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How much influence will the "Tolldozer" have on the run game?

25 November 2014 - 06:16 PM

Not only in Minnesota but throughout the rest of the season? Should it strengthen given a solid lead blocker? And will he help the passing game with assisting cam in the pocket, or outside of it in the screen game? He helped last year and earned a pro bowl ballot, what say you?

Oh and for you gif Lovers

The REAL problem with this organization.

26 October 2014 - 11:00 PM

Not Cam, Luke, Shula, Bell, Rivera, Gettleman or any person directly involved with the franchise.

It is you my fellow huddlers, with the exception of a handful this fan base is nearly the worst in the NFL. Week in and week out the emotion of this fan base is dang near menstrual. Its absolutely ridiculous, every week, win or lose you all have something to complain about. The best teams in the League all state their opinion, they all voice possible problems, and solutions, but none of them question the absolutes. Which is the fact that they love their team, they would
Punch their momma if they bad mouthed their pro-bowl qb, they would slap their sister if their pro-bowl linebacker was considered not so good by her lack of intelligence. Granted each team is a business and business decisions must be made to produce but i say the organization will never change until the fan base does. You guys keep doubting every coach, player, manager, mascot and water-boy, as a true die hard fan, I wont. Tho disappointed at the outcome of some games i have come
To realize that this is one tough as$ game and to expect perfection out
Of each and every aspect of the team is ludicrous. I want to see us succeed and i honestly think if the attitude of these whiney loser, couch potato coachin, elementary football educated fan base would step up and accept accountability on their part for not backing up their team and bashing locals when they cheer for any one other than the home team then MAYBE jus MAYBE our FO would take notice and operate the same way. Or how about showing up on a frigging HOME game and outnumbering THE TEAM VISITING. Now who you gone point
Fingers at, let the men work its mid season it is what it is and save your judging for the offseason.
We have a opportunity to be the first in our division, the first to do it
Consecutively, the first time
In franchise history for back to back winning seasons, and back to back playoff appearances and you guys wanna B1tCH about what? Byron bell being left handed? Shula's screen
Plays, cams high throws, tds missed
Tackles, rivera's balls, gettleman and his financial decisions and plan, kelvin not making one catch, luke missing a tackle, mcdermott's mcschemes? I could go on for days, and i would say if u think you are better then do it, but you know, your not, and half of you are prob not even coordinated enough to take a 3 step drop and hit a 15 yard dig across the middle on your 2 foot five inch nephew, not to mention fluently
Kick slide your ass newhere other than your fridge.

Diehard out.

Luke and Cam

28 September 2014 - 05:54 PM

Are the face of this franchise, and its sickening though makes sense that being the leaders of this team they are taking the brunt of the storm from
This fan base. Questioning their abilities could be the dumbest thing that any of you could do, obviously the team itself is not gelling well. The oline is absurd, causing the entirety of problems on offense. You cant run nor pass effectively without an oline. Chandler has to be the worst RT in the history of the league and bell well, is bell. On defense its tough for me to hear all this luke doubt, i mean the man has accumulated well over 300 tackles in 2 seasons thats outrageous. The problem on this defense is lack of aggression, subpar pass rush, and subpar secondary, this personnel does not fit the scheme designed by the coaching staff if any one is to blame it is the FO. They came into the last two games unprepared and never seem to make changes. Not to mention the injury bug just wont stay away. But blaming luke and cam is outrageous, do you expect these two men to win the games on their own? When a team struggles its not because of one player, being that this is a team sport. Yeah they have been slack the past two weeks but its not their fault alone. They can pull this together there is still time but
A culture change is needed and that begins with the FO and coaching staff.

And then there was the fair weather fans....

22 August 2014 - 09:31 PM

All is well till one bad preseason showing, although this game was awful, its still preseason. Alot can change in the next two weeks and alot of you seem to forget some of the factual info about tonights game. Let me share my observations:

1. Luke played very few snaps, and ben jacobs just doesn't play like luke.
2. We talk about Oline play, Trai was out this game and i believe that makes a difference in the run game.
3. Cam is still shaking the rust off and seemed to me on a few of the third downs we did not convert in the regular season cam makes guys miss and converts. He is building charisma with this receiving core so he sat in the pocket longer.
4. Charles Johnson didn't play a snap, and hardy was limited. With those guys not on the field our defense is no where near the same. I can say confidently that CJ and Hardy both playing all four quarters are coming out with at least 4 sacks.
5. All this talk about shula this shula that, ITS PRESEASON why would he utilize the whole playbook. Anybody else recognize that we were 5 for 5 up until this game in redzone scoring.
6. How many third down stops were nullified by a bogus penalty that wont be called in the regular season, the refs admitted when preseason began that more flags will be thrown in order to show where they plan to enforce more strictly. Not to mention the players and coaches will pick up on these flags and will be more disciplined when then reg season begins.
7. And the obvious, it was a short week and NE had more time to prepare.
There are a few more things i could state and point out that were positive from this game though admittedly this game was not pretty. But any fair weather fan could point out how pitiful it was but the true fans regardless of the outcome try to
Point out the bright spots and realize that this game doesn't mean poo. No reason to panic, i trust in this team and the staff and there is no doubt in my mind we will field a competitive team with a strong D and a chain moving offense. Besides games such as these are far easier to learn from than a W. Keep your head up Huddlers the sky isn't falling. You have freedom to pout if we have a showing like this in the regular season. Take this one with a grain of salt.

Secondary seems so different....

17 August 2014 - 09:32 PM

As opposed to last year, it seems as if our strength was mainly from Mitchell and our safeties, they were not necessarily better but seemed to stay in position and be aggressive on the run. After watching them tonight made me wonder about the strong safety position, though Decoud looks to atleast keep the play in front at free idk how I feel about Lester when it comes to pass Coverage. He seems to run himself out of his coverage leaving huge gaps down the seems or the sidelines. And apparently Harper isn't much better in pass coverage, this position just concerns me at the moment and I
Almost feel like that is the kink in our ds shiny
Armor. I feel so much better at the corner position after watching Cason and white get after it with nice intensity but how much worse
Off are we than last year because of that one weak link in our D?

Overall I still feel really
Good about the D jus wondering what you all are thinkin about the position....keep it slim on the
Gloom and doom tho this thread may not
Look like I'm an optimist when it comes this team!!!!


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