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Coaching Carousel Predictions

Yesterday, 11:05 AM

Given this point of the season, there's a few categories I see: The expected-to-be-fired & surprise firings


Which coaches lie where in your mind?  And who are your guess replacements?





New coach: Adam Gase



New coach: Teryl Austin (or) Dan Quinn



New coach: Ray Horton



New coach: Darrell Bevell



New coach: Art Briles (Harbaugh ends up in Michigan)

*my out of the box hire



New coach: Todd Bowles





New coach: Rex Ryan



New coach: No fuggin clue if they can Gruden 

2014 Playoff Machine + Your Predictions

15 December 2014 - 07:17 PM



Have been fooling around with it a bit and realized something pretty interesting the AFC for next week: If KC beats the Steelers next week, no matter how the rest of the AFCN does, they're in the 5th or 6th seed.  That game is huge next week and basically for a playoff spot.  The AFCN and one WC spot should be up for grabs week 17.  I think KC has been very overlooked recently and could make some Wildcard round noise against either an inconsistent Cincy team or mistake prone Colt.  If the broncos beat the Bengals next week, the Pitt-Cincy game Week 17 will be for a WC if the Ravens can beat the lowly QB deprived Texans and Browns


In the NFC, a cross conference game with the Colts-Cowboys has big implications next week.  If they lose, the Eagles have a leg up barring if they lose to the Giants Week 17 (Which I think they do)


My Playoff Picture:








5-Kansas City






2-Green Bay







This whole OL ordeal

07 December 2014 - 07:11 PM

First off--Loved the win today.  It's awesome seeing young new guns contributing (Bene, Fozzy, Tre, etc.)


Something that the last 2 weeks has shown however is the lack of evaluation skills the OL coaching and offensive staff has.  


It took injuries and a ton of moving around to finally get a competent line out there.  7 prior starting lines.  


I just can't forgive the fact that thought Amini and Chandler were the best options we had when a random mid-season FA pickup and one of our UDFAs are completely outplaying them now.  Igo even mentioned how good Norwell looked in camp and it was pretty obvious he had talent watching this preseason.  


Moving forward, if we somehow are stuck with Ronald next season we NEED to get better talent evaluators on offense.  


They have basically been forced into this lineup and it was legit today.


Even before Shula leaves, Matsko and Brown need to be relieved of their duties and we need a change at those spots.  


This awesome win and offensive performance should have given every indication we need a lot of changes to the staff on offense if Ronald is here next season.  There was a reason the Ravens canned him.    


When an OL is killing it and you don't turn it over, an offense works no matter the scheme..WC, EP, AC, Kellyball

2nd and Shorts (and what you already know)

30 November 2014 - 08:30 PM

I've seen a few people mention it around here,but I felt like putting the spotlight under this for a second.  


Since Shula took over, one of the most obvious flaws in his coaching ability and what gives us a peak at Rivera's real mentality (not that phony riverboat BS) is our 2nd down play-calling.  Instead of calling play actions and bootlegs with Cam fuggin' Newton, we continue to run the ball up the gut almost every 2nd & 3rd (or shorter).  The opposing defense will either disguise or show blitz, we don't teach Cam to audible in these situations, and we continue to run it right up the gut.  


Now we all know Shula sucks and should/will be gone but these type of playcalls have an effect on our young guys and team's mentality.  It's the same as when we play for a tie, play for a lead with 1:30 instead of a win, etc. and it's been the most consistent mentally draining aspect of this team for 2 years now.  


Even the most conservative HC/OC duos have understood this aspect of an NFL offense.  We're talking properly timing play actions and utilizing short down situations when you have a few chances after a good 1st down.  It's completely flipped.  We run on 2nd and shorts, and go for the bomb on 3rd and shorts.  We call play actions on 3rd and 12+ (this is worse than a Henning-style draw bc we are making ourselves lose more yards in a situation where we aren't making any defender bite)


Before this year is over, I want to see someone in the media call out this style play calling because even the Jets and Jags have the modern NFL offense more figured out than this staff does.   



I don't think I've ever seen the fanbase against our HC coach this much (Rivera...

19 November 2014 - 04:39 AM

At the end of Capers, Seifert, and Fox we all kind of saw it coming.  Capers and Fox had been successful but ran their course in Charlotte.  Fox was maybe here a season too long but nothing that made us go nuts.  We kinda knew that Clausen team was going to be sh*t and it was his last season.  Seifert was an old retread that was obviously not a fit made apparent after season 3 being 1-15 (where we were competitive), but what we have here with Ron is special.


If you had to make a tally (let me do that right now with a poll), I'm going to guess it's well over 90% of the fan base who want the guy gone. So why am I getting the odd suspicion he isn't going anywhere after this season?  Why do I feel like there will be a crazy uproar about JR/DG not firing him and we will be swindled into another season of Rivera torture?  


I just really hope DG can take notice of some of the worst head coaching we've ever seen anywhere.  I mean we have been getting destroyed left and right in games this season.  


Ronald seems like a nice guy and I'm not saying I hate him necessarily but good god, I have never seen a coaching staff hold back a team this much.  From Matsko to Brown to Shula to Rivera...just not NFL caliber.  


Overall, I just can't believe they never take responsibility.  They never own up to their in-game decisions or anything.  What finally blew the lid for me was this past game...the end result was 90%+ on them.  Sure the team was sh*t in the 1st half but the players turned it around and put us in position to win that game in the second half and "executed".  That sad excuse for play calling and our "strategy" lost us the game with the help of Gano.  


The thread with all of this staff's fug ups shows it clear as day and I just fear that we will have to go through this yet another season.  


So..poll---Do you want Ron Rivera and his band of Shulanigans gone? 

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