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#1942755 Kalil could be out for season

Posted by Badbak on 10 October 2012 - 03:01 PM

The center does a lot more than just give the ball to the QB and block. The center is the signal caller on the offensive line. When the OL goes to the line of scrimmage the center looks at the defense and calls the blocking assignments for the entire OL. If the defense shifts the center changes the blocking to counter the shift and if the QB changes the play the center has to change the blocking. There is a lot going on along the OL that people sitting in the stadium never see and just anybody can handle it. A guy can be the best blocker around but if he can't recognize what the defense is doing and make the right calls for blocking it doesn't matter how great your QB or RBs are they are going to get killed.

I just heard on the radio that Kalil has a Lis Franc injury and kept playing after it happened in Sunday's game. He must be one of the toughest guys that ever played the game! Everybody that I've ever seen sustain a Lis Franc was taken off the field on a stretcher or at least some kind of cart. Eric Shelton had a Lis Franc injury and was hauled to the dressing room on a cart and then was still in a walking boot when training camp started the next summer. Its one of the worst injuries an athlete can have. With a torn ligament they can replace it but a lis Franc only heals as fast as your body can regrow the connective fibers and that is slow. A surgeon can put screws in to hold things where they are supposed to be but it does not make it heal. with a Lis Franc the long bones in the foot are seperated from the bones that make up the heel and ankle and its ligaments that hold it all together.

Good Luck on your recovery Ryan and I'm hoping you are back next season!