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In Topic: The Official General NBA Discussion Thread

05 February 2015 - 03:38 PM

Orlando Magic fire Jacque Vaughn:




Not surprised to see them make this move. They never seemed like they knew what their best line up was, and they haven't taken that step forwards to being more competitive and winning more games. Be interesting to see who they hire, a retread or another new head coach.

In Topic: Jordan Cameron wants out of CLE

04 February 2015 - 07:24 PM

Cameron has (had?) the talent to be a very good tight end, if not an elite tight end. The issue he has is that he didn't build on his breakout season. However, that shouldn't put us off considering him at a fair price. It gives us another weapon for Cam, and Cam did thrive with two TEs in his rookie season, so I wouldn't be against seeing us bring Cameron on a fair, not breaking the bank, contract.

In Topic: Randell Cobb

04 February 2015 - 07:17 PM

No point talking about FAs that teams ain't gonna let leave. GB isn't parting with him

Can't see him leaving either. The Packers are in a decent position with their cap space to bring him back, but perhaps a sticking point could be price and whether they are willing to pay it?

Apparently he wants to at least match what Decker got from the Jets ($36 million, 5yr), and they recently signed Nelson to a new deal ($39 million, 4yr). If they can get him at $7 million a year, they should bring him back. However, at $9 million (or more) they may decide to not pay that amount of money to two WRs, or they may not want to pay Cobb more than their star receiver, Jordy Nelson.

Like you, I don't think Cobb is going anywhere. Him and Nelson combine as one of the best duos in the league. I can't imagine they want to let go of a 24 year old heading into his prime years. But i suppose it wouldn't be too surprising to see one of the big name receivers hit free agency.

In Topic: Hornets Nets and OKC in three way trade talks

17 January 2015 - 06:47 PM

Amazing what value some think Lance has... His play in Charlotte and now lockeroom battles in two of his stops..KILLS IT

Jack is a great backup guard who can start and can fill a stat sheet efficiently. Lamb gives this team a more consistent catch and shoot guy that PJ has not been as of yet.

This move improves the team and Kemba may miss games bc he has a knee injury at the moment(per Clifford this morn on WFNZ)

It's a shame it fell through. It would have given us two valuable rotation players, and would get Stephenson off our hands. Hopefully it gets revived, or at least some similar deal comes up.

Why can't we leave OKC out of it and get Lopez? Isn't he a solid big?

Talented player, though injury prone. Would mean Al would have to shift to PF, which may not be an issue for him since he's played it before. But the issue here is Lopez comes with a bad contract, which is why he hasn't been traded yet.

If that's all we can get for Lance than we just need to keep him. Let him play and get some minutes and maybe just maybe he can improve his trade value. NBA scouts were saying at the beginning of the season he was out of shape so maybe he just needs to get into shape to become the player we wanted.

The deal might not land us an all star, or future starting young talent, but you can't expect that for a guy whose stock is low. Now we could keep him, like you say, but he's not a good fit for our line up and consequently improving his numbers may prove difficult. If he continues this downward trend we'll struggle to get rid of him, and may have to look at him as a salary dump.

For me, the deal that was on the table would have made us stronger.

In Topic: Demarco Murray

15 January 2015 - 07:44 AM

Looks like the Cowboys offered him 4 years at 16 million.

Man does that makes Hurney look dumb

Didn't Stewart get his deal around the time AP got his near $100 million contract?

Different climate now. A few years ago Murray would have got double that, if not more. The Cowboys will be lucky if he signs that deal. I think he'll be a target for teams like the Bills, Chargers, Colts, Ravens, Titans etc, and all will probably pay him more than the Cowboys have offered.