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In Topic: Matt Ryan vs Cam Newton, who's better?

Yesterday, 04:26 PM

Which is what makes this the best years for Saints fans, one of the best Saints team ever, one of the best QBs ever, the best coach next to Bellechick, new records every season, and so on. We finally got our SB in '09, anything that comes now is lagniappe! Great times!

Also, don't act like the NFL in most of those 33 years had the same parity as now.



Correction, you finally got your superbowl*

In Topic: Matt Ryan vs Cam Newton, who's better?

Yesterday, 04:24 PM

Not teaming up with anybody, screw the Falcons, but Ryan has been solid from day one. He may has had some help with WRs and RBs over the years, but hasn't had a defense. On other hand, Cams offense needed just 13 points a game last season for a win, yet still came in as one of the worst offenses in the league,.

It's pretty simple, most of the Falcons wins were because of Ryan, most of Panther win were in spite of Cam.



Spoke like a true cherry picker of stats. 


Let's look at QBR for a time when it's pretty much on the QB's shoulders, the last 2 minutes. Cam = almost 100, Matty =60. Go sit in the corner and eat your sewage.

In Topic: Matt Ryan vs Cam Newton, who's better?

Yesterday, 04:20 PM

Cams right on track too, 0-1 starting his 4th year. Lol


Gee let's look and see how your boy did, shall we? Looks like he played his first play-off game in his 4th year and LOST. Laugh  on.

In Topic: Awesome twink!

20 July 2014 - 02:05 PM


BMI in the 30-35 range.


20 July 2014 - 04:06 AM

Well considering I predicted a loss before the game, made a thread congratulating panthers for win right after game, and never said they didn't win the second game, I'm not sure what point you're making, you do realize the teams played twice, so if you compare the 8 qtrs total played by team last year, the w/l was a tie, so if you go tiebreakers, saints scored more point, more TDs, more yards, etc. also bother teams finished 2013 with the same number of wins.



100% idiot

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