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In Topic: Requirement to be a top-tier QB

Today, 03:54 PM

I don't understand the 'no weapons' debate. People will always say Manning had tons of great weapons. I'd say the majority of those weapons were just young players before he started throwing them the ball and they suddenly became great.


top-tier qbs need consistency and playoff wins. Daunte Culpepper had amazing stats his first few years but that didn't hold up and his Vikings teams lost 41- in the playoffs.


Winning is important but most consider Roethlisberger a top tier QB and his Steelers teams have been up and down lately with no major success. Eli Manning is a sure HOFer but he's probably officially 'dropped off'. Rivers hasn't had the playoff success (no SB appearance). Brees won a SB and breaks records. Wilson won a SB but he's only shown it for one and a half seasons. Cam has no playoff wins but has shown small improvements each season.


I'd say right now Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are in a class of their own. Their teams win every year and they regularly outduel opposing QBs. Aaron Rodgers is one step below those two. His teams make the playoffs every year and he has the SB title but GB  tends to be less dominate.


Aside from that you have Brees who breaks records, Wilson and Flacco with SB wins, Rivers with years of quality play though a few bad seasons in the middle of his career.


Everyone else is a step below trying to join the discussion (cam kap) or has dropped off from being at the top (eli ben).

In Topic: UNC "Paper Class" Scandal Report Released & In NCAA Hands

Today, 01:08 PM

What UNC allowed to happen is egregious but it highlights bigger issues in society. The reality is that the public education system is very poor, especially in predominately black areas. A lot of these 'student-athletes' are not prepapred with the knowledge necessary to be attending a university.


The kids are being used by an education institute that is acting as a semi-professional sports league only without paying it's workers. They justify this using slave owner logic. Slave owners let slaves live in their house and fed them and clothed them thus they have compensated them fairly. Of course players do not have to go to the universities, but the universities work with the other professional instituttions like the NBA which makes them the best path for those working in that profession.


In America there is a really bad relationship between school and sports. The two really have nothing to do with each other and should be completely separate.


The reality is no one wants to talk about our deal with these societal issues and the corruption of the school-sport relationship. As a result UNC will have to take the fall here so we can pretend that college sports benefit student athletes and society as a whole.



A completely different issue is the increasing number of meaningless degrees related to gender and racial issues. It is very difficult finding jobs with the credentials these degrees provide. The univesities are ridiculing these causes while taking peoples money and giving little back.

In Topic: Best huddle post of all time....someone please find this..

Today, 11:38 AM

My favorite was the first 'oh wee mayne' thread.

In Topic: Missing Child

Today, 12:45 AM

I'm glad to hear he was found and everything seems OK. Life can be very frightening sometimes, I hope his family has a lot of support right now.



In Topic: Seahawks players: Russel Wilson "not black enough"

Yesterday, 06:04 PM

I don't believe Cam is black enough either. He dresses more like a 40 year old white woman.


I wish we had a real hard black dude like Johnny Manziel or Matthew Stafford.

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