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Some thoughts on Stephenson

21 July 2014 - 08:31 PM

I gotta admit, my knowledge of Stephenson was rather limited prior to this year / offseason. All I knew was that he was a highly rated prep player who until last year never really lived up to the hype. 


The past few days I have watched every Stephenson video on youtube and damn I was quite uninformed. This guy is a complete beast of a SG prospect. His handles, passing, defending, rebounding, finishing through contact, etc is all top notch. 


I honestly have a hard time thinking of better SG prospects in the NBA id rather have. Wade and Kobe are aging and have injury concerns. 


The only reason this guy doesn't average more points is because he is too unselfish. Stephenson imo can score or get buckets at will with his handle and array of moves. Not to mention creating dimes for other teammates. He was a bit overshadowed in Indy due to West and PG. I feel like here in Cha being a top option, he will average 18-22/5/5. 


I am afraid we are gonna be giving this guy a big long term contract in 1-2 years. Which wont be a bad thing imo. 


I was quite bummed we did not get Heyward, but now I am almost thinking Stephenson might just be potentially a better player for us overall. 


I can not wait to see him and Kemba in the backcourt together. 




Vonleh observation / concern

11 July 2014 - 09:22 PM

Watching this summer league game and it's the first full game i've watched of Vonleh. 


He has a great frame, athletic, and pretty coordinated but something just seems off. And I am gonna have to put this on instincts. Just seems a bit slow in reacting. This goes for offense and defense. Which is probably why he didn't do a bit better at IU. 


Def not a fast twitch guy compared to the Davis kid out there who was making plays all over. 


Can instincts and reaction be improved? I am not sure on this. He is young so I am hoping I am either dead wrong or if I am right he is able to develop / improve this over his career, preferably sooner than later. 



McLemore & Stauskas?

30 June 2014 - 09:45 AM

I might would be alittle annoyed if I were a Kings fan. Two dudes drafted high close together who play the same position. Surely they got some other more pressing needs? 


Didnt get that pick & fit....

We all need to send a big thank you to....

27 June 2014 - 08:05 PM

Detroit for sending us their pick and making this incredible draft possible.


 Fuggin THANK YOU!!!!! 

Some thoughts and comparisons

27 June 2014 - 09:14 AM

So due to living overseas and work/sleep I was unable to catch the draft live. 


First thing I saw was that we drafted Vonleh. I was like ok that is pretty good but not sure id take him over Stauskas. Then went and checked the after draft tracker and discovered Staus was picked at 8 right before up. At which point I was quite happy with the selection of Vonleh. 


I then see we drafted Napier who I was projecting / wanting us to draft at 24. Under normal circumstances I would be happy but I was about to rage at the fact of not getting a SG in this draft and with Hairston on the board. Shortly after I realize / hear we traded the pick for Hairston. Complete jubilation kicked in. 


Vonleh and Hairston is just an unreal haul for this draft (potentially). 


Vonleh kinda scares me a bit. It just recently struck me of who he reminds me of in a sense of qualities and concerns. Vonleh is very very skilled and coordinated for his size much like Drummond was. Also like Drummond, Vonleh underachieved in college or atleast didnt live up to the high school ranking / hype. Vonleh I feel can be really good. He has the coordination and feel to be able to develop a solid post game. However, I am wondering about his year at Indiana and why his talents and skills did not translate to a dominant force. Well, let me give credit where credit is due, Vonleh is/was a beast of a rebounder. Outside of being more assertive and scoring more, he also needs to up his blocks. I am gonna try and remain positive and optimistic on Vonleh. 


Hairston easily has to be the steal of the draft. Pretty much everyone thought that had he went to school last year he would have been one of if not the best SG in the country and been a lottery pick. This guy can get hot quick and light it up. All along I said there was only two SG's I wanted in this draft, Stauskas and Hairston. To get Vonleh AND Hairston is just more than I could have every realistically hoped for. That really helps dampen the disappointment of missing out on Staus. 


Fug guys, I can not wait until summer league! 


EDIT* Forgot to add, sign Gordon Hayward to complete this awesome offseason!!!!!!!



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