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In Topic: Will the steelers beat the saints?

Today, 04:57 PM

I don't see the Panthers beating the Vikings. I see Pitt beating NO.

In Topic: Ferguson Decision

Today, 12:56 PM

Thats funny since Mike Brown was the first murder in the damn town for the year.  LOL Also, black on black crime is down 67% for the past 20 years. Violent crime is at an all time low in the past 40 years.  White people kill white people 82% of the time.  So go read a book please sir!! 


Black people kill black people 93% of the time from a quick google search.


So if anything white people are more often the victim of violent crimes by other races. Yet the news certainly doesn't support that narrative.


Each case is entirely different. There was a case in the news where a latino officer beat to death a white homeless man. He was prosecuted. A lot of times in these cases with black victims there just isn't anything happening outside the law.

In Topic: Ferguson Decision

Today, 12:42 PM

Ultimately that day Darren Wilson woke up and went to work. The shop owner who was robbed and assaulted woke up and went to work.


What did Michael Brown do that day? He woke up and committed a robbery and two assaults.



In Topic: Ferguson Decision

Today, 03:43 AM

The cop was obviously innocent from day 1. Same with Zimmerman.


There is not a cop problem in this country. There is a problem with a culture of violence. Do you think anyone wants to be shooting people and fighting gun wars? Obviously not. The black community is so rife with crime and violence that it makes being a police officer often more dangerous than being in the army. As a result the cops in the country have had to become tough and violent to combat their tough and violent and armed opposition.


Michael Brown is dead because of the violent culture in his community. All that rioting is precisely why Michael Brown is dead. A complete lack of empathy and disregard for the law.


Cops in this country should have zero tolerance for violence. Their priority is to stay alive and go home to their families first and foremost. I have no doubt Brown terrorized the cop and the cop did what he had to.

In Topic: Pie for all

Yesterday, 11:59 PM

It's all good if the Panthers win next week. If this doesn't motivate Panthers and they drop the ball again in a big game then we're going to be on suicide watch next Sunday.


I hope Tolbert goes beast mode and Cam gets a step back with two weeks of rest.

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