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Antoine Cason PFT interview

06 October 2014 - 02:33 PM





Panthers cornerback Antoine Cason explained on Monday’s PFT Live that he learned how to punch out the ball while working out with Tillman during the 2011 lockout.  And it’s currently working for Cason; after four forced fumble in his first six NFL seasons, Cason has forced three fumbles in five games.


Cason touches on how he learned to knock the ball out from Peanut Tillman, how our defense keeps focus one week at a time, and other basic stuff.

D Hixon tares ACL at Bears OTA

27 May 2014 - 07:30 PM

I tore my ACL today for the 3rd time today! I'm disappointed that I won't be playing for a bears team that has the players and coaches to WIN the Super Bowl. I thank God for letting me live my dream of playing in the NFL for 8 years plus. It has truly been FUN! #blessed #lovethisgame


Bummed for him; always seemed like a nice guy

Colin Cole re-signs with Panthers

08 April 2014 - 04:23 PM

Joe Person @josephperson

#Panthers have agreed to terms on 1-yr deal w/ DT Colin Cole,per league source. Cole started 13 G for CAR in '13 after being out of FB 2yrs.

Gross on WBT radio at 10 (with recap)

25 March 2014 - 09:01 AM

Jordan Gross ‏@J2theGross  16m
Hola world! Looking forward to catching up with @ClubLama at 10 today on @wbtradio. I've got lots to talk about!

Started off reflecting on his retirement ceremony (the host of this show was invited)


Gross on how it felt during his ceremony: "One of the best days of my life. Felt like a funeral, but it went the way I wanted it"


"Knowing Kalil, I knew a prank was coming at some point; that's how we show our appreciation with one another. That's friendship. His tweet "good riddance" was the best of all the well wishes."


Asked, when he knew he was retiring: "After I redid my contract for essentially a 1 year deal, unless i got some miraculous sign from god or a miraculous pain free body that it was my last year. I geared up for the year, gave it everything I had and it was awesome. I feel good now."


Asked about Smitty, how bad a distraction was he: "Mannnnnn, just terrible. All things must come to an end, myself, Steve and Fox can all say that. Steve and I were the last 2 drafted guys from the original gang. I think it was just a time for change. He wanted to be there though.13 years in 1 locker room is unheard of. With Steve, what you love about him is what drives you nuts sometimes. He's fiery and opinionated. I'm not going to say he didn't ruffle feathers, but there was never a point where I didn't want him on my team. Dave Gettleman isn't very popular right now because of his tough call."


Regarding Dave Gettleman and his "I didn't like Dave last year" comment: "I can say that because we have a good relationship now, but I didn't agree that my contract had to be restructured, There were a lot of decisions he made a year ago that people were questioning, but we went 12 and 4 and Ron coached a great year. The Panthers are going through some of that now, so i'll reserve judgement of his decisions now because no one pinned us to win the division last year too. We were picked to be dead last in the division last year, we didn't. The same moves that happened last year are happening again and people are panicky"


On Cam's ankle: "I have 0 worries on Cam. He's got so much better every year because he continues to understand things more and more. He's young, strong and has the best doctors tending to him. Being a smarter player is more important than his ankle (because he's young and will recover just fine, it's a non issue). 0 worries on my behalf. Cam is the future, and i'm a huge fan of his"


Will you still be doing This Is Gross?: "I don't know, it depends what my roll is with the team going forward and my access to them. I did it because I enjoy talking to my team mates, not something to do for the future. That's a me thing."


Who knew you were returning prior to the season and why wasn't it public?: "Kalil, Travelle and Piggy knew it was my last year. I didn't want to make my last year a spectacle, so I didn't make it known."


Talked about someone quoting him saying "Cam's head is a bigger issue than his ankle" Gross: "That's completely wrong, that goes back to quotes in the media. People hear what they want to hear. That's the reason I don't tweet as much as I do. If you put quote marks around something, it's DEFINITELY true."


note: I didn't see anything personally on this Cam thing. I saw a comment below regarding his head problem>ankle problem. He shoots that down in the last section. Basically again, just saying people hear what they want to hear.


He finished the segment talking about visiting Idaho and fishing. Stayed the full hour. I'll post a podcast link if it becomes available.

Panther's Cap at $19-$21M not $29M

26 February 2014 - 11:35 AM


@Jason_OTC I have the Panthers in the $19M range for cap room as well. I don't know where $29M came from.


@ColinWFNZ @Jason_OTC $117.27M in '14 cap obligations with $6.01M in carry over from '13 doesn't add up to $29M in cap space for Carolina.



Saw the #Panthers updated cap figures yesterday. They are about $21 million under the projected $132 million cap.


I had the Panthers with more space in past tweets/updates. Shoot the messenger.




Goes to show the Overthecap.com and Spotrac.com numbers have been closer than people give them credit