Newton leaves, if his replacement is depending on the likes of Philly Brown and Bersin to make critical catches in the playoffs all while being protected by the likes of Bell, who cannot even find a replacement home.

In Topic: same as last year, Rivera says Cam has got to become a more sound QB

26 March 2015 - 12:02 PM

I am sorry, does anyone else notice a pattern from certain posters here?


It has come to the point where the national media is even acknowledging the lack of help/talent around Newton, so it isn't just a bunch of "delusional" posters or "Cam nuthuggers" that harp on the "leaves much to be desired" cast surrounding Newton. Just yesterday, there was an article stating that this free agency period, the Panthers have failed to upgrade the players on offense to better assist Newton, and it used the phrase: "AGAIN." Which indicates that this is a routine occurrence for Newton and the Panthers. 


(Nobody is arguing that they are not reasons for this, such as lack of salary cap, but the FACT remains, Newton has been given disproportionately bad offensive help, considering his historically low rookie deal)


Yet, the SAME posters who cry about Newton specifically, are the FIRST ones who come to the defense of the "talent" surrounding Newton. The SAME ones who are the MOST quiet during the week the Panthers win games, or right after Newton scores a TD, pretend that they have suddenly lost internet connectivity. The FIRST ones who remain silent about bringing in better talent on offense. And the FIRST ones who dislike any conversation which compares the cast of Newton to his peers.


But, the SAME posters are the loudest when discussing any deficiency in Newton's game, MOST critical when the offense fails to score a TD (yet are very supportive when the Panthers allocates a bunch of resources to the defense), are the MOST active on the weeks that the Panthers lose (they strictly want to discuss whatever Newton failing they perceive), and MOST importantly tend to be posters who were among the most adamant not to draft Newton or most resistant to the idea of asserting Newton as the franchise QB.


There are like 5 of them: High post counts, claims they are only "constructively" criticizing Newton, passive-aggressive in nature, over inflated egos, attacks posters who attempt to defend Newton, think that they are overtly intelligent, generally augmentative, and persistent in their beliefs in the face of evidence to the contrary. 


They are not trolls and are basically fixtures of the Huddle. They will even be somewhat happy if the Panthers do win a Superbowl with Newton (somewhat happy). And they are Panthers fans but generally have complete disdain for Newton.


And I promise you, the day Newton leaves, is the day that THEY will suddenly start campaigning for the Panthers to start fixing the offensive line and lack of skill players issues. They will suddenly notice that maybe our lack of offensive firepower more comes from a Oline filled with un-drafted veterans and a WR core lead by a Rookie (the 8th pass catcher taken) expected to be No. 1 from game one, then it does a QB that 1/2 the time is in the Pro-bowl. Until then, they're more than content to advocate for as little help as possible on offense, so that they can voice their displeasure with it in October.

In Topic: same as last year, Rivera says Cam has got to become a more sound QB

25 March 2015 - 09:49 PM

You couldn't think of any other word than lazy? Really? Hopefully that's just a mistake on your part. I don't think dealing with an ankle injury, a rib injury, and a back injury, yet still pushing through and starting 14 regular season games would fall under "lazy".


All of the above mentioned factors had a substantial impact on his mechanics.


It isn't like Cam was just out there like "I don't feel like applying what I've learned as a pocket passer today guys, fug it".


You will notice a pattern with him. He is the first to criticize Newton, last to saying anything positive, and is completely silent when time comes to surround Newton with talent...but the first to complain when the Panthers arent scoring 50 on the Seahawks.