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Secondary seems so different....

17 August 2014 - 09:32 PM

As opposed to last year, it seems as if our strength was mainly from Mitchell and our safeties, they were not necessarily better but seemed to stay in position and be aggressive on the run. After watching them tonight made me wonder about the strong safety position, though Decoud looks to atleast keep the play in front at free idk how I feel about Lester when it comes to pass Coverage. He seems to run himself out of his coverage leaving huge gaps down the seems or the sidelines. And apparently Harper isn't much better in pass coverage, this position just concerns me at the moment and I
Almost feel like that is the kink in our ds shiny
Armor. I feel so much better at the corner position after watching Cason and white get after it with nice intensity but how much worse
Off are we than last year because of that one weak link in our D?

Overall I still feel really
Good about the D jus wondering what you all are thinkin about the position....keep it slim on the
Gloom and doom tho this thread may not
Look like I'm an optimist when it comes this team!!!!


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