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In Topic: Who is your round 3 starter?

Today, 08:19 PM

Wouldn't be surprised to see a corner or guard. I would say Nick O'Leary, but as long as Tolbert is on the team, he's set as our starting Fullback.

In Topic: Jameis Winston and NFL Network

Today, 08:08 PM

he's going to be a solid QB. he's going to make mistakes. he's more akin to Rowrhlesberger than he is to Jamarcus Russell and he has run a pro offense. He is ready to play from day 1.

saying that, he can't outrun anyone And doesn't exactly have the type of protection, nor the receivers to make him be very successful until their FO can put some pieces in place.

he has a chance to one day be a pro-bowl QB, but he isn't half the athlete that Cam is and his reputation as a do-do will not magically disappear and that will follow him regardless of how well he plays.

Cam is one of the best athletes in the game and these two should never be compared to one another unless it is to show how different they are from one another.

I can't wait to see our front 7 get after him and watch him turn the ball over as often as I think he will trying to make something happen while running ploddingly for his life.

In Topic: Byrd Runs a 4.28 on grass at SC pro day- not an Aprils fool joke

Today, 07:52 PM

so you have any idea about how many receivers we already have on the roster? seriously. the league and college is littered with small fast guys. we need physical guys that can get open and dominate the defense that's guarding them.

can we not just sit back and trust in the staff to get production out of the guys we've been grooming to play in our offense? The only receiver I want to hear about is another ball swallowing monster to pair with Benjamin and Olsen who is next to impossible to cover because they are so physically imposing. This guy should be the one to replace Cotchery.

We have Ginn, Brown and Hill and the best of these should be our guy to stretch the field and until our line is able to block long enough for a speedy route eunnwr to get 30 yards down the field before Cam gets sacked, we should forget about these guys who take 5 or 6 seconds to shake their defender and come up with long bombs.

We are a conservative possession-laden offense. it's what we are. we run 4 receiver sets...occasionally. We use an Hback and sometimes even put our top-5 TE in the backfield to block. Cam has weapons, we just can't use them because of all the injuries that have plagued us.

we need a dominant, big bodied receiver who can out physical anyone who covers him, I don't care to see anymore nonsensical 40-yard passes wasted on 2nd and 7 that forces us into a pass play where the defenders are bringing the house because they know we are in a passing situation.

In Topic: Phillip Dorsett to meet with Panthers

Today, 03:41 PM

Ginn was injured at the Combine so didn't run, but at his Pro Day ran a 4.38

Philly ran a 4.51 at Combine then 4.52 at Pro Day

Especially considering that Ginn turns 30 in 2 weeks, those two aren't even in the same stratosphere as Dorsett when it comes to speed

that is real speed for sure, but can he block and be physical at the line of scrimmage? can he use his body to get separation and can he climb the ladder to get to the high point?

DBs give cushions for a reason and they do it to keep from getting burned. Cushions negate speed and straight line speed is a deceptive measurement as WR generally use cuts and moves to gain separation.

if the guy has strength and can recover in his route after getting bumped and pressed, then he can be a real weapon, otherwise he will end up running like he is in quicksand. Seam routes are best utilized for straight line speed but that happens between the hash marks.

again...if this guy can do the same things Brown and Ginn are able to do, then we should take a flyer out on him but otherwise, he's a fast guy that is totally raw and taken off his route before he gets position to make a play.

if we draft a receiver, he needs to be physical, experienced and quick/fast with knowledge of about blocking down field with the ability to shed defenders and high point the pass on the go.

In Topic: Rivera: Amini still starter

Today, 03:18 PM

this draft, like most every other draft, is chock full of starting caliber guards. heck, some teams use DTs as starting OG's.

We got Oher and Martin. we'll draft a couple more linemen but I guarantee you we won't be reaching for any of them when we need for sure starters at safety, CB and OLB.