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In Topic: Julio Jones didn't practice again today

Today, 04:34 PM

Far from certain with 90 seconds on the clock.

Still better than not having the lead with 90 seconds

In Topic: Today's practice tweets

Today, 12:32 PM

Bill Voth tweeted a clip of the team walking to the practice field. Cam was running and weaving past everybody.

IMO, he is hurt. He is hurt and he knows if he shows pain Rivera won't play him. Cam is putting on a smile and going 110% so he can play Sunday.

That's dumb. Real dumb. even if that was true it would still be in our best (playoffs) interest to start cam.

In Topic: Johnny Manziel....

Yesterday, 05:49 PM

Hopefully Ron payed attention to what they did as a defense which they figured out early and never looked back... This should actually work well for us because we pretty much solely play zone schemes and thats what the bengals did after running man coverage in the first few plays of johnnys start.

In Topic: Why is nobody asking the important questions?

Yesterday, 04:44 PM

Natty ring= national championship ring

And yes this was a super friends reference.

Clearly not as funny as my fogged out brain at work thought it was.

I apologize. I'll Keep my posts to film breakdown.

In Topic: A real life Skid Mark: The 12 Days of Browns fan

Yesterday, 09:31 AM

Lyrical wordsmith right here.. Fugg the browns.

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