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Smith vs Lucas

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Saints 0-2 .... Panthers 2-0

14 September 2014 - 03:07 PM

The bandwagon is officially open.... All aboard.

Harbaugh compares Kaepernick to Superman? Say what?

10 September 2014 - 01:03 PM


Jim Harbaugh said Kaep is the only qb in the NFL that could make the type of plays he displayed in week 1. Panthers website definitely felt differently.

Who is the smartest player in the NFL?

26 August 2014 - 08:50 AM

Who is the smartest player in the NFL? A lot of people are automatically say Peyton Manning and for good reason, have we have seen a quarter back that dictates defenses like manning? Probably not. You could also make a valid argument for Tom Brady. There is not a player in the NFL that I hated more than Brady, but the old saying " You have to give respect, where respect is due.". Tom has been to 6 Super Bowls and won 3 (unfortunately one was against the Panthers). I know I am going to be bias with this choice, but I am going to come out and say it. Luke keuchley is the smartest defensive player in the league right now and when Manning retires, he will probably be in that number one slot. Keuchley has been a stud since his college days. He was 6 tackles away from breaking the all time tackle record in NCAA football history and even had one year of eligibility before entering the draft. We might just be witnessing not only the greatest Linebacker of all time, but the greatest defensive player of all time. I think everyone would agree that LT Lawrence Taylor for the Giants was the greatest to ever play a defensive position, some could argue it was Ray Lewis. Lawrence Taylor and Luke Keuchley are the only players in history to have won NFL defensive ROY and DPOY in their first two seasons. Luke is by far the best draft pick this franchise has ever had and has given this team an identity along with Cam Newton. So my fellow Panther Fans be patient, because our time is coming in the near future. Keep Pounding!

Are we Super Bowl contenders this year?

23 July 2014 - 10:56 AM

From everything to ESPN to Bleacher Report believes the Carolina Panthers and Riverboat Ron have no chance to even make the playoffs this year, let alone win the Super Bowl.
I know... I know we have no LT, our WRs smell funny, and everyone calls our secondary the legion of whom?. Seriously though. Is the fan base the only people in the world that believes in this team? We had some controversial moves this offseason by letting Steve Smith go, but it had to be done for future considerations. We dealt with or should I say still dealing with the Hardy fiasco. Hopefully this will not be a cancer in the locker room this year.
We all saw a huge leap by Cam Newton and Rob Rivera last year and I think we are going to see a upward trend from this team this season. Who cares if ESPN can't name one of our WRs right now, but on opening day they will know who we are. I am tired of every article putting the panthers last in a division they dominated a season ago. Can't wait for this team to come out hungry and show the world what the Panthers are all about! Is it football season yet?!? KEEP POUNDING!

All Time Panther Team

22 May 2014 - 02:46 PM

Since its offseason, I am almost positive everyone is tired of talking about our WRs, Greg Hardy, and who the hell is going to be our starting LT. So I assembled the greatest panther team of all time. So look it over and tell me what you would change.



1st QB - Cam Newton - 2x Probowler, ROY, and posting a 60% completion rate with 11,300 and 64 passing touchdowns in 3 years is pretty impressive.


2nd QB - Jake Delhomme - A true underdog story and a fan favorite, if we could only forget about that home playoff game against the Cardinals.


3rd QB - Kerry "Drunken" Collins - I want to put Steve Beuerlein here, but with the lack of playoff wins I have to go with Collins. Simply because he took the team all the way to the NFCC game, where eventually we would get blown out by Brett Farve and the Packers.




1st RB - Steven Davis - Has there ever been a better FA pickup by the Panthers? Davis really made the 2003 team into a smash mouth football monster. He posted 1,444 yards and 8 TD during that season.


2nd RB - Deangelo Williams - The Panthers all time leading rusher had 1515 yards, 18 touchdowns, and was averaging 5.5 yards a carrier in 2008. Even though Williams might have lost a step, he is still a good back in our offense today.


3rd RB - Johnathan Stewart - When we drafted Stewart a lot of fans could not figure out why we needed another back. With the 12th overall pick it didn't make any sense. Stewart has become the second all time leading rusher in Panthers history. Could you imagine if this guy if he stayed healthy?


1st FB- Brad Hoover- This was a really tough one with the emergence of Mike Tolbert, but Brad Hoover was one of the main reasons that the run game was so potent for so many years. Besides who doesn't like to chant HOOOOV to the top of their lungs!


2nd FB - Mike Tolbert - Great pass catcher, blocker, and everyone remembers the hit he put on San Francisco's Reid.





1st WR- Steve Smith aka agent 89 - arguably a future hall of fame player and definitely the best player that's ever worn a Panthers jersey. Steve Smith since being drafted in the 3rd round out of Utah amassed 836 catches, 12,197 yards, and has put up 67 yards per game. I think we all are going to miss Steve Smith this upcoming season.


2nd WR - Mushin Muhhammad - A physical receiver that could go over the middle. Drafted back in 96 in the 2nd round, Mushin has done nothing put strait produce. He racked up 860 catches, 11,438 yards, and 62 touchdowns. This offense has been trying to find his replacement for years... Is that you Kelvin Benjamin?


3rd receiver - Tie between Mike Carrier,Rickey Proehl, and Patrick Jeffers. This is a tough one to call If Jeffers did not get injured I really think he could have been a great WR for years to come for the Panthers. Proehl is a student of the game and had some of the biggest catches in Panther's history. Mike Carrier was a good player but not great. He tallied up 2,500 yards and 13 touchdowns in 3 seasons.


1st TE - Wesley Walls - Did not matter if he was doubled covered, he always found a way to catch the ball. In the red zone defenses knew the ball was coming his way and could not stop it. During his tender with the Panthers, he had 44 touchdowns.


2nd TE - Greg Olsen - Probably Newton's best friend. Traded a 3rd round pick in 2011 and has been worth every penny since then. Olsen was the leading receiver in 2013 and is expected to be a big part of our offense in 2014.





LT- Jordan Gross - No competition here a corner stone of this franchise for over 10 years. Picked 9th overall from the University of Utah. I like when panthers pick Utah players, Steve Smith, Gross, and Star!


LG - Mike Wahle - In 2005 Jerry Richardson went on a spending frenzy and grabbed Wahle and Lucas. Did we overpay Wahle absolutely, but to be honest I can't think of anyone to overtake his spot. The closest in line would be Wharton. 


C - Ryan Kalil - Taken in the second round out of USC, also the only player in panthers history out of USC that has actually contributed. Ranked in this years top 100 for the 2nd time in 3 years. Do I need to say anymore?


RG - Evan Mathis - How in the hell did panthers let this guy slip away? Drafting him in the third round, he later played with the Bengals from 2008 - 2010 and did not allow a single sack in 2009, 2010 seasons. He currently plays with the Philadelphia Eagles and was rated by PFF the best guard in football in 2010 and 2011.


RT- Todd Stussie - Was a vital piece to the Panther's 2004 super bowl run and solid in pass protection for Delhomme. I know Gross played on the right side and he played on the left during the time, so you could argue to put Jeff Otah here. No one can deny that Otah was a beast in the run game, but injuries made his time short in the NFL.




LE - Julius Peppers - Game Changer, elite skill set, but lacked hustle to be legendary. The Vick vs. Peppers was a great game every time they suited up in that era.


LE - Honorable Mention - Greg Hardy - STAY OUT OF TROUBLE!


DT- Star Lotuleli - I might have him a little high on the list for only one year production, but the panthers got a great steal when the 14th overall pick was announced. This kid is going to be a monster in the trenches for many years to come.


DT - Kris Jenkins - Selected in the 2nd round out of Maryland, Kris was a offensive coordinators nightmare. He excelled against the pass and run.  


DT - Honorable mention - Brentson Buckner


RE - MIke Rucker - Peppers on one side, Rucker on the other, equals the best pass rushing tandem in panthers history.


RE - Honorable mention - Charles "Big Money" Johnson





LOLB - Thomas Davis - Originally drafted to play safety out of Georgia, then later converted to outside linebacker. We all know what Davis has accomplished and should have been physically impossible. to come back from 3 ACL tears and to play at the level he did last year is nothing short of impressive.


LOLB - Honorable mention - Lamar Lathon


MLB - SAM MILLS - This is the hardest position to rank the top player because of so many great mlb in Panther history. This one is well deserved and Mills became the heart and soul of this team. By far made the biggest impact of any player off and on the field. Mills always led by example and when diagnosed with cancer he continued to coach. RIP Sam MIlls.



MLB - Honorable Mentions - Luke Keuchly, Dan Morgan, Jon "The Beast" Beason. Keuchly could be the greatest MLB when it is all said and done. Its hard to argue that when a player wins DROY and DPOY back to back. The only player to achieve that honor was Lawrence Taylor... you might have heard about him.


ROLB - Kevin Greene - Nasty punishing hitter. Greene finished his career with 160 sacks, which 41.5 came while playing with the Panthers. Great expansion pickup and really helped put the defense on the map.





CB 1 - Chris Gamble  - Closest thing panthers ever had to a shut down corner. Drafted out "THE OHIO STATE" Gamble was a versatile weapon. He could return punts, kickoffs and shut down the opposition. Wish we was still on the team.


CB 2 - Eric Davis - Ball hawking corner that excelled in making breaks on the ball was a solid starter from 1996 - 2000.


Nickel - Ricky Manning JR - Without this man, The panthers would have never seen the Superbowl. His 3 pick performance was incredible against Donavan McNabb in the NFCC game.


Nickel - Honorable mentions - Captain Munnerlyn





FS - Mike Minter - Selected in the second round out of Nebraska, it didn't take long for minter to impress. He finished his career with 790 tackles, 15 forced fumbles, 8 recoveries, 15 interceptions, and 4 defensive touchdowns.


SS - Chad Cota - With exceptional speed and great tackling ability. Cota was a ideal safety at 6'1''. In 1996 he finished with a team high 5 interceptions.


Safety - honorable mentions - Mike Mitchell, Chris Harris.





K - John Kasey - The last original panther to be on the team. Hate he had that mishap in the Super Bowl.


P - Todd Sauerbrun - The only punter in the league that could hit like a line backer.  




KR/PR - Rod Smart " HE HATE ME" - The ex XFL player was a pretty solid return man for a few years and who doesn't love the name He Hate Me? 


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