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In Topic: Antoine Cason upset about being benched. Blaming others for mistakes.

Today, 05:32 PM

It's hard times when you bench a guy for a guy who was previously benched.

In Topic: I'm pretty sure everyone saw this coming

Today, 03:09 PM

i refuse to believe that DG was so cocky that he thought bell and chandler were the answers. nobody looking at both of them could actually think this was the answer. there might have been some form of hope like most of us here before the season said. but somebody with DG's pedigree for talent evaluating could not sit there and think that. I think he thought Cam could continue to mask deficiencies on O while still having a dominant defense would win us games.

i think he just thought in the short term tagging hardy would keep this front seven (the obvious strength of the team) intact and would give us a good chance to be competitive again over anything else without sacrificing long term goals. this backfired obviously. and this is what we have.

i think the question should be should we have gone OL instead of Kelvin in the first round. Should we have spent a good chunk of our cap on a marginal tackle this year. I don't know anymore.

Thank God for this post. I was truly starting to believe I was the only one seeing things this way. It's very clear to me.

In Topic: 12-4.....and why it was so bad.

Today, 10:38 AM

Our GM doesn't play favorites. He'll make a move if he feels one is necessary.

In Topic: Is yet another blowout enough to get Ron Rivera fired?

Today, 08:58 AM

The Wal-Mart Effect is a real thing man. And I do have educational ties to App through the music program and athletics.

And the reason this came about was my extreme disappointment in the way the Panthers played last night. Sadly, most of us knew what Gross retiring and Hardy being out would mean. It's just more painful to watch than I anticipated.

I'm still not putting together how your disappointment in the Panthers turned to talking poo about UNC.

Educational ties to App? But you didn't go to college there. You're just a Wal-Mart App fan. Who knew those even existed?

In Topic: Huddle Tailgate Thread- *Panthers vs. Aints*

Today, 07:11 AM

Had a blast today at the tailgate.

The game... not so much

Good meeting you and your wife today. Thank you both for you Zod level sponsorship to the tailgate. It's certainly very helpful and appreciated.

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