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I got faith in BIG MIKE! A little background on Michael Oher.

12 April 2015 - 11:03 PM

After recently watching the Movie Blind-side about Michael Jerome Williams JR or Michael Oher (aka Big Mike) I decided to do some reading up on who he is, more in depth, not just the shy but protective giant portrayed in the movie about him. Oher struggled growing up, with his father in and out of prison and his mother addicted to crack-cocaine, any person could see the life set up for him. Michael was also a sibling to 12 brothers and sisters. When big mike reached the age of seven he was alternating between being in and out of foster homes, and homelessness. He repeated grades one and two due to neglect and lack of a supportive family or anyone for that matter that actually cared for him. Not only did he struggle in school due in part to neglect he also attended 11 different schools in his first nine years. His senior year of high school he lost his father who was murdered in prison. Though his father was hardly the Dad he should be, losing any family member, especially your dad is difficult.

Luckily the Tuohy family took him in and got him the help every kid deserves from then on Big Mike lived up to his name. By his junior year in high-school Michael began to stand out and his senior season he was the starting left tackle on the varsity football team. Not only did michael star in football he also played basketball and track, on the court averaging 20 points and 10 rebounds per game leading his team to a 26-7 record, which I think is pretty outstanding. But the pigskin is where Big mike shined, after his senior season he had garnered enough notoriety he began receiving division 1 offers. He eventually accepted an offer from the University of Mississippi, turning down offers from Tennessee, LSU, NC State and Alabama among others. Once in college Michael proved to be the football star everyone got to know now and To shorten up this quick essay you can read about Michaels collegiate accolades and awards here and also a more in depth biography which is where I got most of this info. http://www.biography...-football-field

In the End, I guess my point in telling you guys all this is that anyone who can go through adversity such as this, suffer hardships that most people would succumb too and give up, who rose from rags to riches to put it plainly can overcome again. I believe in Big Mike and I think he will protect our qb, and with a mindset built like his there isnt much that can stop him. So before your start bashing the guy or my post, this is just an optimistic spin on an important signing for us. If he can become who I think he can be we will have a guy that will give it his all and produce at a high level.

Heres to optimism....

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This is fitting for the patriots.

20 February 2015 - 12:23 PM

Here is the corrected link. Tosh calls out the pats for their ways. Pretty funny.

Percy Harvin

12 February 2015 - 09:34 PM

What do the huddlers think about this idea? Harvin is an explosive threat exactly like what we are looking for. His prior problems with seattle I believe are a little overblown I
Mean the guy destroyed on special teams and is a constant threat with the ball in his hands. If the jets decide to release him barring a ridiculous price coming with him i think he actually is a great fit for us, similar to ted ginn but more of an upgrade. I can just see the option being ran with him and cam, could be deadly. So what say you huddlers, yay or nay?

Some FA targets

28 January 2015 - 12:18 PM

Just curious about a few guys who could potentially be on the roster next year. The articles I read seem to be pretty vague on the value of some of these guys and leave out details of how well the person has played. Derrick Newton from Houston is a name I keep seeing that I know nothing about, and obviously anyone is an upgrade from what we had in 2014. I know there are threads about this already but I want to know what financially feasible options are out there that will fill our needs. Please be in depth explaining their strengths and weaknesses, how they fit our scheme, character concerns, and any other reason you see fit. This is just so I, and others that are curious, will have names to keep an eye on. There does seem to be value in FA's at some of our needs, especially at WR and the defensive backfield, the tackle position seems to be lacking though.

A win is a win.

03 January 2015 - 10:05 PM

Alot of bitching and moaning after a win. Get over yourselves, jus enjoy the fuggin win.