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In Topic: leaked Avengers 2 trailer

Today, 09:04 PM

So i wanted to catch up on all these marvel moves. You cannot rent them from amazon. What else could i use (legally) and is it priced reasonably?

To be honest, the MCU is not difficult to follow. All you need to know is that 95% of these films are leading up to a big biggie named Thanos and his favorite tool of total destruction The Infinity Gauntlet.

In Topic: leaked Avengers 2 trailer

Today, 09:01 PM

I honestly do not see what all of hype is about. Yes, it is a nice trailer but I'm not jacking off to it like the rest of the worlds seems to be doing.Maybe i was just wanting a little bit more than a bunch of random spliced together shots though.

Pretty much. This trailer was a mess. So many spliced shots with no direction. Ultron looks and sounds badass but so did other villains for Marvel. I just hope they don't screw him up.

In Topic: leaked Avengers 2 trailer

Today, 08:58 PM

I maybe confused what do you mean tv format? Was it like that for the first avengers?

Yeah, Joss Whedon likes to go with the smaller resolution for some apparent reason. It takes away from the scale of his films. This is The Avengers, not Buffy.

In Topic: chris oby#$&&@$ carted off today

Today, 12:34 PM

Son of a... !!!!!!

In Topic: Terrorists Suck

Today, 12:32 PM

Where there is death, there is always death.

Terrorism breeds terrorism.

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