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In Topic: Anyone else use FanDuel?

26 September 2014 - 10:56 AM

Anyone have success on how to start on FD? Do you start with one team for like $25 to get the jist..or go full in?

Like is there a league type to start with..win money but start playing in a different bigger payout league?

I do not gamble,as you can prob tell..but i do play and win a lot of fantasy leagues. Although im getting $800 winning my baseball fantasy league i want money i see weekly! Not after 6months.

I have used draft kings and they have free games to start so if you need to practice you can do some of those. you will have most of your success doing head to head matchups but if you do a 20 dollar matchup you wager 20 to win 16 if you win because of the sites take. They also have multipliers where if you finish in the top whatever percentage you can take your 25 and move it to 75 and depending on the multiplier you just lessen your chances like the 3 x and 10x  your going , in a triple your going for the top 6 spots out of 20 and the 10x your going for the top 3 spots out of 34 people.


So far i have not had much success with the baseball , coming out a little under on football so far , you really have to be on the top  of your game and have a lot of variables go your way to win it seems.


Watched a good piece on real sports about these sites last night , a lot of the top guys have been stock brokers at one point or another and compare this to playing the stocks. A lot of the top guys also have serious algorithms and stat programs they have created that put out information that the average joe just does not have and they are making over 6 figures playing these games a year.  

In Topic: Yo I'm Dying Here Need 4-5 Tickets for Chicago Game

24 September 2014 - 02:46 PM

There is over 200 sets of 5 on stubhub. And about 30 on the ticket exchange. 


Cheapest being 67 but they are up there. 

In Topic: Fallout 4: Most Anticipated Game Ever.

12 September 2014 - 11:04 AM

Dont get me wrong new vegas was good as well but it just didnt seem big enough or that it was lacking something that was not there in FO3.

In Topic: Fallout 4: Most Anticipated Game Ever.

11 September 2014 - 10:31 AM

Fallout 3 was one of my favorite games of all time , the bugs/glitches / lag didnt happen enough to make the game unplayable. The searching for things having to check out all the environment to make sure you get all the loot possible , being able to use gun or mele strategies along with the good / evil character choices were just fun and gave hours upon hours of game play. This was just a fun game , Vegas was ok but not as good as 3 to me. 

In Topic: Arena Upgrades Approved; Bonnell: All Star Game Likely

10 September 2014 - 10:28 AM

Is there really a need for upgrades after only ten years?

Have you not upgraded your tv's in the last 10 years ? Technology has come a long way since then. 

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