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In Topic: What do we do now with Nate Chandler?

Today, 12:37 AM


In Topic: Dave Gettleman is quietly putting together a better draft than last year.

Yesterday, 11:59 AM

Shaq is a good player but I wasn't huge on that pick. I've had a raging boner since round 2 though. I love our draft overall.

In Topic: 5th round picks

Yesterday, 11:56 AM

some mix of RB/S/CB

In Topic: Carolina Panthers Trade Up Select Oklahoma's Daryl Williams

Yesterday, 11:53 AM

I love the pick and the fact that we did pretty ok for ourselves in value to get him.


I think he winds up starting at RT pretty soon. As someone mentioned above, running to the right is going to be a poo ton easier going forward.

In Topic: Panthers trade up to 9th pick of second round - select Devin Funchess

01 May 2015 - 10:19 PM

Sad about losing the 3rd round pick but otherwise pretty stoked. Glad we're not sitting on our hands in regards to the WR position.