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In Topic: Best quarter for GDP growth in 11 years

23 December 2014 - 06:25 PM

Did I say made up? Nope, I am just saying stats may look good but the quality of the growth is not shown with what was presented. Stock Market is making the speculators rich and the Fed's policies helped them get wealthy. Tech bubble, housing bubble, those false wealth effects that stimulated an economy through false pretense. Calm down dude, I'm a realist and not a Pub.


Got it. I'm calm. I was just asking. Preeeeshate it. 

In Topic: Best quarter for GDP growth in 11 years

23 December 2014 - 06:08 PM

Hmmm stock market is overvalued and any common sense will tell you that so Wall Street is doing well but what about the common individual or small business. Unemployment is not any lower in true terms when accounting for the job market participation. Growth rate is only for the quarter, nice candy picking.

Gas prices will induce future temporary growth and more blind euphoria. Interest rates are not accurately reflecting but I'm happy things have stablize finally even if temporarily. Remember the dollar chases profit.

After the bitchfest about manipulation, cherry picking stats, and denial of reality, Merry Christmas to everyone :)



Wow. So those stats are "just made up"? OK, I forgot that we live in the land of make believe. I get it now. My bad. 

In Topic: Best quarter for GDP growth in 11 years

23 December 2014 - 05:14 PM







In Topic: Best quarter for GDP growth in 11 years

23 December 2014 - 05:10 PM

About time after 6 years of 'recovery'





In Topic: CAPTURED! Accused Trooper Shooter Eric Frein in Police Custody After 48 D...

23 December 2014 - 03:52 PM

I have seen those as well. No doubt that happens.
In terms of cops go watch the interview of a former NYC cop on Anderson Cooper who was a former councilman. Excellent breakdown on perceptions vs reality and why the disconnect happens in some communities.
He is black and admitted his own bias towards black males and it caught Cooper off guard. He goes if all you hear all day is black male suspect you almost instinctively are more mistrusting.
Again I don't dispute the disparity or what was in the videos. That has nothing to do with the split second exchange that goes from heated to violence very quickly that leads to more unarmed guys being shot or killed than total random police killings of seemingly innocent people.
And I have said numerous times we need to look and see what cities a bad racial pattern is ongoing and compare as much data as possible.
Is each race being pulled for the same reasons? Why does one get pulled more than an another? Why does one never seem to get pulled? In a court of law is one group walking more because of money or just race?
You can't say on one side of your mouth a person should be viewed as an individual and then turn around and assume a cadre of cops are all the same. The cop involved in the Garner case had a bad history and you have this on camera. He himself is responsible and should have at least gotten reckless homicide. If the entire dept needs to reassess how they police than so be it.
Multiple systematic paths lead to these outcomes more often than not. And sometimes they have nothing to do with the other.


The good 'ole USA has a long, long, long history of what's bold. It's called systemic or institutional racism.  Again, some of us either don't know, don't care or ignore it. A lot of people are ignorant of it. I understand why. 

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