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2 games in..some quick little preseason notes

17 August 2014 - 11:06 PM

-Swole Bones...you are the man.  Receiving, blocking, ST, this guy is ready to make an impact


-I would like to take a moment to say the line looked good.  Everybody played their part.  


-Brown looked good.  Shaky that last PR but otherwise much more productive than what we're used to.  


-Bersin --is translating on the field. Sure handed TD he had tonight.  


-Klein is ready to riiiiissseee


-Starting CBs seem disciplined which is good.  The other good thing: both over 6'0


-We need a speedier safety.  I think this is the weak spot right now...we'll try to target a final cut dark horse.  


..Feel free to add

Will any QBs be "Delhomming" this year?

17 August 2014 - 04:29 PM

Something that I think is rather interesting is that a generation of QBs is getting further into their 30s and some could be slipping a bit, declining from their peak.  There's guys like let's say Manning, Brady, and Gannon who are the types that can stay rocking in their late 30s but they are rarer to come by.  


Here's my list:


Matt Schaub (33) has no doubt slipped into this state.  He's lost whatever he had.  McGloin and/or Carr will be playing soon.  


Eli Manning (33) definitely showed some slippage last season; I can see it continuing if they can't get a decent run game going


Josh McNown (35) will be benched by week 3/4


Tony Romo (34) sure, he has Dez and T-Will and Murray coming back but that OL is young and inexperienced, he's a toss up.  I can see him putting up an efficient year but his TD numbers may be a little down and that team as a whole is bad.  



The aging question marks/prospects:


Jay Cutler (31) -- Unbelievable supporting cast but he really knows how to sh*t the bed


Philip Rivers (32) -- I think he keeps doing well.  Has a great supporting cast


Big Ben (32) 


Matt Ryan (29)



There's going to be a lot of QB hungry teams in a few years methinks.  



Which potential starter worries you the most?

11 August 2014 - 11:07 PM

IMO, I think this may be a close running between Harper and Cason but I want to know from y'all. Also, let's try to avoid the quick one-liner OL quips.  


We're used to seeing Harper's mishaps over the years in NO....but Cason was a pretty concerning player for the Cardinals and they had a good defense in place last season.  I like White and Bene looks great, but RH is the one I'm iffy about the most.  He did great with Ron so that's what keeps me somewhat optimistic.    


I know about the OL situation but really think CB is the issue that's gonna hurt us against teams like the Saints.  Hard fact: Put Graham, Colston, Stills, and Cooks in with Brees in shotgun....what's gonna happen?  That's where I'm kinda shaky thinking about.  I honestly like our WRs, am indifferent to our OTs, but CB worries me outside of Bene and White.    


What say you?

Group in an abandoned McDonalds control a space satellite

10 August 2014 - 12:33 PM

This is one of the cooler things I've come across recently in the news:





For the first time in history, an independent crew is taking control of a NASA satellite and running a crowdfunded mission. They’re doing it all from a makeshift mission control center in an abandoned McDonald’s in Mountain View, CA, using old radio parts from eBay and a salvaged flat screen TV.

“If I could come up with another absurd detail, I would,” Keith Cowing, the project’s team lead, told Betabeat.

The ISEE-3 is a disco-era satellite that used to measure space weather like solar wind and radiation, but went out of commission decades ago. Now, a small team led by Mr. Cowing have taken control of the satellite with NASA’s silent blessing.


Speed & Quickness at WR

22 July 2014 - 12:50 PM

Alright...so I think something lost in the shuffle about us not having the best wideout group is not necessarily the overall lack of talent or solid vets but speedsters.  I'm not saying it should be a huge concern because that does not fully make a WR, but most teams typically have that home run threat type guy.  Everyone can't expect a Torrey Smith/Cruz/Cobb but it's nice to have at least that threat on the field in certain situations.     


Looking at our roster, we pretty much have Underwood, Phily Brown and Tavares King as our speed guys.  Avant seems more of that elusive/finesse type with great hands.  Cotchery and Benjamin are RZ threats who will already be seeing the field a lot.    


It no doubt seems we're running a more methodical/ball-control offense...but still, we had Ginn last season and some of his play helped win us games (see: NE).


That's why I'm VERY interested in seeing Tiquan, King and Brown this offseason/preseason.  I'm not saying they are going to be in a Ginn type role, but looking at our roster...our #3 & #4 receivers will be much closer in numbers compared to last season imo where we had:


Ginn (36 rec, 556 yds) 

Hixon (7 rec, 55 yds)


It's amazing looking at last season...our RB/FBs had 62 receptions and our WR4 and TE2 combined had 8.  I think it's going to be a bit different this year looking at our offensive players.    






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