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Today, 04:10 PM

and fighting like a million wars all around the place

In Topic: The downsides of being rich

Today, 04:01 PM

Truthfully it is the philosophy of some parents that 18 means your kid needs to leave the nest, bottom line. I don't agree with it in a universal context but I've witnessed it.


Yeah I feel like that is changing a bit, now with the job market the last few years and stuff, a lot of kids are staying at home even after college.  Granted a lot of that is choosing degrees that don't net you a job, period.  It's true there are a lot of terrible parents so people have a huge challenge from the get go.   Some people never even got to be a kid in the first place and then at 18 they get kicked out or whatever.


My parents let me sit around for about a year after high school some years ago, mainly because we were moving and my father was just getting over a very bad illness that almost took his life.  After that they told me I need to do something, go to some kind of trade/college school or get a job.  I ended up getting my degree and then getting a job a couple months later.  I had it pretty good and I admit it, I only even moved out when I got that job because I felt it was "time".  They didn't ask me to leave.  Hell they still try to pay for my wife and I's meals when we go out to eat, and they aren't rich or anything lol.


So I get that people have the cards stacked against them from the get go, my wife is one of those people.  When I have children I'd be happy to be AS GOOD as my parents have been.

In Topic: The downsides of being rich

Today, 03:46 PM

The fact is that even if you get a good education and work hard, very few career choices are going to help you get "rich".  I'm sure obviously some will, but obviously EVERYONE can't choose those but yet we need people doing the other jobs too.  Then you have crap that comes up too, like medical expenses, deaths, etc. 

In Topic: As you have grown up have you become more liberal or more conservative?

Today, 03:42 PM

I reached out to a friend of mine last night who is adamantly against the death penalty to get his view on this.  His response was pretty much what I expected.


He said that he believed there were crimes and people that should be dealt with using the death penalty.  His reasoning for beng against it was the fact that errors can occur in the process and that putting someone to death cannot be reversed (once the person was executed).  That risk alone drives him to be now be against it in all circumstances.


I would image that many of the opponents to the death penalty share this view.


That's the big one.  Every day we see people getting out of jail because of bad evidence or things like that.  Who knows that in 30 years it won't be the same for people getting out now.  I think about the people that were executed that could have been innocent.  I also just don't see the point as it really isn't a deterrent like you'd expect it to be.   Then you have all the shady things cops do just to get a conviction, you know, the fact they can legally lie and all that stuff.  There are too many variables.

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Today, 10:55 AM

Energy/Oil companies own politicians...???? Get out of here.....

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