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#2446442 Football Gameplan's 2014 NFL Midseason Mock Draft Video

Posted by monkey48 on 24 October 2013 - 05:35 PM

I think the first three picks are spot-on. The Vikes should take Watkins if they are picking at 4 but I could see them trading down and taking one of the many DBs to improve their secondary. If the Texans are picking at 5 looking to get a QB I would be very suprised if they went for Manziel over Mariota. Mariota has a more physical running style which limits injury (more Newton or Wilson as opposed to Griffin) and he doesn't make as many mistakes as Manziel. If you are a team who needs a spark on offence then Manziel makes more sense but the Texans just need a guy who can spread the ball around to their numerous weapons. I think Matthews and Nix will got the other way round as the Rams are woeful against the run, they had to pack the box to stop DeAngelo Williams which gave Cam space to complete almost 90% of his passes. I also think the Steelers are in desperate need of protection for Big Ben. He is getting hit far too much for a guy with injury issues. The Raiders are also in need of upgrading their OL as Pryor has been under pressure almost all year and they will be able to get a HB such as Sankey in the 2nd (Also Thomas's stock is tanking due to his injury and the performance of Tavon Austin), maybe Taylor Lewan? I agree with the next few picks as well but I think the Browns will go QB over HB as Weeden has been awful and I doubt they will risk entrusting Hoyer with their offence based on how little he has played, somebody like Manziel or Boyd would make sense. The next few picks make sense as well but I think the Titans are also in need of OT over OW, somebody like Hurst, Kouandijo or Richardson would make sense here. That would leave the Cards able to take Ebron as a short option for Palmer. I don't think they'll give-up on him quite yet and he doesn't have a big inside target to compliment Fitzgerald. I agree that Matthews is one of the best QBs in this class but, luckily for the Panthers, I think he is also going to fall into the late rounds, some "experts" have him valued as a non-draftable prospect. As far as the Ravens go I just think that Matthews projects to be more of the Boldin-esque possession receiver than Evans. I have no doubt that Evans is the better player but I think that Matthews is more suited to their needs.This will then leave the Panthers to take Evans as he is, again, more suited to our needs. The Bears need more help up front than behind. Their secondary is pretty good, especially their CBs so DL help would be good. This would then leave the Packers to take Clinton-Dix as they need help at S as well as LB. The Pats may well go WR (such as Coleman) over DT as Brady has struggled due to WR inconsistency. Finally, the Broncos need help in the secondary far more than at DT.


Overall, I thought this was actually a really good early mock, thanks.

#2432437 RG3 is fragile and sucks

Posted by monkey48 on 17 October 2013 - 04:54 PM

Really can't believe they gave up that much for him.


Trading that much for RG3 is going to go down as one of the worst moves in recent years. If they already had the 2nd overall pick then I'd say it was maybe worth the risk (though why very few people saw Wilson as a franchise QB confused me then and astounds me now). They could have got so much for those picks, what a waste.

#2432383 WR Crop Looking Pretty Strong for 2014

Posted by monkey48 on 17 October 2013 - 03:45 PM

The key with receivers is release, catching and route running. Most big-time college receiver get let-down by the first as they aren't used to playing against good press coverage in the NFL. Receivers who might not go high in the draft but who have proved themselves against he press in college are usually the biggest steals, e.g. Steve Smith and Keenan Allen. 


Watkins is a very good receiver but has yet to show he can get release from press coverage. Until he can show that then he is always going to be a but of a risk, much like Tavon Austin last year.


Marquise Lee has faced good press coverage in college, but he has really struggled against it. When he went man-to-man against Ipre-Olumu vs Oregon last year he looked nothing like an NFL 1st rounder. A big play receiver who will not develop into an every-down guy, similar to Ted Ginn in many ways.


Mike Evans is the best receiver in the class. At 6'5 225lbs he is a match-up nightmare. He has good hands and gets very good release, just watch the 'Bama game for evidence. Although he might not have the speed of Watkins or Lee he is a far more pro-ready WR, with just as much upside.



#2431959 2014 NFL draft prospects

Posted by monkey48 on 17 October 2013 - 10:52 AM

Top prospects for us: 


Jake Matthews, Mike Evans, Taylor Lewan, Anthony Barr, Sammy Watkins, Cyrus Kouandijo, Gabe Jackson, CJ Mosley and David Yankey.