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Shula Happy With His New Toys-Per David Newton

10 August 2014 - 11:00 AM

Wow, we've all heard about Kelvin Benjamin during Preseason. And we've speculated about his impact on the field (for both himself, and fellow Panther receivers), especially after his spectacular  preseason game catch Friday.


Well So has Mike Shula. He appears very excited about all the new Panther additions, and what they can do for his offense and various new formations and sets he can run this year that he couldn't necessarily run last year.


Of course, much of this excitement starts with rookie Kelvin Benjamin, then moves forward to others (Olsen, Cotchery, Dickson, Avant). Here's a few snippets from David Newton's article on Mike Shula excitement of the "New" Panther Offense


The Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator still is learning everything these new toys can do, but he likes what he's seen so far -- particularly from a certain 6-foot-5, 240-pound gadget after his spectacular catch in Friday night's 20-18 preseason loss to Buffalo.

Shula believes he has flexibility to have more fun with this new toys than his old ones, and that has the potential to make his offense better than a year ago.

"Yeah!" Shula said. "Heck yeah!"



Here are Newton and Shula again, after Newton writes about the 29th ranked Panther Passing offense and receivers in 2013


But it was obvious the offense needed an overhaul if the overall team was to improve. That's why Shula is excited about his new toys, particularly as it pertains to his new wide receivers -- rookie Kelvin Benjamin (the 6-5 toy), veterans Jerricho Cotchery and Jason Avant -- and tight end Ed Dickson.

"It been great," Shula said. "They've come in with a workmanlike attitude, very serious, eager to prove themselves and earn a spot on the team. Competition is a beautiful thing. These guys get along good."



This next line here, says a mouthful many of us have already known.


Shula isn't dishing on his old toys. But wide receiver Steve Smith, who was released in March, is 35 and at the end of his career. He didn't always get along. Brandon LaFell, Ted Ginn Jr. and Domenik Hixon were adequate, but not irreplaceable.

Sometimes you have to tear things apart to move forward. That's what Carolina has done.

"We're starting over with guys that are knowledgeable, that are smart guys, that there's a reason why they've been in the league," Shula said. "They're new, but it's kind of been a positive thing."



Here, Shula speaks about Benjamin, the reclamation our beloved Two TE Set formations, and their respective impact on the Panther offense, and opposing defenses in 2014.


He's emerged as a No. 1 receiver that the 5-9 Smith admittedly wasn't anymore.

"He's such a big target, it has to give you more confidence as a quarterback, like a jump shooter with a basket that is twice as big," Shula said.

Dickson, a free agent pickup from Baltimore, also was a big addition. Putting him opposite Greg Olsen, the team's leading receiver in 2013, in a two-tight end set has opened possibilities that Shula didn't have last season.

Defenses will have to commit eight players to the box, which will prevent double-teams on receivers and free up the entire offense.

"It gives you flexibility," Shula said. "It makes you less predictable by personnel groupings. So if all of a sudden you come in with two tight ends, you're not necessarily going to run the ball, you're not necessarily going to be in single-back, you're not necessarily going to have two tight ends on the edge


"So now the defense can't just say, 'Oh, well, they're just going to play these formations, and out of these formations they're going to run just these plays.'"



Lastly, Shula's very excited about Cam Newton's sharpness and leadership, despite his ankle recovery:


At the core of Shula's excitement is Newton. The only thing sharper than his timing with receivers has been his leadership. Nobody has been more active in encouraging players who do well and motivating them when they need pushing.

"With all that there's a calmness and confidence," Shula said of the fourth-year quarterback. "He's always had that cool personality on the field. Now there's some added confidence with experience."

Old toys, new toys.

Shula has a lot more to play with now.



I loved how Shula discussed the impact and unpredictability of formations on the defense which KB and two TE sets can bring. This is something Panther fans have longed for from their OC the past year. I'm glad Shula sees what many of us see. Hopefully, he and Ramsdall will know how to properly utilize them, and Panther fans will see a return of both the big play offense (20+ yd plays), and Big sure handed possession receivers/TE's--of two seasons ago--moving the chains?  I think/hope they will (do it, and we'll see it)!? It may even open up the struggling run game with space, and a less crowded LOS?


I know many of us have not been in love with Shula so far; granted. However, it appears Shula and Co, only worked with what they had last year (to great team success). So let's give them a chance in 2014 with a more versatile offense, particularly in the receivers and Tight Ends. Hopefully, one of the RB's shows up as well?


National Media, get ready for another Panther "surprise" in 2014.

Now only if they can find someone to run back Punts and Kick off returns adequately. :phew:


Pro Bowl Voting

27 December 2013 - 02:27 PM

I'm glad to see certain Panthers get awarded for all their hardwork. 


Wish Mitchell, Nortman, Gano, and especially Thomas Davis could have made it. Hopefully, TD gets in as an alternate when the Panthers are playing against a Probowl Linebacker in the Superbowl (which of course, then he'll decline, but still make it). LOL. 


Hopefully, Ron Rivera can win coach of the year, at the end of the year. 


You can see the full list below on NFL.com. 




This thread, started originally with the Fan voting (1/3, along with the coaches and players), where Cam was #5, Keuchly was #2, Tolbert was #1, Mitchell was #4

Adam Schein Still A Schmuck; Throws Cam Shade/Backhand Compliment

25 December 2013 - 09:23 AM

First off; Happy Holidays Guys. 


Our Buddy, favorite Panthers Lover, I meant Hater, Adam Schein is at it again. 


In his NFL.com's weekly "stars" article, he first mentions how he once [loudly, I say] proclaimed, The "Panthers were going nowhere with Cam Newton and Ron Rivera"


Then, after conveniently nearly patting himself on the back for that embarrassingly premature prognostication (and even referencing "The Great Carolina Panther Fans" as he called them, while at it), Schein digs deeper, stating at the end of the article:

As for Rivera, he's a Coach of the Year candidate, while Newton is on my short list for Comeback Player of the Year.


Some people just can't let go, and admit when they're wrong. Come Back Player Of The Year Schein??? I know we got some Cam doubters and haters in the National media. But I didn't know some could stoop this low. 


The last that I remember, Cam was voted one of the top 50 players in the NFL last year by his own peers that he plays against. So how does that make him "on the short list for [his] come back player of the year"?? That means, Cam would have had to suck miserably, be replaced, benched, or MIA (due to serious injury, illness, or trouble with the law). Those would be the circumstances, as I see them. Have you noticed the players, and their respective situations/back stories who've won the award over the years?? Well, it wasn't Cam's 2012. I'll tell you that much! Lol


Granted; If you wanna say 'he wasn't as good as his Rookie season (and that's debatable); okay/maybe? But CBPOY??......SMH. Come on Schein. You can't make this stuff up.


 Here's the link: http://www.nfl.com/n...rilling-week-16

"Beaston" Blasted RG3 like a Rag Doll

01 December 2013 - 08:36 PM

Former beloved Panthers, John Beason, knock RG3 back like a rag doll, as he went flying out the pile backwards on a first down attempt, though he got it. 


That guy is so light in the butt. 



Please, No Huddler's Who Gave Up The Panthers or Cam During Game Thread Start A Cel...

10 November 2013 - 07:20 PM

Please don't.  No hypocrites. 



I'm sure many other fans had faith (and/or just watched the game, since it's actually 4 quarters and not one), so why couldn't you Mr./Ms. Naysayer Panther fan/hater?????


Congrats to the Panthers on a tough win. 


Onward to the next one, against New England and Brady!!

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