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#2956666 Watching the Colts Eagles game

Posted by FootballMaestro on Yesterday, 10:42 PM

Notice Luck's not being criticized (or at least he won't be) for having no answers and brushing off the reporters stupid question?

#2956512 Watching the Colts Eagles game

Posted by FootballMaestro on Yesterday, 10:02 PM

I'm just pointing out an area where Cam can improve, and I'm sure he is working on it. RR points it out as well. Sure Luck sails passes as well.


Yeah, but you're never going to eliminate that. It's part of the game, and they're many factors for it.


You can't always properly step into your throws in a dirty pocket (per your potential Rivera comments).


Notice Cam sailed very few the last game, and he still threw some off his back foot?


Having better receivers who can catch those balls make a big difference as well. Last two years Cam's receivers were substandard and missing balls that most NFL receivers catch on the regular.


High passes aren't necessarily UN-catchable (unless you were a Carolina receiver last year). I see numerous QB's sail passes every NFL game, and thy're caught by their receivers.


This is why Gettleman cleaned house last year to the bewilderment of most in the National media. They sucked!



#2956467 Watching the Colts Eagles game

Posted by FootballMaestro on Yesterday, 09:50 PM

Barely saw.

The Eagles were forced to load the box for nearly the entire game, otherwise the read option would have destroyed them. They knew it.


I was speaking about the Panthers against Detroit Sunday.


I was illustrating the point, that Cam's as much as a pocket passer as Luck. He just also has the ability  to make incredible runs to go along with his pocket ability.


Neither are super polished yet, and I'm including Luck in saying that.


Both Kaep, RG3, and even Wilson are behind Cam and Luck in their pocket ability, and if they had to rely on their own skills,sans much help from their team.

#2956312 Yahoo Sports: Is Cam Most Underrated QB?

Posted by FootballMaestro on Yesterday, 09:02 PM

I'm just gonna say. He's not white and some folks in the media have a problem with it.


You know after three + years, I'm starting to believe it's a combination of things:


He's not white

He went undefeated in College, thus beat a lot of southern fans teams, who still hold it against him

The possible fake controversy with his father, which so many jumped on and won't let go


The fake background information so many in the media propagated because of what was allegedly done by his father, perpetuating the image of Cam being a bad guy.


Media and fans that believed fake reports by the media on Cam, making them (erroneously I might add) declare, he wasn't fit to be a #1 pick or starting NFL QB for various stereotypical, and wrong reasons.


Selecting RG3, Russell Wilson, and even Kaepernick--to a small degree, as the Anti Black Cam's. So that way they could criticize Newton even more over nonsense, while still holding cover that it's not a black thing. This method, still tricks well believers today.


The fact Cam didn't kiss the media's ass, after all the poo they threw on top of him.


The fact that he proved many of his most vociferous doubters wrong, so they look for every minute thing to criticize. Many times, contradicting their own previous statements, as long as it's the most current critique to dismiss what ever Cam is doing well at the moment.


The irony is: I find the most vociferous of Cam criticizers, usually have not watched him play (at least to any significant degree); talking utter nonsense. So what does that tell you? They're either lying; or their complete idiots (this doesn't dismiss, can can be in addition to the things I wrote above)!


It can go on and on. But you get the gist.

#2956275 Yahoo Sports: Is Cam Most Underrated QB?

Posted by FootballMaestro on Yesterday, 08:46 PM

Meanwhile, the truly "overrated" Colin Kaepernick throws three picks, and a fumble while his team loses/self destructs, then he yells an embarrassing obscenity at another player--drawing a personal foul, and it's not a scandal big news.


You can be sure if Newton had the same terrible game on the NFL's biggest stage, then proceeded to use that ugly word to another player in anger, he would be skewered, while have his maturity and NFL worthiness questioned repeatedly, all day.


However with Kaepernick and so many others (as long as it's not Cam) you hear nary a word, minus the obligatory mention, so the media can't say they never mentioned it. SMH


Yes Newton's underrated. Because most people don't know he's a very good pocket passer at this stage of his career (and had those traits, even in his first year).


The great  irony: He doesn't have (at least the past two years) good performing RB's, OL, and WR's to assist him, and lean on like so many other  young QB's through out the years and now.


In yesterday's game, there was no run game and Cam passed mostly from the pocket in his first game back against a very stout Defensive Line--sporting a furious QB rush.  I highly doubt Kaepernick, Wilson or RG3 (and many others) could have performed the way Cam did yesterday given the circumstances. And Newton doesn't play for an offensive genius, that can make him look good on general principle as some of the others Kaepernick, and RG3 under Shanahan his first year with their gimmick/high school offense).

#2954499 Prepare yourselves

Posted by FootballMaestro on Yesterday, 08:43 AM

He had a list of his "most overrated players" and at Number 1 was Cam.



His reasoning was absurd, but it had something to do with Cam not being Manning, Brady or Brees. In the same piece he went on to say something about how amazing Andrew Luck is.


No, he said it was because "Cam doesn't make his teammates better"; which is even more absurd!!

#2953453 Bears @ 49ers Game Thread: (0-1) - (1-0)

Posted by FootballMaestro on 14 September 2014 - 09:07 PM

Wow, Cutlers fast! :startle:

#2953449 Dear NFC South,

Posted by FootballMaestro on 14 September 2014 - 09:06 PM

Wow, Cutler's fast!

#2953059 Costas blasts Panthers over handling of Hardy situation

Posted by FootballMaestro on 14 September 2014 - 07:38 PM

Sad part is; McDonald's fiance had visible wounds per the San Jose Police report.


Hardy's victim did not, unless I'm mistaken.


Nonetheless, there was a drum beat against Hardy and the Panthers, and none with McDonald and San Francisco. The media just took San Fran's word.


And to add, Hardy was convicted on a misdemeanor (yes we know he has an appeal pending). McDonald is awaiting a felony (no doubt due to his fiances visible injuries). However, you rarely heard the terms "Felony" or "Misdemeanor" mentioned in the coverage. Of course none of all this seemed to matter, or make it into all the media pontificating.


Why the double standard/how could this be missed (we know why)!?

#2952798 Costas blasts Panthers over handling of Hardy situation

Posted by FootballMaestro on 14 September 2014 - 06:27 PM

Who cares!




Panthers won!!

#2952552 We are for real

Posted by FootballMaestro on 14 September 2014 - 05:15 PM

Bene almost completely shut out a drive by himself. What a beast. I can't wait to see him with some more experience.



#2952330 Rivera Deactivated Hardy Himself

Posted by FootballMaestro on 14 September 2014 - 04:25 PM

pressure valve.


this gives us some breathing room PR-wise, which is important. ultimately the same reason minnesota deactivated AD… we'll see what happens next.


What no one thought about: The firestorm that would have accompanied next weeks prime time game vs the Steelers with Hardy in the line up. Maybe this was a preemptive move, knowing they couldn't win the PR war (especially with that game coming up next week during prime time)?



The spotlight would have been way too much, when you think of it.

#2952115 Secondary

Posted by FootballMaestro on 14 September 2014 - 03:51 PM

but wait, we didnt spend a sshit ton of money on FAs on our secondary! look at what the saints did with byrd! we are gunna be hurting with our patchwork secondary! we dont spend moneeyy!!

Panthers 2-0
Saints 0-2


Imagine how Harper must be feeling at the moment?


He must have the Chesire Cat Grin going on??

#2952096 Suh pissed at Donkey Kong comments

Posted by FootballMaestro on 14 September 2014 - 03:50 PM

So true!!!


I am still waiting for those who are quick to talk about Cam's maturity to speak on Luck's temper tantrum. 


Didn't you get the memo?


Only Cam Newton can't act human with many NFL fans it appears??

#2951795 Saints 0-2 .... Panthers 2-0

Posted by FootballMaestro on 14 September 2014 - 03:17 PM

Man, NFL Analysts must really know their poo. /sarcasm




You can't look at a schedule, and say "Whoa it's tough", before the season even starts!


Hopefully, Atlanta loses today!

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