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In Topic: Greg Hardy suspended 10 games

25 April 2015 - 04:19 PM

If you work in the legal field how come you think the judge found hardy guilty? Do you practice in NC because if you do you should know Trail De Novo and that the judges verdict no longer exists in the eyes of the law. You should also be aware that NC uses bench trails in these cases to test if it's worth going to a jury trial at all which causes the guilty verdict.

It's a glorified grand jury.

In Topic: Greg Hardy suspended 10 games

24 April 2015 - 08:26 PM

It's ironic, how many of the same Panther fans that were crying, shouting, and literally burning bridges advocating the Panthers bring Hardy back, are so silent/avoiding-why this is one of the reasons many of us didn't want him back in the first place!!


There was too much uncertainly regarding Hardy, and the Panthers already had their fill of it last year (along with literally tossing away $13 mil). So what if it eventually gets reduced to 2-6 games? Look at the distraction he would have caused, again? And if he was still with the Panthers, the NFL would have probably tried to suspend him for the entire season. :phew:


I read through the first 8 pages (albeit there's 24 and counting), and I haven't heard one Pro 'Bring Hardy Back' Advocate, and why it could have been a bad idea. Things like this are one of the reasons.


Too funny.


Just because I think it's wrong to punish him for a crime he probably didn't commit doesn't mean I want him back or am less of a fan. It's an issue that goes pretty far beyond one player or one team.

In Topic: NFL states they will 'no longer rely on the legal system'

23 April 2015 - 04:28 PM

I'm sure the NFLPA won't have any issues with Goodell having unlimited power to suspend people for anything even if they aren't charged or convicted of a crime.

In Topic: Greg Hardy suspended 10 games

23 April 2015 - 12:03 PM

Britney Griner of the WNBA has just been arrested for assault, possibly domestic violence with her fiancee Glory Johnson (who was also arrested). I demand the WNBA to suspend both for at least a full season. Equality, right?

In Topic: Greg Hardy suspended 10 games

22 April 2015 - 03:57 PM

The man still gets arrested. Did you know that?


Feminists love to talk about inequality until you bring that up.