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Where are you guys?

11 November 2012 - 05:03 PM

All you delusional pussy cat fans were trolling our message boards all week, calling out our team, fanbase and franchise, and not one of you guys came back to eat crow. I should have known no one was going to show up after the game when I saw all the empty seats at the stadium BEFORE the game even started! Pathetic. The Broncos didn't even need the offense today, our Defense showed Cam who Superman really is, on several occasions. Hell, The Golden Calf of Bristol could have won the game today with the complete ass kicking our Defense dished out. You guys may have been in every loss you guys had this year, but you weren't in this one, and once again Denver has a huge blowout win. Good luck getting the 1st pick in the draft, you guys may need to draft an actual QB!