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In Topic: June 1st cuts

02 June 2014 - 08:30 PM

2 things. 1 is that it sounds like you are saying we had a strong team last year. I would say we had a strong D or more acurately a strong front 7 and that we over achieved like crazy. I absolutely don't think that we were just missing the prverbial piece of the puzzle to win the SB. Do not get me wrong, I loved last season but I was not expecting a repeat. We had fundamental flaws at offensive line, defensive backs and WR. We are begining to address those areas. Keeping Smith and commiting future dollars to laFell, Hixon, Ginn etc was not going to make us better and would hurt us in the future. Start over the way we have is the best course. I think the fat man was right that none of the OTs available when we were picking in any round were that much better than what we already have. I expect next year is when we really try and address that area.


2 is that after our playoff loss to Ariz didn't we bring back 20 out of 22 starters? Hazy recollection so don't hate if that is inaccurate. How did that work out? Not so good. Sometimes you need to blow things up.


Sorry for the ramble. Too much coffee already.


Point 1:  Our OL was bad last year, which is really the point.  Last year, before Gross retired, we were bad.  There were no OTs in FA or the Draft that would improve either or both of our OT positions (not to mention improving our DBs & WR positions)?  I hope that is true, that Bell/Chandler were both the best available, but last year was not the 1st that Bell played horrible; I have more faith in Chandler d/t his athleticism.  You strengthen my concern that Gettleman is basically letting things fall this year with plans to solidify the team next year.  For a team that has 1 of the best Defenses in the NFL, I think it is the wrong strategy (speaking offense only).


Point 2:  That season we were 8-8 & the main reason was Jake Delhomme had 1 of the worst meltdowns as a QB or made bets against the team in Vegas (he should have made a lot if he did); I think that was the year Stewart & Williams both ran for 1000+ yards each.  Also, we had really bad injuries.  WR Smith; LT Gross; RT Otah; OLB Davis; DT Kemoeatu; DT Louis Leanord; DT Tank Tyler & Delhomme all were on IR that year.  I think that can have an affect on a team in addition to Delhomme's horrible QB play. 


Just not sure how anyone is okay with "starting over" on 3 important areas of the offense (OTs, WRs, DBs).  I think Hurney really screwed the team's salary cap & that is the main reason we are not seeing more aggressiveness (key signings) out of Gettleman.

In Topic: June 1st cuts

01 June 2014 - 12:31 PM

Roos gets cut, signs here for pennies, Super Bowl


Other than Zod thinking about cutting everyone contributing to this thread, the above is the only post that makes sense.  I doubt it would happen, but Roos would be great...or Oher...the Titans have a wealth of what we don't have.


I hope the OP means 'from other teams'...not just the Panthers.  We need to be watching for OTs & WRs that other teams cut still.


This season will be very interesting: I will really be interested to see how our OTs & WRs do.  It will help us to get a better understanding of Gettleman not bringing in more competition. 


I like Gettleman, but am very interested in how those 2 positions play out.  If we go from division champs to an 8-8 team, doubts will definitely blaze.  You take advantage when you have a strong team, not dismantle.  Not saying it will happen, but look at what happened after our SB appearance...made playoffs only 2 times in 10 years.

In Topic: The blueprint for a Gettleman draft

11 May 2014 - 07:23 AM

1st. The biggest guy at your greatest area of need - KB, Star
2nd. BPA at a position where there is little to no need - didn't need a DE, had just drafted a DT in the previous round
3rd-4th. A Guard (other spot on a guy with local ties) - Turner, Kugzilla, Boston (UNC), Greg Olson (went to college with Beason, played for Chud)
5th. ST/defensive backup - the CB we drafted today (don't remember his name at the moment), Klein
6th. A RB from the northwest - Stanford kid, Barner

Using this formula it shouldn't be too hard to figure out our draft so there's less shock and hurt vaginas next year.


This can be simplified a lot (Gett's Draft Strategy):

    1)    BPA (which will be a big guy, b/c he loves them & that's how he sets his board).

    1a)  Top pick (only) is influenced by area of need, but I would not always count on that.  The gapping holes we had before he

            got here should naturally be filled between Re-Signing our own guys, FA & Drafting BPA.  Then it will simply be BPA all


In Topic: Favorite signing?

12 April 2014 - 11:07 AM

Not meaning to throw this off topic, but I chose DeCoud...I will be very interested to see how Mitchell plays for the Steelers...they paid him a lot.  I do believe our DL helped him a lot, but will be interested to see. 

In Topic: Trade Up For MIKE EVANS?

12 April 2014 - 11:00 AM

Very rare that trading away picks ends up best in the long run.


Personally, I think he is 1 of the Boom or Bust players early in the draft.  He might end up being great, but what he did in college will not translate the same to the NFL.  Not saying he doesn't have a chance to be great, but just feel he has the potential to be a bust as well.

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