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In Topic: Was Gettleman feeling himself too much after last year?

19 October 2014 - 07:29 PM

A couple have gotten to it before me, but it has a lot to do with getting the cap in check.  We were in a perpetual state of overpaying & we are paying huge $ for RBs when most are getting a lot out of rookie RBs.  I think he has the right idea, but I want to see that he does make the right calls along the way.  He needs to shore up the OL, DBs, WRs & clear some of the $ from the RB position; we also need another starting OLB.  I also would like to see him light a fire under Rivera, get rid of coordinators, or even Rivera if needed; that Coach of the Year award blew my mind watching how he coached..even last year.  I have more faith in Getts than I do in Rivera or even JR.   

In Topic: Ramifications for Hardy

19 October 2014 - 07:18 PM

What pisses me off is that McDonald is still playing and nobody says shitake about it.


That is exactly what would've happened for Hardy if the Panthers didn't cave.  It was all about the media seeing how far they could push it (how long they could milk the ratings).  Once everything cooled, they had to move on.

In Topic: Bright Spots

19 October 2014 - 07:15 PM

Norwell will be starting at LG and Turner at RG next year.


I was pleasantly surprised by how well Norwell played.

In Topic: On the Luke Kuechly Ejection

19 October 2014 - 06:52 PM

Thing I don't get is how an official has the right to grab a guy like that & continue to hold him, even tho Luke never even feigned like he was going to go after another player.  The ref grabbed him in a way where it makes sense that Luke thought it was another player.  The NFL better fess up to this ref screwing up.

In Topic: Ramifications for Hardy

19 October 2014 - 09:24 AM

You know what really pisses me off?  That this whole Ray Rice thing is why Hardy is not playing.  5 months after the fact ESPN decides to talk about it, just a coincidence with the Rice video?!  The 2 situations are different in nearly every way, yet the national media (primarily ESPN) beat the freakin drums until the Panthers decided to cave...wrong decision. 


Now if Rice comes back before Hardy, it will be a great injustice (like that's a thing in the NFL).  A video of Rice knocking his 'love' out on video then treating her like a sack of potatoes...then Hardy who has a claim by a professional money grubber who plays (sleeps her way) thru the celebrity circuit. 


If Hardy is guilty, fine, but there is really no evidence except an accusation & a feminist judge ruling on him.