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#1043513 Sorenson: Rivera brings energy, strong grip to Panthers

Posted by Highlandfire on 11 February 2011 - 10:00 AM

But doesn't Rivera know all these guys suck? I mean read the message boards...

#1033687 NFLPA and Agents talk about boycotting the NFL Combine

Posted by Highlandfire on 05 February 2011 - 10:50 AM

Guys, its another red herring. Just like Bob Kraft said yesterday this bull sh$t about collusion and de certifiying is nothing but a ploy. They have no grounds, they are going to lose and they know it.

Zod said it perfectly, they are doing nothing but delaying the inevitable and that is giving in to owners demands.

I can see the following happening, Instead of a billion off the top the owners will back down to say 640 mill. That is 20 mill per team which greatly offsets operating expenses and really helps small market teams. Hell a team like Jacksonville could pay its coaching staff and its stadium lease with that much.

18 games will come off the table. The fans aren't really big on it, but they will have to do something about pre season ticket pricing to appease fans and still bring in money.

They will revisit rule changes and fines and penalties. Goddell will never budge, and nor will owners, that he has final say and can suspend players. Sorry you spoiled asses, but you go out and rape someone your ass is going to be suspended. There is no other way to punish them.

As for as retirement money, part of that should come from current players and the NFLPA. Hey I am paying for people over 65's retirement out of my fuggin check, let the mulit millionares foot part of the bill for the guys that truely built this game! As for as helmet to helmet, that will never change. Why? Money. It is not about safety, it is about having to pay out to many players post career that aren't making the NFL money anymore because of post concussion injuries and I don't blame the NFL. Look you can knock the poo outta someone without going head to head.

18% paycut will most likely be dropped to 9.6% so the players get an even 50% instead of nearly 60%. The owners will conceede that IF that 640 mill off the top gets approved.

#1026542 Need a Vet QB for a one year lease

Posted by Highlandfire on 01 February 2011 - 12:10 PM

I'm not sure bringing in a vet now would help Clausen. Hes already played, benching him could infact destroy his confidence. Hes no longer a rookie and has no desire to go back to the bench, he wants to be on the field.

Incorrect. Yeah he started but sucked, he has no business being in there. If putting him on the bench to learn and develop ruins his confidence, then he is a pussy and wasn't the right guy for the job.

We need a veteran for about 3 years. Lets try to win NOW, not in 3-5 years. Miami went from 1-15 to playoffs in one friggin season. It is able to make a turn around in 1-2 years now. IF clausen becomes a good QB who can step in say 2-3 years from now after sitting like Rogers did in GB so be it. But we need to try and win NOW.

#1026208 Analyzing Rivera

Posted by Highlandfire on 01 February 2011 - 09:18 AM

You dance a fine line by being a hard nosed coach. Coughlin is a perfect example, many were and are still tired of his rigid style. These are pro's, not high school or college kids that will just lie down and take a beating.

What does encourage me is that Rivera has been referred to as a players coach.

Rivera has been around for a while, learned leadership in a military family and should be a good coach who does command respect, but dulls it out willingly as well.

The problem with the NFL is you still have kids saying they are men and they arent. Im sorry at 28 you are still a kid, married with kids or not and when you hit 40 you realize it.

Look I am a man, but I do what the hell my boss says and I STFU about it. Missed in all this is coaches are their BOSSES and they need to respect them as such. I am sure Rivera will let them know an old Military saying 'you may not respect the man but you MUST respect the Rank'

#1025397 Both Sides finally meeting regarding CBA

Posted by Highlandfire on 31 January 2011 - 05:39 PM

Well that is good news on my birthday

#1024971 Terry Bradshaw just said something interesting

Posted by Highlandfire on 31 January 2011 - 02:52 PM

Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson have a ring...you saying they are better than Marino?

Im saying I dont care if we have a guy that sets records, I want superbowl wins. So if that means getting the next dilfer in here and he wins rings vs big number then so be it.

Philip Rivers has tossed for 4000 yards 4 seasons in a row, how many rings? I want SUPERBOWL WINS, not stats.

#1024031 Terry Bradshaw just said something interesting

Posted by Highlandfire on 30 January 2011 - 10:29 PM

He said in todays game with todays scouting and nit picking of QB's he would have been a 3rd or 4th rounder. Thing is, like him or hate him, the cat is one of the best to have ever played the game.


Brian Billick said something earlier interesting as well. He said that with the way the NFL is evolving you need a guy more mobile at QB, BUT first and foremost the thing that will never change is you must make plays IN the pocket I.e. read defenses and deliver strikes.

Just some interesting stuff.

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