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In Topic: Toby Gerhart & sleepers

26 August 2014 - 03:09 PM

Markus Wheaton of the Steelers could be a decent draft pick in the mid rounds. He's their #2 receiver after departures.

Knowshon Moreno could be a decent value mid-to-late round pick. Granted he had a big season last year, but currently the Fins haven't confirmed a starter. If they go with Miller and he continues to struggle, then Moreno could soon takeover starting duty. Plus, after his preseason debut he's shown more than any other Fins RB and should be able to be drafted later on.

Terrance Williams at the Cowboys could see more production this season with an increased role.

Ladarius Green at the Chargers could be a stud if he's given a bigger role in the Chargers offense.

In Topic: Time for Cam to learn to slide.

24 August 2014 - 04:49 PM

If Cam keeps going head first into his dives he is going to continue to be an open target for defenders.

The obvious thing that needs to happen right now, and by right now I mean this very moment, is for cam to start sliding feet first and taking away the defenses ability to hit him.


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While I agree that Cam needs to protect himself better and not become an open target for defenders. The problem with sliding is that it doesn't totally remove the risk of suffering a serious injury, take Brian Hoyer last season against the Bills, he exited the pocket and went to slide but he got hit and tore his ACL. Granted Cam is a better athlete and a lot bigger, but sliding, and diving for that matter, both carry risks of their own in tight quarters where defenders may not always be able to pull out of the hit quickly enough. Now maybe sliding (or diving) will help save Cam from taking some hefty hits, but he could just as easily end up getting hit like Hoyer did and getting hurt. Sliding and diving isn't some magical move that negates the risks when a quarterback is scrambling. Quarterbacks can, and have, got hurt trying to slide and dive.


So while I agree that Cam needs to take less hits, how he goes about that will come down to what he feels most comfortable doing. Can he slide? Probably. But last thing they need to do is try to force him to do something that he might be uncomfortable with. 

In Topic: Tiquan Underwood Cut

24 August 2014 - 01:44 PM

Not surprised to see him let go. I did think he had a chance to make the roster, but with Avant and Crotchery as the vets, plus the rookies/inexperienced guys, I suppose he just didn't show enough to get ahead of them.

Someone should pick him up.

In Topic: Rumors the Hornets might be interested in Josh Smith

18 August 2014 - 04:52 PM

The only guy who I'd like us to realistically trade Detroit for is Monroe. Smith is a fair player, but I think MKG is more valuable at SF, especially if MKG can add to the offense side; and I'd rather not see Smith at PF.

In Topic: Andy Dalton...

04 August 2014 - 01:10 PM

A solid job, yes. But Andy Dalton is an average QB playing with a damn good defense and the 2nd best receiver in the league. Let's not act like he's carrying that team. That team is carrying him. He's averaging Drew Brees money. Andy. Freaking. Dalton.

What's the alternative, letting him go and drafting another rookie quarterback and pinning their hopes on finding an upgrade?

The problem with drafting a new QB is they usually need time to develop. Granted we've seen Russell Wilson step in and play at an elite level and win a Super Bowl in his second season, but he's the exception I the norm. But the risk the Bengals take by moving on is they might end up with a QB that's no better than Dalton, if they're lucky they might find an upgrade, but it's a risky business for a team in their position to be swapping and changing QBs.

I guess they can wait and see what happens, but ultimately they have a solid quarterback under center and there would be a lot of teams in this league that would snap their hand off for a quarterback like Dalton (eg Jags, Titans, Texans, Bills, Jets, Raiders, Browns, Vikings, Bucs).

For me, they made the right decision in keeping hold of Dalton. He might not be carrying the team, but he's certainly a good enough QB to help them win games and get to the play offs on a regular basis.

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