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This is some real stuff right here....

Today, 12:23 AM

I might need to get into some lingerie football dog,,, These ladies go haaaaarrrddddd......





Don't Panic yet...

01 May 2015 - 08:24 AM

Most of you know I'm not a blind homer and don't agree with everything Gettlemen does..

And to be honest I'm not all on board with the Shaq... Based on value and position fit.. But he is a player so I'll hold back.. We all had to know as soon as Humphries was picked before our pick it was a done deal for OT in the 1st. . I know I don't want Clemmings in the 1st.. He isn't good. .

My point is this thread is this draft is deep in WR'S and RB'S also DE's and later round DB'S....We have 8 more picks. So we still can come out of this draft filling needs on offense. .

With the 25th pick and especially after Collins mess I knew we would probably not get a starter ready OT.. So a developmental OT is the option and still available. . So yes Cam will have to run for his life again but at least we have more depth on Oline already..

Let's just wait and let the plan play out.. We still have a chance to get weapons and future protection for Cam..

Now if Gettlemen keeps up with this ignoring Offense in this draft... Then I promise I will have my pitch fork and torch out as well..


Ohhh Forerunner...

30 April 2015 - 09:20 PM

Time to pay the piper..

A Question brought up from IGO's latest podcast?

16 April 2015 - 05:39 PM

Assuming we draft a WR this year..

J-Jones and IGo brought up a great point. . A few guys from last year WR corp aren't making the team..

Facts are..
We only carry 5 to 6 at the most..

KB , Ginn and the draft picks are locks to make it.. Which only leaves 2 to 3 open spots on the roster. .

Cotchery is the only vet on the roster and they love his leadership in the WR film room.. So even thoe he sucks on the field he might be a lock.. Being Ricky likes his presence with the younger players. .

Hill right now has the most upside than any of the other guys not name Benji.

Boykin has had more success in the league and adds value as a special teams gunner. .

And then there is the 2 under dogs Bersin and Philly who got playing time last year and the coaching staff really likes them..

Finally you have the Lucaus and Browns on practice squad last year looking to compete..

Point being some fan favorites aren't making this team this year.. The numbers game isn't working in their favour..

Ike Taylor just said..

15 April 2015 - 10:36 PM

That Steve Smith was the number 1 toughest WR he had to face..

Even more surprising he had Smitty over Randy Moss and Eric Moulds..

All on NFL total Excess on Nfl Network. .