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In Topic: Tom Coughlin revisited

Today, 11:59 AM

No No and No on Coughlin.


The only way I would want him; if it guarantees Rivera leaves.


Yes he's one two Superbowls, But he's too inconsistent. And his players have either loved or hated him.


Obviously, they love him, when they're winning. When they don't he becomes intolerable (though he claims he's adjusted).


I think the Panthers (and Cam), need someone a bit younger, more dynamic, and with fresher ideas.

In Topic: Still in for Rivera~

Yesterday, 09:32 AM

Belechick and Andy Reid and maybe Pete Carrol could have. They do more with less than most.
KC will be back to back playoffs.
I would add the Harbaugh bros on that short list. But. No way we will ever know.


Don't forget, maybe the best coaching job the past two years, Bruce Arians of Arizona.


Hell, Chip Kelly. The problem is, there are many Head Coaches who could, as long as they were breathing. And this goes for Rivera's first three years as well (winning an extra 2-4 games).

In Topic: Still in for Rivera~

Yesterday, 09:21 AM

Uh oh, I offended a Gettleman jock sniffer. Take cover! If you're gonna derail the conversation about Ron, I'll put it back on the tracks; what would you as head coach have done with the personnel Gettleman gave you on defense in order to make it a successful D?


Rivera does not have Shula's track record of failure, so don't even start with that. And Ron has been a successful Defensive Coordinator in Chicago and San Diego, and has created a successful defense in Carolina as well. He can do what he does very well. And I don't think you can say Ron is responsible for the Shula decision. There were probably other forces at work from the new GM and the ownership. Even so, if it was his call, it was his first personnel decision as a head coach. And on offense, which isn't his bailiwick.


And you blame Ron who has been here for 4 years for 20 years of Panthers failure to be consistently successful? If the fan base can't be patient enough to develop talent on the team and calling the plays, then we deserve sporadic success and failure. That's what microwaving gets you.


Where is Rivera's successful track record as a head coach (along with his actual coaching, management and directions, which is even worse than his record)??


Name one thing he does well consistently???


And what defense. It can be argued, that Carolina's defense was bad 3/4 years Rivera's been here (and blew 4th qtrs leads in incredible fashion all 4 years).


And if Rivera, was really a promising, smart coach, he'd realize his best players on offense and support that/him, especially when Rivera can't coach his way out of an eggshell during close games where coaching smarts and instincts are required.


Lastly/As you know, his record as a coordinator has nothing to do with his ability as a head coach (which obviously shows), as with many others Good Coordinators/Bad Head Coaches in the past.

In Topic: Still in for Rivera~

Yesterday, 09:13 AM

I don't mind keeping him but he better not be pulling that poo he did on Sunday and against Cincy anymore. He needs to grow a pair.


You think he's going to change? :phew:


What's that old saying, about doing the things the same, expecting different results?? :sick:

In Topic: Still in for Rivera~

Yesterday, 09:12 AM

Avant and Cotch have decent size and speed, and have good hands. They may not be the fastest, but you could believe that they could win a one on one situation. With what we have, they are almost the best option for those plays. Now that Philly is back, he will get those shots. Folks complain when we don't go deep. Then complain about it when we do.

The last year and a half Cam was taking those check-downs. Lately, he is lucky to have a check-down to go to.

When our Offense is working, we throw a lot on 1st down. That play has gone away.

Crossing patterns are a great way for guys to get separation. We rarely use them.

I could go on, but you get the gist. Our Offense is in a funk. Nobody likes it, and nobody trusts it. Part of that is the lack of talent, and part is the play calling. Until both of those are fixed, I think Rivera is in a bind. He can't coach the way he wants because he feels he only has half a team.

Fix the Offense for Rivera. Then see what he can do. He is never going to be balls to the wall Ron. But give him an Offense he trusts, and maybe we see a different Ron.

I don't see blaming a HC for having half a team. It has to be disheartening for him, and the players. Gman must fix the Offense. Talent and OC both need to be upgraded. It just isn't fair to judge Rivera on half a team.

Yes the HC is the main man. And in normal circumstances he deserves the brunt of the blame. I just don't see this team fitting that situation. These are not normal times round here.


Appreciate your well written comments.


And I know you been a Rivera supporter in the past as well.


However, I think (even after what you wrote) you know deep down inside Rivera's just not an NFL Head Coach. Just say/admit it! Lol


Part of being a "Good Coach" is coaching out of not so perfect situations. You can't always dictate, or know how your seasons going to go. Sorry Ron. 


Another part of being a good coach, is fixing situations on the team that are not working, and/or giving directive to your assistant coaches, coordinators or players to make things better. So "the offense" argument is no excuse. Rivera, should immerse himself enough in the offense to where he could see the problems, and/or give general directions. If not, then he needs to have a Heart 2 Heart With Shula, and if things don't work to his liking, Can His Ass, before the Panthers can him.


A fluke Coach Of The Year Or Not, Rivera's been a bad head coach (both in win totals, and actual on the field, off the fiedl coaching and management) 3 out of his 4 years in the NFL. And quite honestly, he was on the hot seat the first 1/4 of 2013 as well.

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