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In Topic: Norman was close to getting a flag last night.

Today, 12:55 PM

Philly is at fault for his muffed punt. He did however have enough time to pick it up and run. He just didn't protect it. I wouldn't have faulted him if he did fall on it though. I just don't believe it was a bad decision to pick it up and run.

Norman did it again, and on the 5 yard line at that. He should have just fell on it at that point. It isn't the first time he has made a mistake like this and he clearly hasn't learned. I would be happy if we let him go today. It is jus how I feel.

Philly is a rookie. Norman is not. That does not free Philly of all blame, but Norman should have known better.

In Topic: In a way was our defense slightly exposed last night?

Today, 10:21 AM

Does anyone know why our corners (specifically White) were playing so far off the receivers?
I mean Ben was taking about 1.5 seconds or leas to get rid of the ball. Wouldn't we have benefited from pressing/bumping them?

In Topic: .....Recalculating.....

Today, 09:38 AM

Actually Philly also decided to "ignore protocol" by falling on the ball. Not only did he muff the punt, but he tried picking it up again to only end up fumbling it again. So yes, Norman fugged up, but that whole ordeal should be blamed on Philly Brown and his Puerto Rican mustache

Well the thing is he didn't "try" to pick it up, he did. And he really had time to do so. If he would have protected it after that, all would be well.

Norman tried to pick it up and couldn't, knocking it into the end-zone. It was more dangerous than Philly's mistake. It was also done at the 5 yard line. Again:

Bottom line is norman has made the same mistake again. He hasnt learned. I dont think he will til he gets dropped. I believe he is a talented guy, i just think he is a selfish player right now. You have got to know the situation on the field. If we were down 7-3 with 3 seconds left and norman tried to pick it up and run it I wouldnt really fault him. That wasnt the case. We had a good drive and a defensive stop. Bad decision for a vet.

In Topic: .....Recalculating.....

Today, 08:11 AM

If you blame this game on one muffed return and a bone headed play by Norman you did not watch the game.

That may have been the final blow but there were a lot of other bad aspects of the game prior to that.

Sorry, my phone's screen jumped and i hit submit before I could finish. Im not blaming this game on it. However, this isn't his first bonehead play. Im asking for people to cut Philly some slack. He played a good game save the punt return.....or lack there of.

In Topic: Bold Predictions vs PIT

Yesterday, 01:43 PM

Mario Addison has 5 TFL (the RB) and one is a forced fumble.

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