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In Topic: Jonathan Jones With Interesting Breakdown of Cam's Incompletions

Today, 01:54 PM

I don't care how bad Hill is, it's time to put him in so we can at least pretend to have a deep threat with enough speed to take it to the house.

Like that matters if cam can't make accurate passes. Dude, Cam is generally nowhere close to getting the ball in a catchable position downfield without our WR making highlight catches. Cam has little to zero touch on passes.

In Topic: I'm pretty sure everyone saw this coming

Today, 01:50 PM

Everyone keeps smack talking Gettleman for the Hardy situation. It's a bs argument an asinine statement.

What is truth is that without Hardy, our #2 defense drops to #25. I guarantee you that our DB's would be looking way better with #76 in the game. He's easily worth the $.

We hit a bad year to lose our offensive line from the previous season. There were simply no OL worth picking up, regardless of the cost. We have who we have until starting linemen become available via draft or FA.

Stop ripping Gettleman about Hardy. So sick of hearing that bs. He was well on his way to another probowl, 16+ sack season before JR pulled the plug in him which is where the true failure if this season should be placed.

In Topic: Official Panthers - Saints Game Thread

Yesterday, 08:56 PM

We have to score on our next possession. Defense is playing pretty well but man the offense is shaky

In Topic: Hornets vs Bucks game thread.

29 October 2014 - 06:41 PM

Game is on sport south directv Chanel 649

In Topic: Hornets vs Bucks game thread.

29 October 2014 - 06:38 PM

Play somebody who can actually shoot the ball...PJ!!!!!

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