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In Topic: Dueling Depth Charts

Yesterday, 07:23 PM

Is he for real though? Is it possible he's the Legend of Barnidge, Part 2?

It's also possible Obj wakes up and sucks at football tomorrow. Lots of things are possible. Evidence proves he's better than barnidge

In Topic: Round 5, Pick 38, 174th Overall, The Carolina Panthers Select Cameron Artis-...

Yesterday, 06:38 PM

Either our overall fan base is becoming dumber and dumber....or they passed out a flyer for The Huddle in the remedial classes at middle school.

Oh how I long for the days when we had intelligent posters and good/meaningful conversations,

Now we are subjected to this onslaught of new idiots.


In Topic: Gettleman on the Funchess Pick

Yesterday, 04:54 PM

You're not exactly going to get Calvin Johnson or Dez Bryant in the second rd. :cool:

So you gotta give a little to get a little (actually a funch more) IMO!!

If he's as good as Gettleman believes he is, then you will be a very happy Panther fan several months from now--entering the 2015 season.

Yeah I know, it's just that KB has a drop issue too and so does Ginn. Hopefully KB has improved on that in the offseason and hopefully so has Fun. And I'm sure the good does it way the bad I would just love a Fitzgerald type wr. Or in a dream world Steve in his prime [emoji3]

In Topic: Gettleman on the Funchess Pick

Yesterday, 04:13 PM

I just hate that he has a drop issue too

In Topic: Dueling Depth Charts

Yesterday, 04:09 PM

I'll be very disappointed if swole bones gets cut. Dude has a lot of potential and I'd like to see him get more snaps/chances. Better recover than dickson is. Also I don't see how bersin would remain on the team