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In Topic: Should we go after Vincent Jackson from Tampa Bay?

Today, 04:31 AM

Personally, I'd rather have an experienced OLine man. We have solid bets like Cotch and Avant and a playmaking rookie in Benjamin. Not to mention our awesome depth at the TE and RB positions. We just need some quality olineman. Although, our line has done decent this year so far.

In Topic: 2014 Game by Game Analysis - Part 3

Today, 03:06 AM

Was that the Annexation of Puerto Rico one? Because that was epic. Taking a play straight from Little Giants.


I think you're talking about the play against the Texans in 2011. 


In Topic: Never Seen D.G. Like This

Today, 02:54 AM

What I saw in that video was a man who was truly concerned about Hardy and how he feels rather than the 13.1 million in lost cap space. I think it speaks volumes about the kind of organization we are. I love how Rivera and DG have handled the situation. 


That being said, I don't believe this has really distracted DG from doing his job. I don't think it'll be a distraction beyond this point. It is pretty much over now until November. I think we'll be just fine. 

In Topic: Cam Newton is the sensei of nicknames

Today, 01:04 AM

I watched the whole thing. I love this guy.

Reporter: " What do you remember about Mike Mitchell [from] going against him in practice"

Cam: "I remember a lot" *troll face*

Someone get this man a Lombardi.

In Topic: 2014 Game by Game Analysis - Part 3

Today, 12:41 AM

Isn't that reverse similar to the statue of liberty play? It's pretty much it with the WR on an end around.

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