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In Topic: Eagles and Bills: Major Trade

Today, 08:26 AM

Heard they were going to release McCoy and just went around seeing what teams would offer them for him.

In Topic: Randall Cobb, and Maclin are cool but...

Today, 08:24 AM

Cevil Shorts leads the league in drops every year. We would hate him here.

He didn't last year, that was KB. Who isn't hated here

Yes I know he didn't lead the league in drops but he was pretty damn close

In Topic: Relatively Cheap Panther's Man Cave Idea/Addition

02 March 2015 - 09:00 AM

on a side note anyone know of anyone selling a similar muhsin signed SI?

In Topic: Relatively Cheap Panther's Man Cave Idea/Addition

02 March 2015 - 08:50 AM

Massive bump. Totally forgot I made this thread and it is now the off-season so I figured I'd attach some pictures below of the finished product. In total the magazines were around $80 largely in part because of shipping charges individually and 50+ page Heisman special was $15 or so and the autographed Moose cover was around that price as well. Let me know what you think! I grouped the Panther related covers together and the Cam/Auburn covers together as well. The SI issue with Kerry Collins is from 1997.


Very fuging bad ass my man

In Topic: Cowboys

02 March 2015 - 08:48 AM

Why are the panthers even listed? And yeah there's a video showing dez doing something worse than what rice did, but hey we all know that being accused of something and having no proof you did it is worse than having hard evidence like a video so I'm sure he'll be fine