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#2920427 Caplan: Stephen Hill trying out for Panthers today

Posted by TheRumGone on Yesterday, 10:44 PM

Stephen Hill is an absolute no brainer. 0 risk and very, VERY high ceiling for reward. We give up nothing for him and he will come dirt cheap. I dont think he will contribute right away but come next season we could very well have our very own Roddy White/Julio Jones type of one two punch with KB/Hill of both pan out


thats a big "if"


you exaggerate so much dude nobody takes you seriously.


that being said i wanna sign this guy and see what a real qb can do with him and maybe some better coaching.

#2919984 Help Find Cam a Flack Jacket

Posted by TheRumGone on Yesterday, 04:49 PM

omg the success of the panthers season finally is going to rely on huddle posters.


it's everything we could have ever imagined. yay!

#2919790 Time to get PUMPED

Posted by TheRumGone on Yesterday, 03:04 PM

i thought bwood had better things to do like polishing his daddy's grammy award.


fuged up thing is this dude has a baby now.



#2919712 Reasons to be on the Stephen Hill bandwagon

Posted by TheRumGone on Yesterday, 02:28 PM

If we sign him he won't play much. It's not like Ricky has all this time to work with him since were a week away.

That would mean a two year deal minimum. I'm on board if we sign him, but it will be a project and not instant success.

#2919491 Caplan: Stephen Hill trying out for Panthers today

Posted by TheRumGone on Yesterday, 12:44 PM

Make it happen!! I wanted him so bad in the 2nd round. Proehl would do wonders and hes actually started in this league. This is just a no brainer. 6'4 4.3 speed, him and KB as a one/two much be beyond epic.


ok charlottepanther thinks its a good idea so nevermind.

#2919433 Caplan: Stephen Hill trying out for Panthers today

Posted by TheRumGone on Yesterday, 12:22 PM

I think he would thrive with Cam. Just a hunch, but he can be used in that same role as Ginn, who also had some bad drops last year, but also had big plays


the only thing that concerns me is Cam throws fuging laser beams. He has a little bit of touch but he rifles like favre.


the only saving grace for Hill would be having ricky. If the organization feels he's worth it ill trust them. I do want Hill because it's exciting to have someone that big and that fast (seemingly).


if the org feels that he wouldn't work here i'm not going to get upset. i trust their judgement.

#2919241 Caplan: Stephen Hill trying out for Panthers today

Posted by TheRumGone on Yesterday, 11:27 AM

holy poo

#2919220 WR Kadron Boone Trying Out for Panthers Today

Posted by TheRumGone on Yesterday, 11:20 AM

here's an awesome catch


#2919182 3 keys to a victory in Tampa

Posted by TheRumGone on Yesterday, 10:51 AM

I suggest we all devote a minimum of 5+ hours this week with our notepads breaking down some of the preseason footage. Send in your notes and ideas to Rivera. This is a scary game IMO because of the unknowns for both squads. Rivera will need all the help he can get...





#2918970 The Fappening

Posted by TheRumGone on 31 August 2014 - 11:12 PM

yeah me too! except after you get married and have kids banging a freak means jiggling your wife's boobs while she's asleep, stopping when she yells at you, and sneak-fapping until next week's try.

but yeah celeb nudes are boring

fug my life. Omg

#2918761 Any Grateful Dead Fans?

Posted by TheRumGone on 31 August 2014 - 06:47 PM

tbh, not that big of a fan. i had a few live cds, but i hardly ever listened to them. there were other jam bands i liked a lot more. string cheese incident, leftover salmon, moe, widespread panic...there's a few more that i got into when that scene was a bigger part of my life.

i like Garcia's work outside if the dead more than i did with it. i have spent a lot of time with dead heads, tho, over the years and it's always been about the scene and the culture which centered around the music rather than the music itself. it was really the first of it's kind...i mean the relationship between band and fan. i think that the lyrics spoke to a lot of the people, but it was, from my perspective, the loving and accepting culture that they could feel apart of. it's like a religion. i mean i think they had some good musicians and garcia was immensely talented on several instruments and in a couple different genres, but the dead are revered for more than the music, though the music is at the center if that makes sense. it's kind of the soundtrack to their life, so it's got a lot of...ummm...not nostalgia. not sure what the word i'm looking for here is. it's just something they are emotionally tied to. i like it when people have an attachment to something like that. it's not for me, but I've seen and lived among enough of them to know how important it all is to them and i think it's cool they found something like that for them. despite the effect a lot of the drugs have had on them, i think that they are a group of people who really care about each other for the most part.

i wasn't/am not pissed off, either. i was chilling in bed listening to darrell scott while my baby was napping beside me. like i said, it was just something i had been noticing more and this thread just happened to be the one i shared my thoughts on. again, sorry if it sounded like i was pointing you out. i don't have anything at all against you and i would have made those remarks regardless of who it was killing the vibe (which is kind of embarrassing that i used that phrase, but i couldn't off the cuff think of a better way to put it).

I don't wanna type up too much more but my feelings on the dead aren't because my parents were awful druggy parents who listened to the dead or anything like that. I know the culture. I'm from San Fran.

I'm tired of seeing 20 year old children that have dead bears or tie die shirts telling me that jerry garcia saved their life when it's obvious they are rich yuppy kids who don't know the first thing about life.

I also know people whose lives it did change. My first history professor in my first day of college for an ancient civilizations class told us that LSD and the grateful dead brought her to god. And it's why she is a Christian. The class focused on drug use in ancient civilizations and how it helped shape those societies or was a detriment to them. This woman was legit. She explained her experiences touring the country with the dead and dropping LSD. I get it. I've had similar experiences.

They are overrated mostly because of those kids I mentioned before. It's a fad now. When I see those same kids at a moe or widespread show throwing their trash everywhere, having no respect for anybody else's experience while wearing a grateful dead shirt I just roll my eyes and know Garcia is rolling in his grave. They are fuging everywhere in Boone. Great people but full of poo at the same time.

The movement is dead. But their music is another thing for me. I've never felt a connection to it drugs or not and that may or may not have to do with the things I've stated above. I honestly don't think it does.

#2918643 Any Grateful Dead Fans?

Posted by TheRumGone on 31 August 2014 - 04:31 PM

^it has to be known that the grateful dead are overrated and are a ridiculously sloppy jam band.

This coming from somebody whose mother played grateful dead while I was still in the crib.

Sorry I'm not sorry

Ps. I think black is a great poster

Pps. We are talking about a band not some life issue

Ppps. I saw bob weir with mmj and bob Dylan. He's awful

#2918469 Any Grateful Dead Fans?

Posted by TheRumGone on 31 August 2014 - 02:28 PM

Grateful dead is the most overrated band in the history of overrated bands

#2918292 Tavarres King Back!

Posted by TheRumGone on 31 August 2014 - 12:36 PM

watch its denver

#2918151 Robert Lester IS practice squad eligible?

Posted by TheRumGone on 31 August 2014 - 11:04 AM

See my son in the air? This is a metaphor. My son is Lester and I am the Panthersattachicon.gifImageUploadedByCarolinaHuddle1409439019.196827.jpg

Matt Ryan wears braided belts.


is this the thing where you put him on your shoulders and you go underwater and lift up and throw him?


my dad use to do that to me all the time it was awesome fun when i was 5-8.

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