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Philly Brown Concussed

19 October 2014 - 02:32 PM

Philly Brown out for the game, and possibly next week, with a concussion



Ramifications for Hardy

19 October 2014 - 09:04 AM

CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora reports suspended RB Ray Rice could be reinstated by mid-November.
"An appeal hearing date has been set, with a final decision expected to come in an expeditious manner thereafter, and all of that could be resolved by mid-November," writes La Canfora. Rice maintains he didn't lie in his initial hearing with Roger Goodell, arguing he should only be suspended a maximum of six games as a first-time offender. Many believe Rice has an "exceedingly strong" case, and he could be available to sign with a team within four weeks. La Canfora wonders if the Colts and Patriots may be interested clubs.




ESPN Picks - Bengals vs Panthers

09 October 2014 - 01:10 PM




Really good film breakdown of Luke

08 October 2014 - 11:38 PM

The most impressive aspect of Kuechly's game is how quickly and correctly he reads the plays. He beats blockers not by "stacking and shedding" (though he can), he just sees the play as it happens and then gets to spots before the assigned blockers can get there. In this way, he is reminscent of Chris Spielman, playing as if he had a copy of the playbook. Play 11 is a nice example, he attacks the gap before the Center #64 Brian de la Puente can get in position to block him GFY . Play 13 is a nice one also; he reacts quickly, attacks the gap, and avoids the block of RG #75 Kyle Long. GFY 
He has surprising sideline-to-sideline chase speed. He tracks guys down or hustles after them on down-the-sideline plays like a madman. I'm sure Kuechly has very good speed, but on some of these plays he looks like the fastest man on the field. The reason is his understanding of the opposing offense; he is expecting and reacting to the play so very quickly that he gets 1 or 2 steps towards the play before anyone else. Some players have very good footspeed (ie., 40 yard times), but it doesn't show on the field. They "play slow" or they "don't play to their 40". This is generally because they take false steps, misread their keys, or take too long to read a fake/misdirection.
Kuechly is the opposite; he's getting a jump on the play. Play 6 is a great example. Even before the play, he's recognizing the WR screen potential. The play is a fake inside handoff and as Cutler pulls the ball out, Kuechly is already fully sprinting towards Alshon Jeffrey before the ball leaves Cutler's hand. This is when Football IQ and physical skills meet. GFY . For an example of the opposite, watch any Raiders' game and focus on #56 Miles Burris. (I like Burris. I really do; he's an all-out, try-hard player and I appreciate him leaving it all out on the field. But he's limited physically and his reactions are a bit slow.)
Screen plays against him are so tough. He reads them so well and he's so nimble and strong in space that it's hard to get on him and maintain a block. Play 2 is a nice example as he fights thru both blockers to make the tackle GFY
He is so strong and sound that he doesn't miss tackles. Vice grip arms help also. The wya he goes from full-speed chase to breaking down and tackling is amazing. Play 5 is a great example. Matt Forte may have been able to juke a mortal LB, but Kuechly simply crushes him in the back GFY .






I'm not OP btw. Just felt like sharing the really good writeup.

Stats and Superlatives: Panthers Vs. Bears

06 October 2014 - 05:03 PM

The Panthers:
  • Have forced 10 turnovers in their three wins. They have no takeaways in their two losses.
  • Won their seventh straight game decided by seven or fewer points.
  • Have won nine of their last 10 regular-season home games.
  • Gave up just 26 rushing yards in the second half.
  • Were 3-for-3 in the red zone after coming into the game with the worst red zone conversation rate in the league.
  • Were called for a season-low three penalties.
  • G Trai Turner got his first NFL start. Fernando Velasco, who had started the first four games at right guard, did not play.
  • LB Luke Kuechly, who led the Panthers with 15 tackles, has double-digit tackles in his last four games. His 11 solo tackles ties a career high (vs. Atlanta on 12/9/12; vs. SF on 11/10/13).


Hit the link, way more interesting stats than I can list here.




For some reason it's making me blindly (naïvely?) optimistic for the rest of the season.


That is if we can continue to play like we did in the 2nd half.

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