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#2952769 Costas blasts Panthers over handling of Hardy situation

Posted by DawgzLife on 14 September 2014 - 06:20 PM

Costas' opinion is useless.  He does nothing but talk about sports, but is so egotistical he thinks his opinion matters on some grander scale.  He didn't know what he was talking about with guns, nor does he with this situation.  These pundits who stand so high & mighty just make me sick.

#2951886 First place in the NFC South

Posted by DawgzLife on 14 September 2014 - 03:25 PM

I love that the 'experts' are frickin idiots.  They were saying we were going to be upset & the Saints were a lock to win today...how'd those predictions work out?!  Awesome complete game Panthers!

#2780359 The blueprint for a Gettleman draft

Posted by DawgzLife on 11 May 2014 - 07:23 AM

1st. The biggest guy at your greatest area of need - KB, Star
2nd. BPA at a position where there is little to no need - didn't need a DE, had just drafted a DT in the previous round
3rd-4th. A Guard (other spot on a guy with local ties) - Turner, Kugzilla, Boston (UNC), Greg Olson (went to college with Beason, played for Chud)
5th. ST/defensive backup - the CB we drafted today (don't remember his name at the moment), Klein
6th. A RB from the northwest - Stanford kid, Barner

Using this formula it shouldn't be too hard to figure out our draft so there's less shock and hurt vaginas next year.


This can be simplified a lot (Gett's Draft Strategy):

    1)    BPA (which will be a big guy, b/c he loves them & that's how he sets his board).

    1a)  Top pick (only) is influenced by area of need, but I would not always count on that.  The gapping holes we had before he

            got here should naturally be filled between Re-Signing our own guys, FA & Drafting BPA.  Then it will simply be BPA all


#2510833 Why wasn't Cam given a concussion test?

Posted by DawgzLife on 24 November 2013 - 05:49 PM

I know, it's mostly frustration from my part, I re-watched it a few times and it is hard to tell from TV anyway.


It just sucks that those get missed on our behalf but we got one back at the end of the game out of bounds call.


I agree.  The good thing is, in the past, we only got the bad calls.  At least now it is a little more balanced...we get screwed sometimes & get favored other times.  The NFL really needs to simplify it's rules b/c their own refs can't get calls right even after replay a lot of the time.

#2510595 Rivera COY chances getting better.

Posted by DawgzLife on 24 November 2013 - 05:05 PM

If Rivera's COY odds are getting better, Gettleman's GMOY better be getting better as well.  This team would not be doing what it is without the D-line playing like it is; that is primarily d/t to the drafting & moves Gettleman has made.

#2474454 Question for those of you close to the team

Posted by DawgzLife on 09 November 2013 - 06:00 PM

Lol you guys are acting like if you were staying a block away from the team you wouldnt wanna walk over and see them go to the buses


Can't say I understand it either.  Those of us in NC should remember how lucky we are to be able to see the team.  It's cool that we have fans across the nation.


As much as I hate the Pittsburg Steelers...no one can say they don't have loyal fans.  With the nonsense in this thread, we are not in much unity as a fan base.


Seems dumb to me.  Hope you find out & get a chance to wish our team well when they are in hostile territory!

#2464934 Is it me or did the line start blocking better with Scott out?

Posted by DawgzLife on 03 November 2013 - 06:53 PM

Glad someone started a post like this.  I almost started a Nate Chandler thread just to mention that from what I could see, he looked to be making recognizing the right block to make & then making it.  He was getting to the 2nd level & overall I was impressed.  I hope they leave him in there if Scott is healthy or not.  He's more athletic than Scott.  Just a cursory assessment, of course.

#2464734 Armanti Sighting

Posted by DawgzLife on 03 November 2013 - 05:54 PM

I hear you man.  Trust me, I'm glad we've moved on from the eternal experiment that never amounted to poo.  My beef has always been with the FO who kept believing in a player that we all knew couldn't produce, then on game days, he gave us nothing.


I agree.  Gettelman seems like he will hold guys accountable (from coaches to players), which I think is already impacting this team (as long as Richardson does not somehow 'wussify' his, like Hurney was).  When Rivera saw the writing on the wall & knew Gettleman would move on if needed, everyone stepped up their game. I think we are in for some enjoyable football again...finally.


The 1 downer I had to mention, sadly I don't know if Gettleman has as much power with entrenched coaches & players as he thinks he does...Richardson mistakenly beleives that holding on to ineffective personnel is loyalty...this hurts the team.  Like you said, they have to be willing to move on from the eternal experiments & put real players on the team.

#2464578 Armanti Sighting

Posted by DawgzLife on 03 November 2013 - 05:14 PM

I know there are a lot of Armanti Edwards lovers on here (should I say App State homers)  :huh:


He was signed by the Browns & just returned his first kick...2 yards or something.


No real loss for the Panthers for sure.


Sad that it makes me so happy that I am not commenting on him being on our team!

#2438572 Was Chris Long taunting the fans?

Posted by DawgzLife on 20 October 2013 - 08:07 PM

I liked watching out fans getting into his head as he walked out, but was disappointed to see the bottle come flying in.  Just a low class move.  If you are man enough to try to hurt someone, get out on the field.  I don't like the Rams & esp. don't like Long, but it doesn't make fans look tough...it makes our team/fanbase look bad.


I like seeing toughness, but throwing a bottle is about as tough as posting that you would kick somebody's a&$ online.  

#2416239 Browns asking for 2nd round pick for Gordon

Posted by DawgzLife on 07 October 2013 - 06:03 PM

No, he has.  He one blown test from a 1 year suspension which is what makes him available and dangerous to trade for.


He's talented, but I don't know that our lovable little dumpster fire is the best place for him to straighten things out.


What an apt metaphor for our team culture this year!  :ph34r:

#2410073 Panthers Begin Head Coach Search?

Posted by DawgzLife on 06 October 2013 - 09:42 AM

Agreed. Rivera might be 2-15 in games decided by a TD or less, he might be 0-2 on opening day and he might bd 0-2 after the bye. But the guy does have a winning record in "oh poo my azz is on the line" games.


Problem is...a coach is supposed to be the 1 to motivate the team.  If he needs pressure like this to perform...he is not the answer.

#2404965 QB statistics

Posted by DawgzLife on 01 October 2013 - 05:59 PM

Who gives a flying 'duck' what anyone thinks about Cam.  Let them rip him.  As long as our OC keeps calling good games & Cam keeps playing like he is, it's better for the team anyway.  Look at the national media 'love' last year before the team had to play a real game & showed how much it sucked balls...the media is a bunch of bandwagoners if I've ever seen any.

#2390965 What the hell is on Gettleman's mind?

Posted by DawgzLife on 21 September 2013 - 07:35 PM

To the OP, I don't think any of us can even get a handle on what's happening internally right now.


Something that would make sense to me tho is:  Gettleman knows Rivera is not the answer.  There is no reason to eat up cap space on players that may not fit the next coach's system.  Gettleman may be letting Rivera prove himself with the guys he (Rivera) had input into acquiring.


It would all lead to your point about tanking the season tho too.  My only comfort is, if this is the way Gettleman thinks, is that I don't think we will go anywhere with Rivera leading this team.  Additionally, we all know how hardheaded Richardson is, so Gettleman would be wise to cool his jets on any talks of getting rid of a guy (Rivera) Richardson 'likes' (if he does); it's sad that is often how Richardson makes NFL business decisions. 


It's already very frustrating this season, but many of us could see this fiasco coming...even tho we hoped & prayed for the best.


This kind of crap is what makes perennial losers into the perennial losers we all know: Bills, Raiders, Browns, etc.  The Panthers need to try win at all costs b/c losing becomes a culture.

#2363613 Your reaction when deangelo fumbled the ball?

Posted by DawgzLife on 08 September 2013 - 03:48 PM

We have a great defense, a very good QB, a very good RB, a good TE, okay WRs, etc., etc....why do we keep losing?!  At this point, the coaching staff have no excuses.  Our team has a losing mentality & the coaching staff needs to change.  We nearly always lose close games.  Not just today, years...that is not b/c of a fumble by DeAngelo Williams.

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