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DJ Hayden, CB, Houston

20 April 2013 - 10:19 PM

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"He had the naturally quickest feet of any corner in the draft. His backpedal was the most fluent. His balance and body was absolutely remarkable. He was a sudden mover, he was competitive, he was challenging, he played the run. To me he was the most physically gifted corner in this draft class."

- Greg Cosell

Although I've seen his name here or there on this forum, he doesn't appear to have a thread and many may not know too much about him. It appears he's been rising up the rankings recently. A number of analysts such as Mike Mayock and Greg Cosell now have him as the number one corner on their boards, yes, ahead of Dee Milliner. Admittedly these rankings are based on personal evaluations and not necessarily informed opinions on where they'll go in the draft, but Hayden now looks like he'll end up being a first rounder, and potentially he maybe selected somewhere around our pick. The one glaring concern is his serious injury, but he was healthy enough to run at his Pro Day (although not lift), and his injury isn't expected to have any long-term repercussions. While given what we've done in free agency and the way we've approached the draft, it doesn't seem like we'll be targeting a cornerback in the first, Hayden is certainly a prospect to watch.

Star Lotulelei sent home due to heart condition

24 February 2013 - 05:41 PM

Left ventricle pumping at 44% efficiency, compared to a norm of 55-70%. This will be an interesting story to follow that may affect us. Anyone have an idea of how exactly serious this is? It can't be a small concern if he's being sent home for it.


EDIT: I see this was already covered in another part of the forum, feel free to delete this thread.

Brandon Williams, DT, Missouri Southern

09 February 2013 - 01:24 PM

Couldn't find a recent thread on him, but I think he's a player to note for us. He's a big nose tackle, weighing in at the Senior Bowl at 6'2", 341 lbs. At the Senior Bowl, he showed great strength against the run, in addition to some surprising athleticism for his size. Although a lot of nose tackles quickly earn the title "lazy" (something I generally disagree with), he was commended for his hustle on the field and between plays. He routinely occupied two blockers during the game. There's the real question of quality of competition, but I think his performance at the Senior Bowl helps somewhat answer that question. He's an under-the-radar prospect who's moving up draft boards and who needs some polish, but I think he's a very serious option in the second round, meaning we could free ourselves up to go a different direction in the first.

So what are the general opinions of him?