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In Topic: Bill Barnwell's NFL Trade Values

Today, 03:11 PM

Objectively, there's not a lot to disagree with.

In Topic: With 92% of Coal Ash Still Coating North Carolina River Bed, Duke Energy Decl...

Yesterday, 01:28 PM

All the talk of Fukushima, and this just gets glossed over.


At least we don't need to wonder how the local government was bought and paid for.

In Topic: conflicting rulings on major ACA provision

Yesterday, 01:17 PM

Minorities going without healthcare? The reason g5's answers are short is because he's typing with one hand.

In Topic: FAA Bans Flights to and from Israel

Yesterday, 11:55 AM

Unlike the Israelis, who are showing the utmost restraint in their targeting.

In Topic: Panther Pr0n - A look from inside the upgraded house

Yesterday, 09:12 AM

The stadium looks like it's from the future! I bet that's what 2007 will look like!

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