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Panthers throughout the years.

12 April 2015 - 03:47 PM

         P.S. Dont like the thread dont read it  Sucka!  :rr:


Looking over the past couple of  season , you can see the shift in the offense and defense with a inverse effect. In the 2011 & 2012 season  offense was dominating and carrying the load. The run game was on top shelf especially with Newton having  a solid line from inside out, you can notice the off tackle run and scrambling to the outside edge as his passing game was developing. 2013 & 2014 season where heavily leaned on  the defense as the offense investment and talent declined, but in spurts you could see evolution of the 2011 offense as Newton's passing ability grew. The offense is the key that will take the team over the hump ( NFC championship). Newton will be fully healed and investment in the OL and WR will give us the talent to compete with top notch defense.


Facts: In 2013 # 2 defense lost to 49rs 23-10 | Problems: Staled offense with lack of control at Line of Scrimmage: 

           In 2014 # 10 defense lost to Seahawks 31-17 | Problems: Continued staled offense with lack of separation and the              OL ability to contain pass rushers. 


           In 2015 Panthers win Superbowl | Solution Panthers ride the defense in the playoff but the Offense takes them over the hump via investment in the Draft. 








Keys: OL: OT's with the ability to sustain avg. pass protection and *seal the edges for the run game.

         Pass: # 2 WR either to stretch the field or work in the slot 

         Special Teams: Avg + field position 








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Jarret Boykin signed 1yr deal

27 March 2015 - 01:43 PM



Boykin is quick off the line and is good to release outside and stem his routes, but can also get back on top of a defender when running vertically. He is flexible and can drop his weight with ease to break and separate from cornerbacks. He is a good option in short and intermediate routes and a catcher who can adjust to the ball well to bring in nearly every ball thrown his way. He is physical downfield and makes his presence felt on the edge in the run game.

DE | Preston Smith OT | Erick Flowers

17 March 2015 - 01:43 PM

Having the chance to watch the Bulldogs' defense play personally for several years its hard not to compare the Dawgs to our own Panthers.  The Bulldogs uses 4-3 defense with similar blitz style and coverages, relying heavily on the front 7 to dominate against the run and pressuring the QB. Preston Smith reminds me of our own Greg Hardy in terms of playing style and physique. Having  played all over the DL at DT  with 1 tech or  lining up outside to contain mobile QB like (Nick Marshall) or bring pressure in the pocket he excels with strength and speed. 


Defense wins championship? 


If your identity is defense you know you need a complimentary offense with ball control. The panthers have one of the most unique run game with ground and pound with J Stew & Tolbert and outside running game with Cam and Fozzy. Flowers is a big  physical tackle that has the ability to dominate in the run game while having the athletic ability to contain pass rushers. We have seen what Cam can do while having time in pocket, but he also excels on outside run when DE's are contained (Rookie season). Flowers has the ability to play in a zone or power which is perfect since we use a combination of both.



IMO if Preston is there in the 2nd round we should move up to grab him while picking a OT in the 1st.  


You: "Is the glass half full or half empty?"

Me: "The glass is overflowing come draft day!"






OT | Ereck Flowers - 6'-6" 329 lbs Miami ( 1st round) 



 Big, athletic frame carrying more than 320 pounds with ease. Ascending mauler in the run game. Bender who is low man off snap and pops hips into block to leverage defender at the point. Combines hips, arm extension and upper-body power to consistently turn his man when base blocking. Once he gets upper hand in run game, he usually sustains and finishes. Secures combo block with a vengeance. Has feet to become solid zone blocker. Mean and highly competitive. Wants to dominate and gets surly when beaten on a snap. Special foot quickness in pass protection. Able to mirror and counter two-way rushers or B-gap blitzers. Uses quick feet and loose hips to turn, scramble and recover when beaten. Pass-set depth and technique improved as year progressed. Has played both tackle positions.




DE | Preston Smith - 6'-5"  271lbs Mississppi State  (2nd round) 




 Angular build with long arms. Has point-of-attack strength and doesn't get pushed around. Plays with leverage against the run. Very sound wrap-up tackler who usually finishes the job. Flashes busy hands as a pass rusher and uses them to gain advantage. Gets arm extension, finds running back and looks to shed against gap running plays. As a junior, rushed passer from both ends and over the nose while also dropping into space on occasion. Can be a disruptive player when asked to play the gaps. Has ability to slip and go when rushing from inside position








the official "Dave Gettleman fuging sucks" thread

19 October 2014 - 02:39 PM

fug yeah lets draft a DE in the second round .......while magical rainbows and unicorns will fix our OL problem

Thomas Davis "Unacceptable"

14 October 2014 - 01:49 PM

This is the attitude the Panthers D need to get back, and i'm hoping these are mental mistakes more so than lack of talent. 


What are moves or changes can Panthers do to get back to a dominant defense?