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In Topic: Peter King busted

15 September 2014 - 10:54 PM

If you wanna troll him, hit his mmqb article comments for the next few weeks hard about the transcript.

In Topic: Bears @ 49ers Game Thread: (0-1) - (1-0)

14 September 2014 - 10:23 PM

Dang, a lot of hate here... I mean I get cheering against him, but come on lol.

In Topic: #2 Defense Points Allowed Per Game

14 September 2014 - 07:01 PM

I think Houston has allowed only 20 points thus far or 10 points a game... So technically we are number 2.

In Topic: Bomani is doing the Cam vs Luck thing on Twitter atm

31 August 2014 - 09:55 PM

Looks like he's on the Cam train to me. Don't see any Cam hate coming from Bomani.

In Topic: Compare ESPN reporters, Pats vs. Panthers

23 August 2014 - 08:08 PM

I think there is more money given by espn to cover that pats as well as they are one of 4 cities that have their own dedicated webpage.

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