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In Topic: Ron Rivera Will Now Proceed To Save His Job

08 December 2014 - 06:55 PM

If the team wins its next three games, finishes 7-8-1, and either makes the play offs or just misses out, then Rivera will be back next season.

In this scenario, one might argue that if we had Greg Hardy's pass rushing ability, a better O-Line, Stewart running like he did against the Daints, and Cam healthy from day one, then this team would have had a winning record and eased to the division title.

If the team loses the next three games against the Bucs, Browns and Falcons, finish with a 4-11-1 record, and are embarrassed in those games, then I think Rivera could be fired.

Why? Because in this scenario the team would have continued to show that a change is required to freshen things up. The teams been blown out a few times this season, and add any more into the equation, and Rivera being shown could be the right move if the team shows ambition in its pursuit of a new head coach.

That said, unless this team manages to screw everything up they should beat the Bucs. The Browns are beatable. And the Falcons are beatable. So it wouldn't surprise me to see us win out in a typical Ron Rivera late season winning run.

In Topic: Jason Avant Cut

18 November 2014 - 02:37 PM


What would Bill Belichick do???

You think he would put up with criticism of him or his staff from an unproductive receiver ???

It is seriously not a question of whether Avant was right or wrong...Pro's keep dissension in house...they don't broadcast it for the world to see.

I agree with your point, but it's a bad example. The Patriots are a well run organisation. Under Belichick, Brady and co, they have built a dynasty. So every season they are a contender. You may hear the odd rumbling that Brady doesn't like them letting his receivers go, but ultimately they are a successful team that we've never been.

But what would Belichick or most head coaches do?

They would probably throw the guy in the dog house or cut him. If the players criticise the coach, then they generally end up being shown the door more times than not. The only time they might not get shown the door is if the coach actually wakes up and takes their point on board, and does something to sort out the problems his team faces, rather than living in cloud cuckoo land where they think their team is still a contender...

In Topic: IR Cam

11 November 2014 - 03:54 PM

Well, it has come to this.


As of today, I feel like placing Cam on IR is the best option for the future of this team, for the following reasons...


1. He is hurt. It is painfully obvious the man is no where near 100%. When defensive tackles are running Cam Newton down, it isn't a sign of great health. He is no longer able to run to avoid potentially career ending hits. Lets face it, there isn't much left to play for this season. The Panthers may as well put Joe Webb in and see if he can spark anything on the offense with his legs, and possibly keep him as next year's #2.


2.  The Carr Factor - Playing behind an awful offensive line and offensive coordinator ruined David Carr's career. Cam is now regressing at a rate he may not be able to recover from. Keeping him out there will only increase the amount of time to recover, if ever. You all have seen Cam's confidence, his swag, slowly but surely fade away this season.


3. Recovery Time - I am not so sure at the rate at which things are happening now that Cam would be physically ready for OTA's in May. If he plays the season out, he will finish with lingering injuries. I am not sure 4 months would be adequate time for Cam to get to 100%. Whoever the next OC is for the Panthers, he would benefit greatly from having 100% of Cam's attention on the playbook and not on rehab.


Putting Cam on IR would be the best option for both parties because it would give him plenty of time to recover. Granted it means throwing the towel in on this season and that wouldn't please the fans, but it would mean that Cam gets the time to recover from his injuries. 


The issue with this plan is Ron Rivera. He needs to turn this season around to remain the head coach of the Carolina Panthers, and without Cam, he doesn't have a chance in hell of doing that. So effectively this would end his reign as our head coach, and I don't see him going along with any plan that sees Cam being placed on IR unless he gets a season ending injury. 

In Topic: I'm sorry but I rooting for losses the rest of the way...

11 November 2014 - 12:06 PM

Maybe we can draft a QB?

Let's say we lose our remaining games and finish the season 3-12-1 and land a top five or three pick. When we come to the board Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston are available to be drafted. Would Gettleman decide to draft a new QB and trade Newton?

It sounds silly, but there is some logic to it. By trading him they don't need to add another huge contract to the books, which could end up being in the $20 million or so range. This would allow the team to free up space to sign Kuechly and strengthen in other areas. In regards to trading Cam, we could probably land a couple or a few first round picks and some other picks in a package, which would allow the team to continue strengthening the line up.

I don't see this happening, but at the same time, it wouldn't be too surprising if Gettleman did decide to get his own QB and grab a huge package in a trade for Cam.

That said, if we do land a top ten draft pick, that should give us an opportunity to grab a stud o-lineman.

In Topic: Opinions: Time for Gettleman to step up?

11 November 2014 - 11:56 AM

How many GMs have press conferences during the season for anything other than contract extensions, or putting in place an interim head coach?

I can only think of three GMs that I've seen active in the media this season and they are Jerry Jones, David Caldwell and Doug Whaley. Not sure if anyone else has, but generally most GMs remain quiet during the season whether it's going good or bad.

As for Gettleman speaking to the media, I can't think of anything he can come out and say that will make a difference, because essentially he will either do one of two things: 1 - admit they've fuged up; or 2 - place the blame on injuries, being cap strapped, and Greg Hardy.

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