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Best QB after Rodgers? Who's #2?

27 February 2015 - 09:10 PM

Well according to this article, it's between Brady......and Luck. Wow, I know they have a thing for neck beard.....but wow. Not only do they entertain the fact Luck is better than Brady, but many actually pick Luck as #2 behind Rodgers. That seems very insulting to a four-time Super Bowl Champion......but what do I know?


WR Harry Douglas released by Falcons

27 February 2015 - 11:02 AM


I like this guy, I would def love to consider bringing him in. Tore us up a bit on occasion. One of the best guys that we could actually sign. IMO

He would be third option in ATL, could be 2nd here in Carolina.

Late Round/Undrafted Prospect: OLB/S Neville Hewitt

23 February 2015 - 03:43 PM

Late Round/Undrafted Prospect
OLB/S Neville Hewitt

I haven't seen Hewitt mentioned and didn't see him invited to the combine. I'm actually a little surprised given his history, flipping from SS/FS to MLB/OLB. He went from 6'1" 190 in High School to 6'2" 220lbs at Marshall. Hewitt ran a 4.5 40 in High School, so 30 lbs later, his best was around 4.65. An NFL weight management plan could fix that.
He could play situationally and on STs at first. He would be an ideal replacement for Harper. Obviously faster and younger, but also able to come up like a LB. (Which has been mentioned on here about where Harper plays) Thomas Davis could also take him under his wing and help his switch from LB to SS. Yes, Davis did the reverse, but I'm sure he still has some advice that would help Hewitt adjust.

Hewitt won the C-USA Defensive Player of the Year in 2014 totaling:
123 tackles, 5 sacks, 3 PBU, 1 FR, and 1 int
(18 tackles and .5 sacks in one game)
(Includes 9 tackles and .5 sacks in the Bowl Game)

"Had surgery in February of 2014 to fix a herniated disc, pinched nerve and bone spurs and then went on to win Conference USA Defensive Player of the Year. Team captain. Noted film room junkie. Has been able to overcome much adversity off the field and stay focused in the classroom, maintaining a 3.0 GPA."

Read more below:


Most of the C-USA DPOY have been underwhelming in the NFL, but that's not an end all. There have been some good players to come out from the C-USA.

'97 C-USA Defensive Player of the Year

CB Patrick Surtain

'O3-'05 C-USA Offensive Player of the Year

RB DeAngelo Williams

A few notable players from C-USA

- Randy Moss - Asante Samuel

- Roddy White. - Matt Forte

- Brandon Marshall - Dontari Poe

- Linval Joseph - Ahmad Bradshaw

- D.J. Haden - Ishmael (ATL 7th rounder)

Of course Hewitt could always still play LB, but I believe he would be best suited at SS. Either way, he has the talent, determination, and the mental capacity to succeed.

"What put Hewitt over the top, he said, was his work in the film room, which was essential for his transition to linebacker. As a safety at Georgia Military, he was left free to roam the field and make whatever play necessary. Moving to linebacker, the 6-foot-2, 219-pound Hewitt became responsible for many of the defensive calls, helping the defensive line in front of him and the defensive backs behind him."

Read more below:


I don't know how to put video in the threads, but I have a link to his Senior vid. If anyone will explain how I will add it.

Neville Hewitt Highlights:

Panthers' Mock Draft

21 February 2015 - 05:38 PM

I know it will probably be a little ridiculous to expect to know who will fall and who won't, but I had some time while traveling.....so anyway. I will update this after free agency. Also, many stocks will rise and fall after combine. But for now:

(used Walterfootball for rounds 1-4)

RD 1
T.J. Clemmings- OT 6'5" 309lbs (alternative pick: OLB Vic Beasley)
Former High School basketball player. Very athletic, but still raw. However, he does have the size and skill-set to start at LT. I know people don't wanna hear it out this way but, at least it will be an upgrade from Bell.

RD 2
Rashad Greene- WR 6'0" 180lbs (alternate pick: Jalen Collins- CB)
A receiver that isn't raw!?!? Amazing right? Gettleman loves the pick of KB, but bringing in a receiver who runs great routes and consistently catches the ball will do wonders. Not to mention he played with KB the year they won the Championship. Even with KB in the line-up he had over 1,000 yards receiving and 9 TDs. Pair them back up?

RD 3
Ty Montgomery- WR/KR 6'2" 220lbs (alternate pick: D.J. Humphries- OT)
It's likely someone will wise up and take a shot with Montgomery with or without a successful combine. He may be snatched up at least by round 2. If he does fall to us, expect him to be the pick. Successful returner who is very dangerous with the ball in his hands. He only had 600 yards receiving last year, but had almost 1,000 the year before that.

RD 4
Tony Washington- DE/OLB 6'3" 250lbs (alternate pick: CB Senquez Golson)
Grabbing Washington here makes sense. Our coaching staff has talked about wanting a few guys for STs, Addison being mentioned. I believe this guy compares to Addison and would be a great STs contributor. He is also versatile on defense allowing the staff to use him in a Colin Jones type of way. Golson could be the pick here if Gettleman believes Bene can play outside. However, he may wait till the next round.

***Also, this could be a potential trade time. Gettleman has shown the willingness to trade up in later rounds.***

(used Draft-site for rounds 5-7)

RD 5 ***TRADE UP*** [2015 5th and 7th]
Cam Thomas- CB 6'1" 190lbs
Big, physical corner who doesn't mind helping in the run game. The talent is there, but much like Norman, the mindset needs some tweaking. According to CBS Sports, he has a tendency to leave assignment for the big play. However, with all the veterans on this defense, I believe they can help him become more disciplined. Yes, that includes Norman. He can speak from experience. Should be helpful on STs as well.

RD 6 (LAST PICK due to trade)
Neville Hewitt- OLB/S 6'2" 217lbs (alternate pick: Austin Shepard)
Played hybrid safety before joining Marshall. Honestly, I would be surprised to see him here. Strong tackler and quick, but undersized coming out the draft for LB. I would play him at safety. Would be a great Kam Chancellor-like player for us. Harper would be a great mentor. Also, should be excellent for an early STs role.
[Expect this guy to be picked up by us as soon as Getts sees fit.]

Brandon Marshall could bump Smith out of Baltimore

14 February 2015 - 07:38 PM


"3. Brandon Marshall, Bears: Marshall's $7.5 million salary becomes fully guaranteed if he's on the roster by the third day of the league year -- March 12. He received no assurances about his future after meeting with the new regime. Marshall turns 31 next month and is coming off a disappointing season. Perhaps more importantly, the recent scuttlebutt out of Chicago is that his behavior rankled teammates and coaches last year. The rumor mill has connected the veteran receiver to former coordinator Marc Trestman, who landed in Baltimore."

I didn't say which Smith for a reason, because I'm not sure which will get the boot. (if either) I would imagine a Marshall/T. Smith combo would be quite effective. However, it depends on how highly Torrey thinks of Torrey. Just a little heads up for those lobbying for him to come to Carolina.

Also, this could be why they are pushing Smitty to reconsider playing again. It just looks like one may not be back. Something to keep an eye on in the coming weeks.