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In Topic: Another discussion on Affirmative Action

Today, 07:23 AM

Yeah AA helps women as much as black people.  It covers a range of stuff.   With the growing population of Hispanics in America it will help them out also.  Sadly we aren't ready as a country to ditch it yet, but hopefully one day we will.  I know there is a lot of people that get jobs and keep them that are terrible workers just because of AA, but there is also a lot of people that are good workers that get hired because of this, so that's a win. 

In Topic: The downsides of being rich

Yesterday, 04:14 PM

I invest all of the cash I have...idle cash is not working for me.


I always perform a time value of money analysis on every major purchase I am looking to make.  Based on the interest rates, length of financing, and what the market is currently doint....I will make either a finance (and invest) decision or a cash purchase decision.


I just refuse to let others make money off my money....if I can do it instead.


This is another reason why I set my tax witholdings to have a significant tax payment on April 15th.  I HATE refunds.


I set my witholdings to take out as little as possible without falling into an under witholding penalty situation.  At the same time, I project my actual tax liability based on current tax law and my projected income.  I then take the additional amount that I am getting (that I actually will owe) and put it into an interest bearing account.  At the end of the year, I take the money from that account and pay the tax bill.....leaving me with the interest.  Now, given where interest rates are, I don't get rich doing this.  However, I do feel a sense of satisfaction that I am not letting someone else (the gov't in this case) have an interest free loan.


But, you MUST ensure that you don't touch that account that is holding your tax payment money.  Otherwise, you can get into a world of hurt.  Same logic for those who pay for everything on a credit card to get the mileage or points, and then pay off the balance each month.  You can actually earn some decent perks this way.  But again, the risk is that you do this and also spend the cash each month.  You could get into a debt fiasco easily if you do.


Just some thoughts....make a lot of small decisions like this and you would actually be surprised how much you can actually make.  I end up making thousands more each year in interest by looking at all transactions this way and arbitraging the system.


This is why it's kind of hard to get rich or wealthy.  Unless you're in this field, how would a normal person know this?  It doesn't mean you are stupid if you don't know this, but the average person, how do they know all the tricks?   Can the average person really afford to get someone to advise them on doing things like this?  To get wealthy or rich I feel you have to know the system and be in the boy's club. 

In Topic: The downsides of being rich

28 July 2014 - 04:14 PM

For the most part... and there are some notable exceptions to this, medical being one... having a degree simply gets your foot in the door.


Yup.  My first job cared about the degree, after that no one has ever really cared that much.  They jump education on the resume and go straight to the experience. 

In Topic: They picked the wrong store to rob...

28 July 2014 - 10:42 AM

LOL who was the other dude that came out and helped?  Props to him too.


Did he throw a shoe at them? hahaha

In Topic: Scoreboard

28 July 2014 - 08:20 AM

You'd figure years and years of waving your VIC card would have got us ready for this lol.  Not surprised really, at least the sound system was upgraded though.



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