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Chief Keek

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In Topic: On a positive note (Kelvin Benjamin)

Yesterday, 05:34 PM

Randy Moss did it in 1998.



In Topic: Rivera: Team Will Look for Veteran Help at Running Back

Yesterday, 05:26 PM

Eddie George? "LT"? Barry Sanders?

In Topic: I am disappoint

Yesterday, 05:20 PM

Bring on the fuging Bears so Cutler can get tore a new one!! I'm still salty about that game in 2012!



In Topic: White has been benched who should be next?

Yesterday, 05:13 PM

Harper should definitely get benched, the guy looks slow as molasses out there and is making no impact at all.

In Topic: Before you decide that Luke is playing poorly...

Yesterday, 05:12 PM

Star is a 2nd year DT so I'm not worried about him. The one I am concerned about is CJ, he's getting the big contract here and has been virtually nonexistent.

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