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I don't think I've ever seen the fanbase against our HC coach this much (Rivera...

19 November 2014 - 04:39 AM

At the end of Capers, Seifert, and Fox we all kind of saw it coming.  Capers and Fox had been successful but ran their course in Charlotte.  Fox was maybe here a season too long but nothing that made us go nuts.  We kinda knew that Clausen team was going to be sh*t and it was his last season.  Seifert was an old retread that was obviously not a fit made apparent after season 3 being 1-15 (where we were competitive), but what we have here with Ron is special.


If you had to make a tally (let me do that right now with a poll), I'm going to guess it's well over 90% of the fan base who want the guy gone. So why am I getting the odd suspicion he isn't going anywhere after this season?  Why do I feel like there will be a crazy uproar about JR/DG not firing him and we will be swindled into another season of Rivera torture?  


I just really hope DG can take notice of some of the worst head coaching we've ever seen anywhere.  I mean we have been getting destroyed left and right in games this season.  


Ronald seems like a nice guy and I'm not saying I hate him necessarily but good god, I have never seen a coaching staff hold back a team this much.  From Matsko to Brown to Shula to Rivera...just not NFL caliber.  


Overall, I just can't believe they never take responsibility.  They never own up to their in-game decisions or anything.  What finally blew the lid for me was this past game...the end result was 90%+ on them.  Sure the team was sh*t in the 1st half but the players turned it around and put us in position to win that game in the second half and "executed".  That sad excuse for play calling and our "strategy" lost us the game with the help of Gano.  


The thread with all of this staff's fug ups shows it clear as day and I just fear that we will have to go through this yet another season.  


So..poll---Do you want Ron Rivera and his band of Shulanigans gone? 

HC Candidates & their potential schemes

16 November 2014 - 11:48 PM

Yea, Rivera being gone isn't a certainty, but f*ck it, let me have my fun.  If we want to truly use next season to maximize Cam's potential, we should change the staff and get talent around him now that our dead money will drop from ~24 million to ~5 million toward the cap.  You gotta see how he can do under something else, not Rivera and this offensive offensive approach for a 5th year.  No excuses.      


I'm sure there's a ton of similar threads...maybe even one made as I wrote this...but before it gets to the point of Mr. Scot doing his awesome spreads on the candidates, let's just assemble the choices overall.  


I just want a guy that has those HC intangibles so hopefully DG can identify that type.    


Here's the hat (no particular order and tell me who to add):



In the NFL:


Adam Gase -- An even more uptempo than usual E-P offense

(Insert Peyton-OC one-liner; I still think he's a potential HC)


Todd Bowles -- Possibly an E-P offense; could do an AC as well  

(The only DC I'd want...he can lead an NFL team, seems to have the HC intangibles)


Pep Hamilton -- E-P

(Will no doubt be interviewed this offseason)


Kyle Shanahan -- Browns OC -- WCO 


Gary Kubiak (Rick Dennison-OC) (A historically successful duo who develops great running games & OLs; a diverse WCO


Todd Haley -- E-P, Great system; sporadic play-caller...think a lesser man's Arians.  

(Don't hate me for this one, but it wouldn't be terrible haha)


Ray Horton (Been mentioned before; now Titans DC) -- Could be an AC or E-P depending on who he'd bring in.  


Darrell Bevell -- WCO.  Seattle has an efficient set-up but things have been off this season under Bevell.  


Frank Reich -- E-P offense.  It has somewhat spotty as of late.  We'll see how things wind up in SD

(Our first QB! and most unlikely)


Tom Clements -- WCO. Green Bay's offense has been unreal this season.  He helped bring freaking Elvis Gerbac and Tommy Maddox to a Pro Bowl) (Probably my favorite overall) 


Jim Tomsula (49ers DL Coach, was interviewed for HC spots last year) Most likely a  WCO


Dave Toub (ST stud consistently regarded as a potentially good HC) Could really be any scheme. 


Bob Sutton -- WCO; could be interesting

(DC from KC)


Brad Seely -- WCO. (current AHC & ST for the 49ers, ours under Capers as well)




College ranks, A.K.A "The Unlikely":


Gus Malzahn (Sorry, but he's not leaving Auburn IMO)


Art Briles (Very Texas, so I dunno if he'd even make the leap)


David Shaw (Staying at Stanford)


Gary Patterson (TCU)


Bob Stoops (A lot of circles have him as a commodity; I wouldn't want him though)




The "Seriously stop mentioning them" guys:


Bill Cowher


John Gruden





Tell me who to add and I'll add them.  Rank a top-5 if you want.  






Comparing this to the Seifert era...(yeah, it's that bad)

16 November 2014 - 05:22 PM

Those first two years, Beuerlein was playing well.  In 1999 he was great, had decent targets around him and he started slowing down in 2000 with an average year. The thing was, we were competitive and right on the cusp of the playoffs both of those seasons.  


2001 comes along...Steve is gone and we end up having to play our 28 y/o 4th round draft pick at QB.  We're not necessarily as terrible as the record showed, were competitive, and the only major blowouts that year were the last two games of the season once we were 1-13.   


Where am I going with this? That team at least seemed to give a sh*t.  Sure, we had a grey statue on the sidelines but never truly were ill-prepared as we've been this season.  We showed promise despite obviously not having a competent QB and supporting cast.


Fast forward to this season...we have been blown out 5 times in 9 games by more than 18 points.  Game planning, clock management and situational coaching/playcalling is awful and it just doesn't seem they know how to use the players they have.  


Regardless of our $$ situation and whatnot, this is the worst coaching I have ever seen in the franchise's history.  Honest to god, worse than the Seifert era.  I began with this team in Clemson and from my perspective, our coaching has never been worse.  Not in Fox's last season, Seifert's, or Capers.  They at least were able to get the team to stay competitive even though we were losing left and right.  We almost got Clausen to beat the Saints in the dome for pete's sake.    


This staff is far too limited from an in-game awareness standpoint and restricting the team from winning games. If DG doesn't see this and advise JR to make moves, we are in for a very long remainder of the year and offseason.  I really hope DG and JR can come together to see the coaching staff's ineptitude.  We spent enough damn money on Accorsi and a GM search committee to bring in a guy who notices not just players to bring in...but terrible coaching and I hope we can make the right move.  


So is this worse than Seifert?


Had the craziest mountain biking wreck today

08 November 2014 - 07:20 PM

Precursor--I'm on teh pain meds..percs


Action: Muddy 45 degree plus decline in the Rockies, flipped over the handlebars landing on my right side upside down


Result: A rock gashed my knee open, broke my arm, chin scars, and my hands are f*cked up



Anyone have LPR?

06 November 2014 - 12:15 PM

So I was diagnosed with this sh*t today at the ENT--official name: Laryngopharyngeal Reflux.  


Apparently I need to avoid alcohol, coffee, red meat, eggs, and cheese to name a few things for quite a bit.  I don't think I'll be able to do it haha. Anyone have to take sh*t they love out of their diet for medical purposes?  





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