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In Topic: Cam threw for 280+ yards and........

Today, 09:29 AM

I think the offense (smartly) took what the defense gave them, especially as the game progressed.


However, I do agree with you--unlike most Panther fans--that Cam will throw the ball more often (or accumulate the yards) this year. The running game sucks. And hopefully the OC will finally realize that. Plus, if defenses give you the pass, you gotta take it, to loosen up the run game anyway, especially when the run game can't be established on it's own.


Ultimately, if/when they pay Cam Bookoo dollars, and get those expensive RB's off the books; yes the team will throw more. They would have to.


For some  unknown reason; many Panther fans believe, just cause you throw the ball, doing that can't complement a good defense and/or be a ball control offense. Of course it can, in so many ways.


This year, they're better receivers present who can help Cam by actually catching the ball as well.


Last year was last year, anyway. Most people assume, what the Panther did last year, they'll do this year (particularly on offense). Not necessarily. New receivers, a potentially healthy Stew, how defenses play you, which teams your playing, and game situations (such as against Detroit) will determine that.


Though the national media killed the Panthers receicing core. One can argue, that the Panthers strength, is Cam, Olsen, KB, Avant, JCo and the pass game, over Stewart, DLo, and Tolbert, till proven otherwise.


We'll see how this year develops?



In Topic: Benjamin catch takes second on ESPN Top Ten

Today, 06:50 AM

Why is everyone so eager to define what KB is and what he can and can't do? He has played two games of professional football.


True....Cause he did run some nice end arounds in college (we know it's not the NFL). And we know he can juke people out of their shoes, and he's strong as well. So I don't see why not. It would all be situational (catching the ball in space, where he can make a juke move or stiff arm for example). .


So I agree with you on that one. Let's let the season and KB's season develop.


I think we've learned by now, that initial scouting reports aren't always died in the wool reference pieces.


Certainly, two NFL games aren't.

In Topic: Benjamin catch takes second on ESPN Top Ten

Today, 06:44 AM

Why don't you guys PIN this thread? That way when the whiners, bitchers, and moaners cry this week, we can point to this thread that the media actually said something nice about us.


You're trying way too hard (in repeated-abject solitude).


Let it go! :cool:

In Topic: Benjamin catch takes second on ESPN Top Ten

Today, 06:37 AM

Depends how many drops and how many great catches. Also have to factor in timing of drops and catches. 


I got faith in KB but it is potentially something to be concerned with if it starts to become a trend. 


One game.


Park your brakes and hysteria.


Remember, he's a rookie. And there are many more games to play (kinda like the Panthers 1st qtr Sunday and their slow start).

In Topic: Watching the Colts Eagles game

Yesterday, 11:06 PM

time to go troll the saints board about trading sproles away 


Funny! Every time I see Darren Sproles tonight (especially with Chip Kelly as coach), I think about the failed Kenyon Barner (yes, cue up Sanford & Son music) experiment. SMH

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