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MLK Day Game

19 January 2015 - 09:13 AM

I've got four tickets to the Hornets game today that I can't use. If you're interested send me a message.

Sights & Sounds from Seattle

10 January 2015 - 06:18 AM

This is a thread for everyone making the trip out to Seattle to dump pics, stories, and any other relevant info about your travels to share with our Panthers fans back home.

I'm currently sitting on a plane to Chicago with literally 14 people on it. So far this morning at the airport I've seen 8 Seahawks jerseys and only 2 Panthers (including me). Hopefully the connection out of Chicago to SEA is a much different story.

The Panthers are Scary

30 December 2014 - 07:07 PM

Just read this article and got fired up. Not sure if it's been posted but....DAMN! Someone else outside of our homer fanbase can see it. 






Right now, everyone believes the Dallas Cowboys are the most challenging squad in the NFC not from Seattle. To me, the scariest team to play in all of football could be Carolina. This is not because the Panthers beat the soft Falcons. It's because they're just good. Period.




Not saying he's Cam Unitas, but a Newton who is throwing with accuracy and is back to running the football with confidence again should make teams nervous. Really nervous.

This entire Panthers team should. Go ahead and laugh at their record. Laugh at their division (actually, that's OK). Laugh at it all. But these Panthers are in play. They're legit.

The Panthers will host Arizona, and they will crush the Cardinals. 


Panthers Playoff Pep Rally - Take 2

29 December 2014 - 07:47 PM

Welp....a month ago I never imagined I would be starting this thread, but I'm happy as hell to be able to do it today. 


I've partnered up with the Panthers, Miller Lite, and the bars of the Epicentre again this year to put on another Panthers Playoff Pep Rally. For those of you who came out last year - you know the deal. For those of you who didn't (shame on you) then here's what's going on. 

  • This Friday night - Jan 2nd - we're calling all Panthers fans to meet at the Epicentre to start the playoff weekend right with a big Panthers party. Last year we packed the place out. It was great seeing nothing but Panthers colors and jerseys all over the Epicentre. 
  • The Top Cats and the Purrcussion will be out and performing in a few areas of the Epicentre and they'll be taking pics.
  • The playoff game is sold out, but we'll be giving away 8 seats in the Miller Lite Suite. The tickets include food and drinks in the suite. It's a pretty awesome place to watch the game - especially if it's going to rain on Saturday. 
  • Tickets are $7 and can be purchased here http://bit.ly/PPPRally
  • With your ticket purchase you get a 2014 Division Championship Shirt, entry into the ticket give-aways, $3 Miller Lites, and a bunch of other prizes that we'll be giving away. 
  • Registration is at 7p at Rooftop210. I would suggest getting there early so that you're not waiting in line. That way you can get your shirt & wristband and then you can just focus on having some fun.

We had a good representation of Huddlers there last year. If we get enough interest I can secure us a section at one of the bars so we can all post up and hang out together. Maybe not at Whisky River this time so I don't have to have the image of Chicknwing on the mechanical bull again. Or maybe we'll let Boo get us a table at Bubble again so we can all go pop some bottles like last year.


Anyway....hope you guys will all come out and hang out and show your Panthers pride. This is a good opportunity for us to show everyone that this is PANTHERS NATION since we don't tolerate opposing teams' pep rallies in our town. And we can make this one hell of a weekend we won't remember....or, will never forget I mean. 


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GA Dome Takeover - Round 2

22 December 2014 - 12:47 PM

It's kinda like deja vu. We went to ATL last year in week 17 with a chance to win the Division - and we did. We get that shot again this year except this time we're fighting the Falcons for it and not the Saints. Last year the Dome was ours and it was sweet. It's not going to be as easy this year since the Falcons are "good"....well, they're in the hunt I should say. The game is sold out and is going to be a good fight. I can't wait to be there and dominate our section like we always do. 


My phone and email has been blowing up since after the game yesterday, so I figured I'd share what our group's plan is and hopefully we can link up with a bunch of other Panthers fans while we're there. 


I am completely sold out of tickets to the game. I do, however, have a few seats left on the bus if you're looking for a ride down. I can still get rooms at the hotel, too. So if you have a ticket already or you're going to get one and you want to tag along then I can set that up for you. 


  • We will get to ATL around 130ish on Saturday. We're meeting up with the people from Panthers GROWL Club of ATL at their host bar, the Bucket Shop at 2p. http://www.bucketshopcafe.com/  I think it's important to spend some money and show some love to the Bucket Shop since they've been committed to showing the Panthers games with sound all season for those guys down there. They are also giving us a cool Tool Box Grill to raffle off while we're there. And they'll have $12.95 buckets of beers
  • After a few hours there we'll head over to the main bar area in Buckhead and cause our normal trouble.
  • We leave our hotel at 9a sharp on Sunday and head to the Dome. We have to tailgate in the "Marshalling Yard" because we have a bus. Last year we had a ton of people come over and meet up with us. I'd love to have another showing like last year. If you want to meet up then you can park in the Gold Lot and walk over to where we are. We'll be hard to miss. It's about a 10 minute walk to the Dome from our tailgate. Here's a map for reference http://www.gadome.co... Map 8-2014.pdf

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