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In Topic: Why Multinational Companies get massive tax breaks

Today, 10:57 AM

I love how you make it sound so easy, I wish it worked like that but it really is not. I'm reality you have to completely crash economy to change this process. Most multinationals sell equipment that was in R&D for 10-20 years and you expect someone to come in and sell product for cheaper and same quality? You get what you pay for.


No one knows how it will work, because no one has had the guts to push fair taxes on these type of companies.


If the politicians we not bought, the companies would just shut up and pay their fair share and it wouldn't even need to come to any of that, but if it did, that's how it could be done.   But they can pay out some millions to campaigns and keep doing whatever they want.

In Topic: Why Multinational Companies get massive tax breaks

Today, 10:39 AM

That not how it works. It's honestly very simple. They will make their margins no matter what.


It's very simple, yes.  They increase prices, they pay more taxes.  They'll get to the point of trying to make the price so high, Americans jut won't pay for their goods.  Some other company will come in and fill that roll.  So instead of making their $7b they make far less than just paying the taxes they should be.    That's the only way this works, you have to play hard ball.  

In Topic: Time for a Re-vote

Today, 10:07 AM

TheRed is pretty much on point.  Clifford isn't bad and probably will get better.  But it is a combined effort of him, the FO, and the players that are problem.  Clifford has "game-time coaching" issues with things like rotations.  His blind loyalty to vets over young guys that can light a fire in a game is a problem.  How many time has Hairston came in, heated up, and was taken out immediately?  I've seen him come in, nail a three and play some good defense, and get pulled out for someone like Neal or something.   I've seen him put Maxiel in over Biz (early season).  He does a lot of things that makes no sense.  His uncanny ability to lose 4th quarter leads is troubling.


Did the FO fail at getting good wings and overpay Marvin Williams?  Totally.  Are the players underperforming?  For sure.  Lance is a disaster and Al has reverted to black hole status.  


The problem is this city is OK with mediocrity.  Look at the Panthers last two coaches, Fox/Rivera.  Clear evidence.  Getting outcoached is getting really old in this city.

In Topic: Why Multinational Companies get massive tax breaks

Today, 09:58 AM

They will not sell it for a lose. That's not how business works. Most multinational completely dominate the market and they will increase their prices for US consumers. There is not point for them to sale at lose. For instance... Almost all medical technology is made by 2 multinational companies... GE and Siemens.




I understand they won't sale at a loss.  If they are making $12b (just an example) and forced to pay their fair share, they'll now make like $7b or something.  If they don't pay their fair share, they can leave, and we charge enough taxes for their goods/services where they end up making $5b from USA.   If they increase prices to consumers, they pay more taxes on those goods.   I'm sure they'd want $7B in profit instead of $5b.   The problem is our politicians let them continue to make more than the $7b and not pay their share.   This is a problem with greed and these large corporations crushing the American way of life that were invisioned a long time ago  


Breaks for bringing jobs back to America/keeping them here would be fair though but needs to be realistic.

In Topic: Why Multinational Companies get massive tax breaks

Today, 09:33 AM

Well... Look at GE, would they want to take a $90 billion annual lose or would they move somewhere else? What is more beneficial? That's the real question. If company profit margins are 35% and now they pay 35% tax... They make no money.... They actually lose money after overhead cost. No point of doing business in that country.


I'm not sure you see the point I was making.  If they leave and don't pay 35% tax, then they can pay a crushing amount of import tax for goods/services that would be MORE than the fair taxes.   


Just because the world is incorrectly handling this doesn't mean it is right.   Losing USA business or being crushed on import tax for goods/services would not be better than just paying the taxes.    We shouldn't bow down to these "overlords".  This country was built on its people, not these megacorporations.     If our politicians cared about the people and not their bank accounts/rich buddies we would do this correctly and require them to pay taxes and invest in the country like they should.