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In Topic: If Kalil is out for any plays on Sunday....

Today, 02:28 PM


In Topic: Roll call for the home opener

Today, 11:11 AM

I still have a few remaining. Mine are $65 and include beers at Prohibition on my tab from 4p-6p.

Where are your seats?

In Topic: Roll call for the home opener

Today, 10:51 AM

trying to decide if I want to drop the money to do this.


would be really cool, just trying to figure out if it's $100+ cool.

In Topic: "Thom Tillis has a proven record fighting against Obamacare"

Today, 09:18 AM

I get a good chuckle at most of the ads in this race TBQH


Next I predict one of them will claim the other raped and killed a child in 1992.

In Topic: should i open it?

Today, 09:09 AM

Why do I think of Eminem's "Stan" when I think of Alice writing a letter to Phillyb?

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