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Yesterday, 04:40 PM

Best thread in a while.  Would read again.


Proud of you huddle

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Yesterday, 03:30 PM

BuffaloBills62 is totally stealing Madhatter's thunder!  (note: I haven't seen MH make those kind of posts though, geez).



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Yesterday, 12:39 PM

Then they weren't great parents.


Incorrect, again.   Some people, you can't force, regardless, they are just hard wired the wrong way.  It's rare but yes, good parents can still produce kids with issues.   It is pretty narrow sighted to act like you have 100% of the information of every child ever in the history of the planet to make that judgement lol.

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Yesterday, 12:03 PM

Not really.



I don't know any worthless kids that had good parents.



Yes, it does happen.  I've known a few.  Went to high school with a kid who had great parents but the kid just wouldn't wake up.

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Yesterday, 10:47 AM

I posted a cracked article on facebook about a month or so ago talking about a list of things that would make the world a better place, and just because one thing was "body cameras on cops" somebody from high school decided to respond in this long winded rant about how flawed it is, talking about how this would mean child molesters would feel that their personal rights would be infringed and people would post video evidence on YouTube in this really convoluted tirade



Yeah, I don't understand how anyone on either side of this situation could be against more media/recording.  It's not like it would be put up on youtube every night on a public channel.  

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