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#2229082 Two 2014 Recievers not named Lee or Watkins

Posted by OHK on 12 May 2013 - 01:14 PM

Mike Evans Texas A&M 6'5 218. huge target with soft hands. football johnny favorite outside target. like johnny, he is a redshirt Sophomore and believe he is on the cusp of having a huge stock after this season. competes for the ball on every throw and uses his size to his advantage. had 82 catches 1105 yards and 5 TDs last year.





Evans is the guy more people need to be aware of, IMO. Could be a top fifteen selection. Big, strong, athletic and sure-handed, everything you want in a receiver.

#2208277 Round 1: Carolina Panthers Select Star Lotulelei

Posted by OHK on 25 April 2013 - 09:12 PM

If we were picking number one overall, this guy would have been my pick. Rarely can you get this caliber player at that point in the draft. The future is bright.

#2201673 Sly Williams UNC

Posted by OHK on 21 April 2013 - 12:45 PM

I like Williams. He's big and strong enough to man the nose, but at the same time he possesses the athleticism and pass rushing ability of an undertackle. Has some consistency issues, but when he's on, he's probably the second best tackle in the class. There's a lot of talk about him rising on draft day and being a top twenty pick, and we could certainly do a lot worse in the first.

#2172773 Tavon Austin

Posted by OHK on 23 March 2013 - 01:31 AM


BigSyke asked for examples of Tavon Austin going deep; :40, 2:25, 3:05, 3:55, 4:55, 7:40. Those last two being particular good examples of Austin's skills. It is true that Austin was not WV's preferred deep threat. His skillset overall translates more to working underneath and picking YAC. But that in no way means he can't go deep when asked.

#2167338 Optimum scouting 2 round mock

Posted by OHK on 19 March 2013 - 11:07 AM

why do people dislike richardson so much? if we dont resign dwan i think he's going to be the pick in the first

We'd be pulling a Chiefs if we took him. If we let go Dwan just to validate us drafting Richardson, we still have the same exact overall needs. I'd rather resign Dwan and try to address actual needs such as NT, OL, WR, DB, etc.

#2165432 Bwood's Highly Anticipated Post Combine Mock (2/27/13)

Posted by OHK on 17 March 2013 - 11:34 AM

Your reading comprehension fails so miserably, did you graduate highschool home boy?

The day you started bitching about Jesse not running at the combine I openly admitted that I missed the defensive linemen workouts and got his time from CBS, which is the same exact time he ran at his pro day, which is really impressive, which you still can't get passed.

Rob Klauser originally posted that he ran a 4.78, but later posted that his official forty time was a 4.9 and his shuttle was a 4.7.

Any normal user would just say "damn that's fuggin fast and extremely impressive" but you just want to be right so badly to save face that you keep trying. I'm simply rubbing in your face that it was already known he can move for a big guy and it didn't even matter if he ran at the combine because he just showed everyone again.

So what's your point? When do you give in? If I had already admitted months ago that I didn't know he didn't run at the combine and now I'm showing you numbers that mak that completely irrelevant, why are you still trying? Do you really hate the guy that much or do you want to seem superior over the Internet?

Your inability to logically follow an argument is simply baffling.

You continually try to claim that I responded in an attempt to solely rip Jesse Williams; I responded to correct your unquestionably false Combine time. I've yet to say anything bad about Jesse Williams, unless you think stating the sheer fact that he did not participate in Indy is now an insult against him. You then responded three weeks later after his Pro Day, having somehow come to the conclusion that since he ran a good time there, that somehow validated your invented Combine time, which is no logical way can be true. Jesse Williams could have ran a 4.4 at his Pro Day, but that wouldn't mean you were right when you said he looked athletic at the Combine, because he never participated at the Combine. There's simply no way to change that.

Of course your rebuttal will be "yeah I admitted I was completely wrong, but you won't give it up." No, it's you who will not give it up. You responded three weeks later, completely out of the blue, now arguing that you were validated because of his Pro Day time, which I have routinely illustrated makes no logical sense. You were that attached to your original claim and your internet reputation you would wait weeks and try and use an unrelated event as some sort of proof that you were correct. You were the one bringing up your original argument, not me.

You claimed Jesse Williams looked athletic at the Combine. Jesse Williams did not participate in athletic drills at the Combine. You therefore completely wrong in your claims. These are facts. You should accept them, instead of trying to now bring up his Pro Day and use it as some validation of your entirely false Combine claims. I never argued Jesse Williams wasn't athletic, I argued that Jesse Williams, despite your claims, couldn't have possibly looked athletic at the Combine.

On a second but completely related note, what's the deal with Rob Klauser and his forty time? You admit you are aware that the 4.78 time was corrected, but instead still choose to stick with it. You've literally admitted to textbook bullshitting, simply to try and look correct on the internet. Nice.

In addition, who the fug is Rob Klauser? You say he is your favorite scout, yet I don't recognize the name, nor does Google. Did you misspell/misremember your favorite scouts name? Maybe he's your best friend who watched a YouTube highlight of Jesse Williams' Pro Day and clocked that 4.78 via the internet?

Assuming Rob Klauser exists and is a scout, please bwood, educate me. Link me some stuff of his, explain why he's worthy of being your favorite scout. Show how smart you really are.

#2143825 Huge news regarding Star Lotulelei

Posted by OHK on 24 February 2013 - 11:24 PM

Tony Pauline ‏@TonyPauline
I'm told the condition preventing Star Lotulelei from working out at combine is similar to the one Frank Alexander, 4th rd pick, had in '12.

#2143488 Huge news regarding Star Lotulelei

Posted by OHK on 24 February 2013 - 05:54 PM

I'm not going to jump onto the 'he has a heart problem, don't take him' bandwagon. It completely depends on what exactly the heart problem is. All heart problems are serious when you're an athlete and should receive immediate attention, but some are less serious than others. Its completely possible that overall effect of this problem may not affect his playing ability or durability. We should wait to find out exactly what this means before blindly assuming he'll never be safe to play again.

#2143468 Star Lotulelei sent home due to heart condition

Posted by OHK on 24 February 2013 - 05:41 PM

Left ventricle pumping at 44% efficiency, compared to a norm of 55-70%. This will be an interesting story to follow that may affect us. Anyone have an idea of how exactly serious this is? It can't be a small concern if he's being sent home for it.


EDIT: I see this was already covered in another part of the forum, feel free to delete this thread.

#2142280 Scouting Combine

Posted by OHK on 23 February 2013 - 01:04 PM

Dallas Thomas isn't participating due to a torn labrum from the Senior Bowl.

#2140771 I am beginning to believe we will draft Sheldon Richardson

Posted by OHK on 21 February 2013 - 05:55 PM

Posted Image

Even while Gettleman was there the Giants understood the need for a big nose tackle.

#2112826 Matthias' Mock

Posted by OHK on 24 January 2013 - 09:38 AM

We trade down from middle of the round to near the end, and only pick up a third? Who are we trading with, the Patriots?

Not a fan of the player selection either. I like Barrett Jones, but not as our first round pick. There's better talent available than that, and I'd rather just stay at fourteen if that's who we're picking. Rambo is taken far too high. He's more of 3rd to 5th round guy. I am actually a fan of Kyle Long, but I don't want to see Devin Taylor before at least the fifth round.

#2110598 KY is in the SEC? no wai

Posted by OHK on 22 January 2013 - 01:32 PM


Here you are saying that the fact that Warmack plays in the SEC differentiates himself from Warford, obviously implying that Warford does not play in the SEC;

Maybe give the athleticism edge to Warmack and the fact that he plays in the SEC, but other than that I see two pretty identical prospects.

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