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In Topic: Teen critical from stun gun; FBI investigates case

Yesterday, 11:36 PM

Why are grown men struggling to subdue 17 year olds?


People come in different sizes. A grown man can be short, tall, fat, thin, muscular etc. A 17 year old can be short, tall, fat, thin, muscular, etc. The young man in the picture doesn't look too large, but some people are deceptively strong. I haven't seen the cop yet.


It is not a struggle to defeat someone weaker and less skilled than yourself in a fist fight or wrestling contest. It is difficulty to get a person who refuses to do an action to do it. If a person doesn't want to put their arms behind their back, it can be difficult to force their arms to move behind their back. If a person is in a vehicle and doesn't want to leave it, I imagine they could put up a lot of resistance by grabbing hold of something.


An interesting sidenote is that that the injured 17 year old is actually the son of a Kansas City Police Officer.

In Topic: It's about to get even worse

17 September 2014 - 03:01 PM

There was some incompetence in the past but it was widespread and the NFL was just as bad if not worse before.


The reality is Marshall should've received a much longer punishment. Kaepernick should've been suspended for a couple of games as well along with the Seahawks plyers who were with him.


It's really simple. If the cops are called on you, you should be suspended with pay. No, you're not a victim. You chose to live a trashy lifestyle and got in trouble. Don't give me this nonsense about these players being targets because of their money.


Bill Gates has billions and billions of dollars and no one is accusing him of sexual assault.


Marshall has admitted he has some mental issues. It's not easy to admit you're defective and need help. I have some sympathy for  Marshall and would not support suspending him for what happened years ago.

In Topic: Murderer out of jail kills girlfriend, eats her brain.

16 September 2014 - 02:44 PM



He already had killed an ex-girlfriend. He also assaulted a patron in a bar and Blanton (the girlfriend he ate) posted his bond.



Yengich called the plea deal a "fair compromise" and added that the injury Oberhansley sustained from shooting himself in the head has actually made him a calmer person.


"The injury he sustained actually has had a beneficial affect because of the portion of the brain that was injured," Yengich said.


Yes, he's so calm now.


Women have to choose who they date better.If you're posting bond for your violent boyfriend, reassess your relationship. It may be a good time to end it.

In Topic: Statement by AP

15 September 2014 - 10:40 PM

The first problem is the false language. There is no such thing as a 'spanking'. It's pretty language to justify your actions. If you use violence against someone who is unwilling to engage in a fight (not relevant with kid x adult since kid can't consent) then you are assaulting that person. It's not a parenting technique. It's assault.


Next is the argument that violence is a good teaching tool. This is a bold-faced lie. If anyone truly believes this then they would support their boss at work 'spanking' (assaulting) them for misbehaving at work.


All of this is a bother to even discuss. How you could hit someone you love is the real fallacy. People who spank their kids are empty and dead inside and trying to reason with them is a waste of time as they've already proven they resort to violence to solve problems and can't even sway or control a child without beating them into submission.

In Topic: Adrian Wojnarwoski on K and USA basketball.

15 September 2014 - 10:23 PM

No one is forced to play for team USA. It's unfortunate what happened to Paul George but that can happen anytime anywhere when you're playing basketball at a high level.


Basketball doesn't seem to be growing and no team can compete with the US. Perhaps the use of pro players is pointless.


This article is nonsense though. Coach K didn't decide to use pro players, that happened years ago. Coach K didn't injure George.

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