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#3306088 Aside from scoring plays, which plays get you the most excited as a Fan?

Posted by thomas96 on Today, 09:03 PM

Hits from TD. About the only thing that gets me off nowadays.

#3305901 The Falcons explanation seems a little odd

Posted by thomas96 on Today, 05:34 PM

I'm hoping he gets at least a million to take the fall for them to make up for that slap on the wrist fine

I'm hoping that they find out he got a million to lie and say it was all him and then the Falcons get fuged over for real when that comes out.

#3305801 My Ultimate BPA Pipe-Dream 1-5 Round Mock Draft

Posted by thomas96 on Today, 04:16 PM

I know we've been saying this for years, but with the contract situation the way it is, I think THIS is the year it will finally be true.  Stewart's future with this team will be decided by his performance this year.  And by performance, I mean how many games is he healthy for.  I think if that number is 14 or greater, and his play on the field is even close to what it was towards the end of last year, we'll be seeing Stewart in a Panthers jersey for a few more years.  And I'll be happy about it.


If he misses 3 or more games again, I think he's a goner.  All that being said, to attempt to relate this post to the thread - I don't think it would necessarily be impossible for Gman to spend a 1st rounder on a RB, but I just don't think this is the year it happens.  Stewart's future with the team is still a question mark.


If Gurley's there in the first we take him and Stew's gone even if he gets 2200 yards, 20 TDs and is healthy for all 19 games. If we don't get him and no other RB is BPA in the first 3 rounds then maybe we'd keep him if he has an outstanding year and is healthy, but only if he'll take a fair deal. Would have to take a pay cut for 2016 and then extend him on a reasonable deal. I love Stew but he doesn't have a lot of time left.

#3305762 My Ultimate BPA Pipe-Dream 1-5 Round Mock Draft

Posted by thomas96 on Today, 03:30 PM

I just don't get that pick. This board has been bitchin for years about paying running backs, but now they want another in the first round.


It was because we outrageously overpaid TWO running backs who's production was not living up to their salary. Both Williams' and Stewarts' salaries will be off the books very soon and we're going to need a running back to carry our run game like Stew did the last 2 months of last season. Gurley is an elite talent that would be cheap at the position and he would solidify our run game for years. I'd love to keep Stew but his salary, injuries, and age make that hard to do. I initially hated the idea of picking Gurley in the 1st or even the 2nd but now I've come around to it. That would be a huge addition. Not necessarily this next year, but after that.

#3305665 A Message From Kony Ealy

Posted by thomas96 on Today, 02:21 PM

Greg who...?

#3305149 Panthers top 5 draft targets

Posted by thomas96 on Today, 08:30 AM

Love every one of these guys. Just not Cedric in the first...

#3304835 Panthers Win Super Bowl IF?

Posted by thomas96 on Yesterday, 08:22 PM

QB driven league, what we've done is build around a coach. Look at chip kelly? Why do you think he's been building a defense? Because defense isn't his thing and he knows he needs talent on that side and he can figure the offense out. Meanwhile we rely on one guy to generate our offense so that Ron can have his defense that drops to bottom 5 when it matters.


What do you call drafting KB and Turner in the first 3 rounds? We are building a COMPLETE team.

#3304829 Was beating Atlanta worth dropping 17 selections in the draft?

Posted by thomas96 on Yesterday, 08:19 PM

2 games of playoff experience for our young players is worth more than an entire draft of players in my honest opinion.

#3304828 Was beating Atlanta worth dropping 17 selections in the draft?

Posted by thomas96 on Yesterday, 08:18 PM

ban OP

#3304779 Panthers Win Super Bowl IF?

Posted by thomas96 on Yesterday, 07:58 PM

They've been more successful than we have, stop being a homer for two seconds


Don't see how you got the idea that I'm "being a homer" and I never said they weren't more successful than us. The goal is sustained success and multiple Super Bowls. And the key to that formula is not "getting weapons for the QB." 

#3304709 Panthers Win Super Bowl IF?

Posted by thomas96 on Yesterday, 06:44 PM

The team one day decides to maximize Cam's talent the way the Colts have. Everything the Colts have done from coaching staff, to talent acquisition has been done to make sure Andrew Luck is successful.

But we plan on paying a QB 100 million to be a game manager. If your QB is going to make that much money you're going to start needing to get serious. But we have a Ferrari using Dollat store oil, while screaming the Ferrari needs to be more consistent....right.


How many Super Bowls have the Colts won using that strategy with Luck and Peyton before him? How many times have they gotten blown out in the playoffs in recent memory by a certain team with a certain coach and QB with a "lack of talent" around that QB?

#3303871 Gettleman; "Me and Greg Jennings sort of kicked the tires and discussed i...

Posted by thomas96 on 28 March 2015 - 08:45 PM

You provided a good article and quote showing promise for possibly your first good thread, and then you ruined it with your analysis.

#3303831 Name the movie screencap

Posted by thomas96 on 28 March 2015 - 07:40 PM

let's get this back one track:




Antwone Fisher




#3302566 NFL.com's GM List of Highest Success with Rookies

Posted by thomas96 on 27 March 2015 - 04:37 PM

Hurst had stretches he played well I thought, against us for instance. Then teetered off into poo it seems, my bad. Boston played well, and also struggled at times, but it's a small sample size. I just personally thought it was too high in the draft for such an up and down player (though UNC's secondary may have been to blame). But, I'm not the GM. 


I wasn't happy with the Bene or Boston pick at the time, but after this year I think we got steals in both of them. Some re-drafts have had Boston going in the 1st round to the Eagles and pretty much all of them have Bene in the 1st. Boston definitely struggled, particularly against the Seahawks, but overall I think he definitely outplayed his draft position. Literally the only pick of Gettleman's that I don't like at this point is Barner. And that was a 6th rounder, so no big loss. Kugbilla has been injured his entire career so we can't really evaluate that pick, and Gaffney was hurt and then stolen so once again, can't evaluate. The rest were all ridiculously good picks in my opinion. Still a fairly small sample size, but I'm really confident in Gettleman as our GM.

#3302524 NFL.com's GM List of Highest Success with Rookies

Posted by thomas96 on 27 March 2015 - 04:15 PM

The only two knocks I still have on Gettleman were picking Boston (just too early for me), though he may turn out well and I'll eat my crow. And also for not drafting Hurst late. Hard to fault much of his drafting or UDFA pick-ups so far, though. 


 Tre played ridiculously well already for a 4th rounder and that was after missing all of the offseason. Not sure how he hasn't already made you eat crow... As for Hurst, it would've been nice if he could've gotten him and tried to develop him here, but he was actually pretty damn bad last year.