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In Topic: The Nightmare Scenario

18 December 2014 - 10:55 AM

Oh and while is pretty evident that Rivera is a bottom-tier coach, we're not eating that contract this early. Just need to hope that Gettleman saw enough of our poo offense before our garbage time run to convince himself to force a change at OC and jettison Shula.

In Topic: The Nightmare Scenario

18 December 2014 - 10:47 AM

What moves are you talking about? I'm referring to the players we drafted starting to play well. That naturally happens as any season goes on.


Mostly the fact that - outside of one season where he was very close to an auto-fire - Rivera's teams don't start winning until it doesn't matter. The only difference this year is that the NFCS is a bad joke. Any other division and we'd have been talking draft by Thanksgiving.

In Topic: Is Sunday a must win for Ron to keep his job?

09 December 2014 - 06:29 PM

Oh and he's too early into the bad contract and has excuses to lean on and coordinators to sacrifice. He stays.

In Topic: Is Sunday a must win for Ron to keep his job?

09 December 2014 - 06:25 PM

I disagree that we haven't seen improvement in 4 years from Ron.  His first season, Ron was very tepid, no fire, overly cautious.  Do you think Ron would be going for it on 4th and 1 in his first year of head coach?  No way.  His clock management has also improved.


Game prep?  You can't go 12-4 without good game prep.. that season shows he is capable if we have the capable talent on the roster.  This year we are extremely young, as we lose many veterans in the offseason.


Personnel decisions?  These young guys need to develop.  Where they are now is not where they were at the beginning of the season.  He is plugging guys like Andrew Norwell, Benwikere, etc, at the appropriate time and they are making impacts.  These guys have a better understanding of the playbook now, and more than likely would have made many mistakes if they were plugged in earlier in the season.  Let's remember John Fox, who would have played the veteran at all costs, and these young rookies would have never gotten the chance to show what they were made of this season. 


I applaud Ron for the job he's done, and think he definitely deserves another shot to right the ship next season.


He went one season where he wasn't overly cautious - 2013 - when he went into it a dead man walking because of what a poor job he had done in 2011 and 2012. His seat was on fire the entire season and he coached his ass off. The second he felt safe he went right back to over-conservative horseshit again and oh hey his 3rd losing season out of 4.


His personnel decisions have us at 4 wins in December. We're going to make our usual end of season/garbage time mini-run because everyone is talking about what an overall poor coach he is and he generally pulls his head out of his rectum and the players rally a little bit when that happens almost every single season since he got the job. If our division wasn't historically bad this year, we'd have been eliminated and talking draft before Thanksgiving.


He's been an absolute failure at HC so far. His ceiling - and this is if the guy completely coaches out of his mind - is Mike Smith/Marvin Lewis. 

In Topic: Can you hope again?

08 December 2014 - 03:18 PM

I'm so burnt out on Rivera. Just like 2 of his past 3 seasons, his team is finally looking up in December when it should be over (and would be if our entire division wasn't a flaming shitfest). I'm terrified of Silatolu and Williams. Please let them sit, Ron. Please realize that other players are outperforming them and we look like a better team for it.


I know logically that winning a couple of games to close out probably only hurts draft position, but I'm not going to lie, all morning I've been thinking "what if we get hot and can make a serious run??". Our org HATES the Saints and us showing up and flat out curb-stomping them really might get them playing better and get a streak going. I still think we'd get knocked the fug out come the playoffs, but if we play even close to how we did yesterday, we can hang with people.


Even if the most probable thing happens and we don't win the division, yesterday mostly made the season for me. I needed that.

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