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#2929490 Listen up Bucs fan

Posted by BigSombrero on 06 September 2014 - 06:07 PM

The Tampa Bay Browncaneers:  Rebuilding since 1975.

Other than that Super Bowl...


The meltdown on this board that I know will come, will be well worth it.  Won't even post, just going to read all of the posts about how ya'll thought this was your year.  Maybe a few "calm down guys, its just week one, we can't be that bad" posts, you know, from the bunch even more delusional than the rest of you.


Huddle tears taste so good and if I know anything about this forum, more than any other board I frequent, there will be a feast of them this Sunday.

#2916686 A Cautionary Tale - Tampa Bay Opener

Posted by BigSombrero on 30 August 2014 - 01:22 PM

What has been the overall tone of pre season for the Bucs? Other than hearing about the bad O line, everything has been quiet. How is Mike Evans looking? Does Mccown look as good as last year? How has their D looked? Anyone give me the lo down?

I like to consider myself a realistic Bucs fan/NFL fan so I think I can give you a scouting report with little bias.


Some major points:

The O line was bad.  Opening preseason week was so bad that there was no way they could possibly go into an NFL season with the bums we had.  Some say it takes time to gel, I don't necessarily believe that, at least not to a large degree.  They were just bad.  Particularly our guards.  We seemed to be intent on starting Oniel Cousins (who's been described as the worst guard ever seen by ex pro Steve White) and Patrick Omammeh, who doesn't have much on tape to really know what he's about.  So when we hit the oh crap button and traded for Rishaw Johnson and Logan Mankins, it came with little surprise.  


Both moves will pay dividends for us and while Johnson is still a project, the rest of the line is stacked with at least capable players (Collins, Deitrich-Smith, and Demar Dotson who finished last years rated highest amongst right tackles over at PFF).  Now while the names sound good, I don't necessarily know how good this line will be.  My guess, average - above average depending on the week.  Collins will have to show he is a capable starter. Mankins will have to show he's still got it.  And whoever we start at RG (probably Rishaw) will have to develop well.  Your d line is good so we will have some issues but by fixing the guard issue, our o line will be substantially better than it was with Cousins and Omammeh in the preseason.



Offensively, see above really.  Tough to judge an offense when the o line is a sieve but, in the one acceptable game they played, vs Buffalo, the offense was rolling well.  Doug Martin seems to be ready to return to his 2012 form.  Mike Evans, who I honestly didn't like in the draft at 7th, has looked better than I thought.  V Jax is going to be V Jax.  McCown is gonna McCown meaning he will throw some head scratches but is capable enough.  I will take those head scratchers due to over confidence in his arm over a guy too scared to make a play.  A guy to watch on offense is Austin-Seferian Jenkins.  Due to the team seemingly wanting to evaluate our other two TE's (Brandon Meyers and Luke Stocker)  ASJ didn't really get much opportunity.  But by all accounts, he picked up the offense incredibly quickly and will be a major part of this offense.  http://nflspinzone.c...ferian-jenkins/  ( a little write up on the 6'6 260 lb prospect).  I have a feeling he will be getting quality pt in the regular season.


Defensively, we're right where we left off really.  Run defense through the first 3 weeks of preseason (discounting the 4th due to bubble players starting) Bucs allowed the lowest ypc, rated 4th best run defense over at PFF, and our starting D only allowed 3 points total all preseason.  The run defense will be impressive this season.  The biggest issue on defense is teams with that shifty slot receiver.  Lance Moore types will give us fits due to Leonard Johnson being weak in coverage out of the slot.  Find a way to pick on him, and you can get some easy yards off of us.


 Pass rush wise, Gerald McCoy broke the rating system over at PFF.  PFF uses cumulative scores on players through the year and with his limited snaps in preseason, McCoy has already surpassed Haloti Ngata's rating at the end of last year.  This isn't just a stat either.  Watch him through the first 3 games and you will see a man unstoppable.  You will have to double team him though he was beating doubles in Miami for sacks.  Good news is, other than McDonald (our nt) no one else on the d line has shown much in the way of pass rushing.  Michael Johnson and Adrian Clayborn will have to step up to bring the pass rush to the next level.


Also, I have to mention Lavonte David because he's Lavonte David.

#2711167 Carolina Panthers Sign Tiquan Underwood

Posted by BigSombrero on 21 March 2014 - 06:22 PM

Underwood is a great dude and a great teammate.  For a team looking for bargain wideouts, you could do worse.  Ted Ginn is a better player though, no other way to slice it.


Underwood is serviceable working underneath and thats about as far as that goes.  He isn't a catch in traffic kind of guy  Good news is Cotchery can fill that role for you.  Underwood is best used to stretch the field with his straight line speed.  Ginn had that ability as well but what Ginn has that Underwood doesn't have is quickness and change of direction speed/acceleration.  Underwood isn't anywhere near as able with the ball in hand as Ginn was.  He isn't going to give you YAC's unless he is already behind the defense.  


Not a bad signing but if he is anywhere above your #4 option at wideout, you need to upgrade the position more.

#2698986 ESPN Mock 3.0 We got Cyrus Kouandjio

Posted by BigSombrero on 15 March 2014 - 06:57 PM

This guy is no longer a 1st round pick. 

I would say that it doesn't really matter where mock drafts put a player.  If he was a first rounder a month ago, he should still be one. 


As far as CK goes, I have heard reports that the medical issues at the combine were overblown but there is something to be said for the injury history of a decent portion of recent Bama players.


As far as his play goes, I agree with you, he isn't a 1st rounder.  I would feel good enough about taking him about where you guys are at in the 2nd.  His issues as I see them (obviously I am not nor trying to claim I am some college football/draft/o-line guru, just a guy on a couch that loves nfl football) he is going to struggle a lot as a pass blocker at the nfl level.  Run blocking wise, he's solid enough, not some elite talent but with those long arms and frame, he's a mauler for sure.  You could nitpick hand usage but that pretty much every college o linemen.


 Watch the Va Tech game from last season and you'll see a guy struggling  way more than a 1st rd prospect should dealing with those speedy Va Tech DE's.  He was getting was having problems swinging outside to contain speed which is strange because he is getting off the ball quickly, too quickly in a couple instances.  Looks like he isn't sure of himself so on certain plays he's not kicking back far enough for fear of getting beat inside then lazily floating back to try and catch up (Again, not technical terms, im no expert, but I have a good idea of what it should look like)  But its not helping much because even more importantly, inside moves were killing him due to his lack of quickness/inability to shift his momentum.  Just looked too slow to handle what Va Techs DE's were bringing.  Obviously if your tackle is getting worked inside, its not a good thing.


Not sure about your rules on youtube vids so sorry if it isn't cool but



Starts out well enough in my opinion but that second quarter was brutal.  It appears as if Saban may have saw it the same way because I notice a lot more guard help in the second half for him.


I don't see him as a 1st rounder.  I definitely don't see a guy you would want starting at LT immediately if you can avoid it. I think it would be wise for a team to grab him and move him to guard.  A much better outlook in my opinion for him at that position.  That lack of quickness wouldn't be an issue for a run first type of team.


Now I hear you guys talking about Jason Verrett.  Kyle Fuller (who you'll see in this game) is just better and its not really close imo.  He is a fringe 1st rounder, a guy I wouldn't bash a team for taking late in the first if they need a good cb.  Verrett is barely a 2nd rounder in my opinion.

#2697676 Gettleman Made Nicks an Offer, But Nicks Says, "It Wasn't The Right S...

Posted by BigSombrero on 15 March 2014 - 10:55 AM

Again, for a receiver taking a 1 year deal to raise his value, where would you rather go?  A pass happy offense that spreads the ball around to multiple capable targets?  Or a run first offense where you would be the only receiver (currently) on roster that an opponent would have to gameplan for?  Its common sense.

#2696429 NFC south fans enjoying Panthers offseason

Posted by BigSombrero on 14 March 2014 - 09:01 PM

I am interested to see how they turn this around.  Hearing a lot of talk about the plan being to pick up bargain bin FA's that other teams pass by to fill out the roster. 


Seems like a ridiculous plan to me.  I get Gettleman and Co brought in some solid FA talent last year but lets be real here, is someone actually going to suggest Gettleman is such a great evaluator, so far beyond the rest of the NFL that he can run a team year after year by signing players only he can see the true talent in?  Maybe he is the best pro evaluator, but he isn't that far ahead of the curve.  Its laughable that people actually suggest this is the panthers plan.  It's not.  Or at least you better hope its not unless you believe you have the greatest football mind this league has ever seen.


Its still early so I am in no way implying the Panthers are screwed for 2014 but I would not bet on them being able to find legitimate #1,2, and 3 receivers and retooling the o line plus addressing the secondary, by signing bargain bin replacements that other teams are too blind to see.  Going to have to ace the draft at the very least.