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In Topic: The actual reason Armanti is on the team...

01 September 2012 - 02:41 PM

Armanti has put more than his fair share of balls on the ground....not sure he qualifies as Mr. Reliable bc he didn't fumble one away 1 season.

And since when is being the worst returner in the NFL....reliable?

The issue is whether he deserves another year or not. He went from horrible to no mistakes in one year. So granted, the floor was very low, but the rate of progress is pretty impressive and IMO means we're better off seeing what we have in another year than carrying a 9th OL or DB that we didn't draft.

Lowest punt return yards in the NFL with no turnovers is going to start to look appealing if Adams has trouble with ball security.

In Topic: Armanti Edwards, a player with no discernible skills, has likely made the team

01 September 2012 - 11:59 AM

He actually only had to field 32 punts and ranked dead last in the league of guys that fielded at least 20 punts in 2011 in average return length. His long of 17 yards was also dead last in the league.

He actually returned 32 punts. 9 fair catches. He didn't do anything with the ball once he got it, but he did secure the ball and usually tried to do something with it. That's a lot of progress after the 2010 season where he was miserable. Let's say we're down 4 with 1:30 left in the game and are set to receive a punt. Do you want an automatic posession for Cam Newton or do you want to risk a turnover for the chance of a PR TD?

Maybe he's plateaued, but there's no evidence of that yet. Even in the preseason he has made no PR mistakes and has shown more as a WR in terms of getting some separation and being in position to make some great plays. He has a long way to go but he improved tremendously from season 1 to 2.

We obviously took him too high in the draft for what we've gotten through two seasons, but I'm far from wanting him gone. He's not even our worst 2nd round pick currently on the team.

In Topic: Armanti Edwards, a player with no discernible skills, has likely made the team

01 September 2012 - 10:04 AM

You people keep posting the same argument over and over. I ask, why is he here? You reply "because he deserved to make the team". So it's basically, he's here because he's here. How in the hell is that an argument?

I want you or someone else to actually tell me WHY he deserved to make the team. He is the exact same player Jerald Green is, yet Jerald Green is much much faster. Hell, he didn't even flash as much as Lamont Bryant did.

As others have pointed out, if Armanti hadn't been drafted where he was with a 2nd round pick being traded for him and had come in as an UDFA, there is no chance in hell that he makes this roster. NONE.

He was able to field over 40 punts last season without mishandling one. With our offense's ability to score this is highly valuable, especially considering the dropsies that have plagued Joe Adams. We may end up needing him more for what he's already proven he can do than anything additional he may or may not bring to the table.

In Topic: The actual reason Armanti is on the team...

01 September 2012 - 09:54 AM

Armanti Edwards is on the roster because David Gettis is on the PUP. Simple as that. The Panthers have been carrying 6 WRs on the roster for many years and the numbers game is why he's still here.

Pilares would be the most at-risk of that group and I don't see him getting cut, so I agree they would have to keep 7 WRs but it's doable.

Compared to the end of yr 1 under Rivera we're currently heavy on LB's (7 vs 6) and OL (9 vs 8) and light on D-Linemen (8 vs 9). We also had two kickers at the end of last year, and Kunalic took Jason Phillips' roster spot so let's say we're on schedule at LB.

O-Line is a possible casualty (Jeff Byers being an obvious candidate since Hangartner is a reasonable starting center), and while we're carrying 9 DB's as we did last season, we're at 5 S and 4 CB vs the opposite last year. Colin Jones could be cut if he doesn't impress or DJ Campbell could be shuffled to the practice squad if they want to risk it.

Neblett is also not currently counting toward the final roster and he'll be added before Gettis, and this is all assuming we keep Neblett, Gettis gets in shape, and all WR's stay healthy.

In Topic: The actual reason Armanti is on the team...

01 September 2012 - 08:59 AM

Tim, by that same logic would it not make sense to take the high risk high reward guy, give him a year to progress just ass armanti had, and then see?

If we had an average-to-clausen offense then it wouldn't even be a question. I'm very glad we got Adams, but his upside is roughly equivalent to our offense's. If he's more likely to turn the ball over than our offense is, then Aramanti's reliability is more beneficial to the team.

I have no problem with giving him a year to progress, but having a reliable guy ready to take your spot will speed that progression up and give us an option to turn to if he can't change his ways.