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In Topic: Panthers cut two

Yesterday, 02:56 PM

Brb, I'm going to go add to that Jerry Richardson thread...

In Topic: Jerry Richardson... A man of the fans!

Yesterday, 02:22 PM

I think a lot of people forget that Jerry actually played in the league and won a championship. Please tell me he doesn't want to win.

In Topic: Famous people you hate..

31 March 2015 - 09:27 PM

Really surprised that no one's said the Jersey Shore cast yet.

In Topic: Disney World vs Universal Theme Park vs...

31 March 2015 - 07:52 PM

Have done both recently.



Both the wife and I prefer Universal.


Pay the extra money to get to the front of every line. Its completely worth it. One ride was an hour wait in the full sun. We got on in less than 5 minutes. Was worth the money within 10 minutes of entering.


This is what I did when I went last year.  I think it was like an extra $75 for the pass, but I'll never go without a pass again.  The amount of rides that you get to ride throughout the day is worth it.  I think the longest we waited was 20 minutes for the new Transformer ride.  To put it in perspective, the wait for the general public was 140 minutes.

In Topic: What are your thoughts on "one and done" college basketball players?

31 March 2015 - 07:47 PM

Heard someone on the radio say that "one and dones" are ruining college basketball for the fans because it's, essentially, a new team every year.  It's getting harder and harder for anyone but the die hard fan to know the players, thus ruining it for the casual fan.  I have to agree.