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#2711167 Carolina Panthers Sign Tiquan Underwood

Posted by BigSombrero on 21 March 2014 - 06:22 PM

Underwood is a great dude and a great teammate.  For a team looking for bargain wideouts, you could do worse.  Ted Ginn is a better player though, no other way to slice it.


Underwood is serviceable working underneath and thats about as far as that goes.  He isn't a catch in traffic kind of guy  Good news is Cotchery can fill that role for you.  Underwood is best used to stretch the field with his straight line speed.  Ginn had that ability as well but what Ginn has that Underwood doesn't have is quickness and change of direction speed/acceleration.  Underwood isn't anywhere near as able with the ball in hand as Ginn was.  He isn't going to give you YAC's unless he is already behind the defense.  


Not a bad signing but if he is anywhere above your #4 option at wideout, you need to upgrade the position more.

#2698986 ESPN Mock 3.0 We got Cyrus Kouandjio

Posted by BigSombrero on 15 March 2014 - 06:57 PM

This guy is no longer a 1st round pick. 

I would say that it doesn't really matter where mock drafts put a player.  If he was a first rounder a month ago, he should still be one. 


As far as CK goes, I have heard reports that the medical issues at the combine were overblown but there is something to be said for the injury history of a decent portion of recent Bama players.


As far as his play goes, I agree with you, he isn't a 1st rounder.  I would feel good enough about taking him about where you guys are at in the 2nd.  His issues as I see them (obviously I am not nor trying to claim I am some college football/draft/o-line guru, just a guy on a couch that loves nfl football) he is going to struggle a lot as a pass blocker at the nfl level.  Run blocking wise, he's solid enough, not some elite talent but with those long arms and frame, he's a mauler for sure.  You could nitpick hand usage but that pretty much every college o linemen.


 Watch the Va Tech game from last season and you'll see a guy struggling  way more than a 1st rd prospect should dealing with those speedy Va Tech DE's.  He was getting was having problems swinging outside to contain speed which is strange because he is getting off the ball quickly, too quickly in a couple instances.  Looks like he isn't sure of himself so on certain plays he's not kicking back far enough for fear of getting beat inside then lazily floating back to try and catch up (Again, not technical terms, im no expert, but I have a good idea of what it should look like)  But its not helping much because even more importantly, inside moves were killing him due to his lack of quickness/inability to shift his momentum.  Just looked too slow to handle what Va Techs DE's were bringing.  Obviously if your tackle is getting worked inside, its not a good thing.


Not sure about your rules on youtube vids so sorry if it isn't cool but



Starts out well enough in my opinion but that second quarter was brutal.  It appears as if Saban may have saw it the same way because I notice a lot more guard help in the second half for him.


I don't see him as a 1st rounder.  I definitely don't see a guy you would want starting at LT immediately if you can avoid it. I think it would be wise for a team to grab him and move him to guard.  A much better outlook in my opinion for him at that position.  That lack of quickness wouldn't be an issue for a run first type of team.


Now I hear you guys talking about Jason Verrett.  Kyle Fuller (who you'll see in this game) is just better and its not really close imo.  He is a fringe 1st rounder, a guy I wouldn't bash a team for taking late in the first if they need a good cb.  Verrett is barely a 2nd rounder in my opinion.

#2697676 Gettleman Made Nicks an Offer, But Nicks Says, "It Wasn't The Right S...

Posted by BigSombrero on 15 March 2014 - 10:55 AM

Again, for a receiver taking a 1 year deal to raise his value, where would you rather go?  A pass happy offense that spreads the ball around to multiple capable targets?  Or a run first offense where you would be the only receiver (currently) on roster that an opponent would have to gameplan for?  Its common sense.

#2696429 NFC south fans enjoying Panthers offseason

Posted by BigSombrero on 14 March 2014 - 09:01 PM

I am interested to see how they turn this around.  Hearing a lot of talk about the plan being to pick up bargain bin FA's that other teams pass by to fill out the roster. 


Seems like a ridiculous plan to me.  I get Gettleman and Co brought in some solid FA talent last year but lets be real here, is someone actually going to suggest Gettleman is such a great evaluator, so far beyond the rest of the NFL that he can run a team year after year by signing players only he can see the true talent in?  Maybe he is the best pro evaluator, but he isn't that far ahead of the curve.  Its laughable that people actually suggest this is the panthers plan.  It's not.  Or at least you better hope its not unless you believe you have the greatest football mind this league has ever seen.


Its still early so I am in no way implying the Panthers are screwed for 2014 but I would not bet on them being able to find legitimate #1,2, and 3 receivers and retooling the o line plus addressing the secondary, by signing bargain bin replacements that other teams are too blind to see.  Going to have to ace the draft at the very least.

#2253844 NFC Offseason Grades

Posted by BigSombrero on 09 June 2013 - 11:21 AM

I stopped reading that insider article when it claimed the Saints had the best offseason in the division.  Heck, their defense was overall the worst in the game and what do they do?  They hire a recently fired D coordinator and switch to a 3-4 without the proper personnel.  I mean moving Will Smith to OLB earned the Aint's the award of most desperate offseason move of 2013.


Can't be mad at the Aint's though.  After about 40 years of embarrassing mediocrity, they finally won a SB.  The window is closing if not closed already, I imagine the fans feel like a man on death row, just trying to come to terms with the approaching decline and retirement of the one player keeping that time afloat in Brees.  In just a few years, the Saints will be returning to the toilet bowl they just recently crawled out of.  I just hope they kept the paper bags they made famous for years because anonymity was and will be their best friend once these few successful years fade away.

#2246407 Dallas Cowboy Fan Fest at Epicenter this Sunday?

Posted by BigSombrero on 30 May 2013 - 09:49 PM

This is a pretty strange occurrence.  To hold a large "fanfest" in the city of another professional team is a huge slap in the face.  I can tell you this wouldn't fly in Philly or Chicago.  As a North Carolinian, I dont like it.  They could have done it a few hours away in Raleigh and it would have been fine.

#2241328 How many Panthers will make the NFLN 2013 top 100

Posted by BigSombrero on 23 May 2013 - 08:54 PM

Cam will not be on the list.

Yeah doesn't look like it.  He's not going to be ranked higher than Big Ben or Wilson.

#2241327 How many Panthers will make the NFLN 2013 top 100

Posted by BigSombrero on 23 May 2013 - 08:54 PM

Cam will not be on the list.

Yeah doesn't look like it.  He's not going to be ranked higher than Big Ben or Wilson.

#2235898 Seattle's Bruce Irvin suspended for 4 games

Posted by BigSombrero on 18 May 2013 - 05:10 PM

Seattle is poor away from the 12th man.  Their defense was 27th in the league in yards per average rush.  They were 27th in the league in sack %.  And Seattle plays the same style of game Carolina does.  They like to slow the game down and control the clock evidenced by the fact they were 31st in defensive snaps last season and 29th in offensive snaps.  The only other team close?  Carolina at 23rd and 25th respectively.  


This game is very closely matched because of the styles your teams play.  Carolina wins, 23-17 due to Seattles struggles in away games.  The media will have a collective heart attack.  Cam Newton will be praised as the second coming, for a week at least. 

#2229398 Let's talk Tampa Bay and how they compare to us

Posted by BigSombrero on 12 May 2013 - 06:38 PM

Im actually an ECU fan (from New Bern) and a Bucs fan as well.  


Does the Revis and Goldson signing make Tampa's D elite?  No, or I should say not necessarily.  Anyone that suggests that it doesn't greatly improve the Bucs defense is either lying and/or lacks football knowledge.  Revis, who is arguably the best CB and defensive player in the league, will not only help shut down whichever receiver he matches up against but he also helps every other corner on our roster.  Last season Wright was fighting a nagging ankle, he wasn't 100%.  And Wright isn't a #1 corner either.  With Revis, Wright can slide to the #2 spot or even the nickel where he is better suited.  If Johnthan Banks looks good in camp he will also be an upgrade over last season.


You have to remember, last year Tampa was fielding EJ Biggers and Leonard Johnson as their #1 and #2 guys along with an aging Ronde that never played Safety before.  Anyone that can't see that Revis, Banks, Wright and Goldson are huge upgrades over that is blind.  


Next you bring up Barron.  Everyone knew Barron coming out would be best suited to play a Palomalu role, in the box defender type to help with the run and make plays closer to the line of scrimmage.  But since Ronde was back at safety with him, Barron had to take on the role of FS and play deep because Ronde couldn't.  Barron has decent cover skills for a SS but thats not what he excels at.  Now Goldson isn't the best in coverage relative to some safeties, hes still pretty good.  Signing him will allow us to use Barron where he is best, something we couldn't do last year.  Expect a significant increase in production from him.


Now defensively overall, the only way this team will have an elite D is if the d line can not only stay healthy, but also reach their draft potential.  Not sure if you knew this but, we have never had McCoy, Bowers, and Clayborn on the field as starters at the same time.  At least one has always been injured.  They are finally all healthy right now and are expected to produce much more this season.  Bowers was thought to be a top 5 pick before he was injured, AC has shown flashes in his first year and we all know how much of a beast McCoy was last year even with the likes of Teo'neshim and Roy Miller playing on the line with him.


Tampa's D will be much better.  Elite?  Probably not.  Stout?  I can see it.

#2205328 Is the media ready to build Cam back up again?

Posted by BigSombrero on 24 April 2013 - 11:26 AM

I don't believe and I hope that Cam doesn't care whether the media builds him up or not.

Im a Bucs fan and like the panthers, we are a small market team. More often than not, best case scenario media wise is that we are ignored. If the media pays any attention to our teams it will be because of a negative situation.

Just accept that fact and do as I do, spend your days sending hate mail to Yasinskas and ESPN analysts in general explaining how dumb you think they are and how unjust it is that your team is never talked about in a good light. It wont change anything of course but it does make you feel better.

Honestly I just hope they show a short highlight of our games this season. Anyone that remembers game 1 last season, Bucs vs Panthers, knows that ESPN didn't show one clip of that game period. Weren't a lot of highlights admittedly but I figure no one would die if they took 30 seconds out of the "The Golden Calf of Bristol/RG3?NYJets/Pats" love fest going on over there to remind people Carolina and Tampa have franchises in the NFL.

#2002811 Freeman or Newton - ESPN First Take (video)

Posted by BigSombrero on 17 November 2012 - 03:31 AM

I would say that is an accurate analysis. I'm not sure if Cam will be better than Free but the fact is his situation sucks.

As I've said before, no young QB is pro ready. They all need guidance to become a successful NFL QB. Rivera is a defensive guy that seems to be somewhat hands off overall as a head coach. I stead of teaching Cam how to be an NFL QB, Chud is basing the offense off of college schemes stalling any progression in Cams game. Shula's record as a QB coach is not that prestigious working with the likes of Gerrard and Fielder. Add in the fact that Cam doesn't really have that veteran guy at the position giving him tips and sharing some veteran knowledge. He's got Andersn and Clausen sitting behind him, neither of which has had any consistent success in the league. And ignoring the receiver position as Carolina has makes passing difficult no matter who is behind center.

Now I'm there should definitely be blame placed on Cam but is situation isn't conducive to a young QB or a veteran QB for that matter.

#2002599 Challenge flags on NFL Live

Posted by BigSombrero on 16 November 2012 - 07:37 PM

Most likely no one there to reply to his post.

Pretty good one...

I just like discussing things with people from the other side sometimes. Most of the time I learn a thing or two or might see something from another perspective.

#1999792 Football Gameplan's 2012 Wk 11 Panthers vs Bucs Preview

Posted by BigSombrero on 14 November 2012 - 03:27 PM

Good analysis. I hope you're right.

As you said, this is going to be a huge test for those corners. We all know Nakamura is terrible in pass coverage and Carolina is going to have to strike a balance with dropping back to help those corners or keeping a safety in the box to help with the run.

So Josh Norman and the rest of the corners are going to have to find a way to hold their own against Mike Williams and V Jax.

Carolina isn't a team that's currently built to play an uptempo game or come from behind. They like to get the ball on offense and use all three downs to get the first so they can control the game and keep it close. The early stages of a game are important when playing Carolina. Tampa needs to score quick and put them behind and force them out of their element. Make them feel like they have to gain chunks of yardage and put td's on the board to stay in the game. That's when Cam will start trying to do to much, he'll try and carry the team to victory and make mistakes.

So Tampa needs to continue playing lights out against the run, force the panthers to throw more than they want to, and take the opportunities that come. Division rival so it may come down to the wire, but I like Tampa's chances.

#1998990 Should we give up on a QB 25 games into his career?

Posted by BigSombrero on 14 November 2012 - 12:34 AM

You can't give up on a 1st round QB this early unless it's obvious that he has been given all the tools necessary to succeed and he still can't get it done.

That's not Cam. Some QBs come out of college more pro ready but no rookie QB is pro ready. Cam has been thrown into a situation with a lack of talent around him. The O line is this year has ranged from serviceable to horrid. The FO has neglected the receiver position for a decade never giving Smith any help. Lafell shows flashes but he's not a legit number 2. Olsen is a good tight end receiving wise but like the rest of the line, he struggles blocking wise. The running game is suffering due to the o line play.

All that, the lack of weapons and consistent blocking, will kill any QB much less a second year guy. Add in the fact that Mike Shula, who may or may not be a good coach, is his QB coach. Shula's resume as QB coach includes a stint with Miami working with Jay Fielder and a stint at Jacksonville with the development of Garrard. Now those two QBs struggles aren't completely on Shula at all but it doesn't give me reason to think Shula is the genius you want to develop a young QB with raw talent and the physical traits of Cam. Then you look at Chud who is probably doing way more harm then good to Cam with his ridiculous game planning and college type scheme. And as you know Rivera is a defensive guy so I'm sure he's not helping him much either.

A lot of times, guys come in the league with a lot of potential that goes untapped because they don't have the right people around them to teach them how to play. Cam had no legitimate QB to learn from on the roster. Who's the backup Clausen? He needs someone to teach him too. He doesn't have any coaches tha have shown the ability to develop a QB properly, and he doesn't have that much talent around him in the right places. Add in the apparent philosophy of strapping the team on Cams back and you have a David Carr or Joey Harrington type disaster waiting to happen.

This season looks bad for you guys but in all honesty it might be a really good thing in the long run. Maybe the FO will right it's ship and hire a good GM. Then hire a coaching staff that can take control of this franchise and be accountable. Make it a team effort and instead of a gimmicky offense that is supposed to ride Cams coat tails to the Super Bowl, teach Cam how to play NFL football and give him the proper tools (a wide receiver that can consistently get separation other than Smith and an o line) to have a shot to succeed.

I should add I'm not a Cam fan, I don't know if he will be a good or great QB. Just saying that it's way to early to start talking about giving up on him given the situation of the team.

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