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In Topic: JAX Trip Details

Today, 06:26 PM

Great... Can wait to meet the guy who has banged his way through S Florida.

Finally! I'm getting recognized for my hard work.

That said, I might finally be in a relationship for the first time in a long, long time. Then again, she's Puerto Rican. We'll see if I'm still beasting my way through Florida when we meet.

A couple of Huddler's can attest.

In Topic: All time worst free agents....

Today, 05:35 PM

That signing made us gunshy.

In Topic: JAX Trip Details

Today, 05:33 PM

Let them know I want to do a photoshoot with a few bikini models there that Saturday.

Bad move, Jeremy. Now I'm gonna do some hunting.

In Topic: JAX Trip Details

Today, 05:27 PM

I might go to this game. Jacksonville isn't THAT far from Orlando.

In Topic: DC comics rumored movie plans

Today, 02:23 PM

I can only hope they use Manu Bennett. He was awesome in Spartacus and Arrow

Manu is the definition of badass but I doubt they will. He's already appeared as Deathstroke in Arrow. My guess is they'll get a cinematic Slade.

Rumors are circulating that Jon Bernthal is getting looked at (no surprises there considering the 'Fury' connection).