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Thank you! ...to 49rs for our new QB

05 October 2014 - 05:22 PM

I hate that Cam got injured in the game against them last year (playoff game), but the fact that Cam had ankle surgery & still can't run like 'Cam' is making him significantly better as an top notch NFL QB.


I have always loved Cam, but have never trusted his accuracy & have been very frustrated by how long he holds on to the ball in the pocket.  He is getting so much better in passing accuracy & quicker decision-making b/c he can't fall back on his legs.


This injury better heal as expected (ankles take a long time to really heal fully), but IMO it is going to help us be a much better team in the future,  Relying on a QBs legs may get you some wins, but a QB who plays well in the pocket, but has wheels when needed will win Championships (like Steve Young, Aaron Rogers, etc.).


So thanks 49rs & I hope, if we see you in the playoffs this year, that you pay dearly for the help you gave our QB/team.  ;)

Armanti Sighting

03 November 2013 - 05:14 PM

I know there are a lot of Armanti Edwards lovers on here (should I say App State homers)  :huh:


He was signed by the Browns & just returned his first kick...2 yards or something.


No real loss for the Panthers for sure.


Sad that it makes me so happy that I am not commenting on him being on our team!