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In Topic: Byron Bell is Gone

23 February 2015 - 07:04 PM

Wait, no Shula references?

In Topic: Agent ego a factor in Newton contract?

23 February 2015 - 03:22 PM

Mike Florio is the same idiot that last year proclaimed that the Jay Cutler deal was a steal for the Bears and that it will go down a great deal for Chicago as Cutler was an elite QB already...something that the Bears lacked for 2 decades.


He also thought Trestman was a great Head Coach and could really unleash the amazing Cutler that Lovie had bottled up.


The guy is a complete and utter moron.

In Topic: Cam Newton should be paid more than Luck or Wilson

22 February 2015 - 11:28 PM

Other than the Super Bowl (where his defense and special teams gave him a huge lead), Wilson has not won a road playoff game.


Thats what Seattle fans do not remember


Are you serious? Wilson in HIS FIRST POST SEASON START got a road victory.


In his SECOND post season start, he put on one of the most remarkable display of QBing you will ever find on the road.


His defense literally choked (they do this often in tight games) after he gave them the lead with 30 seconds to go.

In Topic: Cam Newton should be paid more than Luck or Wilson

22 February 2015 - 01:15 PM

I think Newton should be paid AS much as Luck and Wilson.


But again, Newton and his agent are doing the right thing. Let Luck's overrated behind reset the market and ask for 98% of that contract.

In Topic: Jameis Winston's football IQ compared to Peyton Manning's, report says.

22 February 2015 - 01:08 PM

So you are telling me that there is more to the kid than what ESPN and those of their ilk wanted us to believe the past two years?  Color me stunned.


For all the hell, and it was hell, that ESPN and the media gave Newton, I am not sure that ESPN completely made up stories about Newton.


ESPN literally MADE up the autograph story. ESPN found out that Gurley, who had actual people and documentation, that he had been paid. ESPN then goes to the same website, because god knows they can give two shts about Gurley, and searched for Winston's name instead, which produced way more hits than Gurley (this probably has to do with the fact that Winston 100x more popular than even Gurley is).


ESPN then runs to FSU administration about it, and FSU responds "we will look into it."


ESPN then runs head lines about how Winston under investigation and some even call for his suspension and stake out on the campus for a week running "reports" about all the "evidence" they collected.


Of course, after the game was over (the one ESPN made the National game of the week) they barely mentioned the story.


Three weeks later, ESPN admits that the person who was actually used to "verify" the information is under federal investigation for basically fraud, and his whole business has been called into question numerous times by those in the autograph industry.


ESPN then releases a 2 paragraph report about "our bad, that whole autograph thing was probably false" and that they basically did no fact finding and instead just ran with a story.



And this is the news organization people are using to form opinions about Winston.


Like I said, I am not sure ESPN has produced one story about why potential Tennessee starting QB for next year may need to get a clearance before he is allowed back in the state of Georgia.